Touching Birthday Message for Dad

I always wanted to be like u but I never became like u. You are the perfect example of strength, courage and love. You deserve the best. I wish you the best birthday Dad.

I am proud to have a father like you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

I am thankful that I have a father like you! You make me the luckiest son in the world for I know I was born off a strong and admired man. Have an unforgettable birthday.

I could go on and on telling you how much I love you, but I think you already know that. No matter how many birthdays we count away, I will always be the loving daughter whose tiny hands clasped on to your fingers the day she was born. Happy birthday, Daddy.

I could tell you what we’ve planned for you, but then it wouldn’t remain a surprise, would it? Unless, of course, you are willing to bribe me into telling you. Regardless, I’m sure you will love it. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Dad.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Although the years may pass us by, I’ll always be your little girl.

I may not find the nicest person in the world who is as good as you are with people. As your daughter, there was not a single day that you forgot to make me feel like I am a princess. You are such a polite person, that I envy you sometimes. Love you so much. Happy Birthday!

I truly hope that someday I will be a great father for my kids just like you were for me. I love you Dad and may you have a wonderful birthday!

I wouldn’t be the amazing man I am today without your guidance and love. Happy birthday, Dad!

I wouldn’t trade you for the world dad, I am part of you and you are the biggest part of me. I am proud to be your son, have a fantastic birthday.

I’m so proud to be your daughter. You’ve always shown me what it meant to be a strong and amazing person, and I’ll always appreciate that. Happy birthday, Dad!

heart touching birthday wishes for dad

It’s truly your special day, but the day becomes more exciting when shared with family. I’m glad to be sharing this day with you special Dad. Enjoy!

Laughter and love are the best things that you have given to me, Dad! Thank you for that and I wish you a happy birthday!

Wishing my sweet dad a happy birthday up in heaven today. Hope you’re sleeping well, dad.

You are such a caring and thoughtful father I love you with whole my heart. I hope your celebration is filled with excitement and fun… Happy birthday, dad.

You are the one person, who always told me that everything is possible and I can achieve everything, Thank you. Happy Birthday, DAD.

You are the reason for my you so much dad.. happy birthday.

You have brought me up with utmost care. I am for your diamond. I want to tell you; you are the best person, dad.

You know what they say about getting old–that you become a child again. So from one child to another, happy birthday.

Heartfelt Birthday Message for Father

A son is as good as his dad’s teachings and support given to him. I am quite fortunate to get the best teachings and unconditional support from you. Best happy birthday to you dad!

A super special father like you deserves nothing but absolutely ingenious birthday wishes with loads of surprises and hugs. You are the source of everlasting joy and cheerfulness. Happy birthday my great dad!

As long as we are together and tied with the bond of love, we will live in utter happiness no matter how limited the resources we have. Happy birthday daddy and I love you to the moon and back!

As water is transparent and pious, you have the same quality. You are honest and truthful. I love you dad. I wish may your honesty not get broken. May you forever tread on the path of truth. Happy birthday my honest father! Your daughter cares for you.

Celebrating your happy birthday is one of the most awaited moments of the year for me. I worship you as God and your presence in my life is all that matters to me. Happy birthday to my entire world, my lovely daddy!

Dear father, your diligence and never give up attitude have inspired me for ages. All my success and laurels belong to you. I love you the most in this world. Happy birthday dear father!

Happiest birthday to the man for whom nothing is more significant than family, not even his own goals and ambitions. You are surely the most selfless and compassionate father in the world!

Happy birthday my adventurous father! Even at this age, I haven’t seen you afraid when it comes to taking risks and stepping into the unknown. How do you manage to garner so much courage to pursue your wild dreams!

Happy birthday my awesome father! No alluring words, no praising, and no gifts are sufficient enough to describe your magnanimous and intriguing personality. You are a man with infinite compassion.

Happy birthday my dad, my mentor! You have taught me how to be a man of character and values. Under your guidance, I have become a fantastic and ambitious being. Thanks for guiding me and making the man you wanted to.

Have a memorable birthday my lovely father! Dear Father, a magnificent man likes you deserve all the good things in life like love, loyalty, good health, wealth, and the support of family. May your dreams and money keep getting bigger.

Have a wonderful birthday daddy! I know we don’t have a lot of things in common. But I still look up to you with the utmost respect and admiration. You are quite a handsome man.

In my all childhood years, you were outside doing your business. And I hardly know you. I pray and wish may you always be near me by my side. May this come true. Happiest birthday dad! Your daughter is waiting for you.

May no evil, no bad, no ill; touch you. May God be your shield and protect you. Hugs and true warm wishes on your birthday I wish for you. You are always in your daughter’s prayers, dad.

heartfelt birthday message for father

May you be like Hercules, dad. May you win all the fights with just your blink. May you be an undefeated king. Wishing awesome birthday to my awesome father from your cutest daughter!

May you continue to dive deep into your inner greatness and spread the positivity and love that you always wanted to. Wishing happy birthday to the most wonderful father in the world!

May you have no regrets in your life. May you forget your bad memories. May you live in present rather worrying about future. Happy birthday my simply soberly dad from your daughter!

My hero, my idol, my mentor and a friend. To me, you’re all this and more, dad. Any son would be lucky to have a father like you. Happy birthday.

My latest tweet says #happybirthdaydad, and I’ve tagged you in my Facebook status update. Your birthday is trending across all my social media profiles. Now it’s time to make it real and give you a hug. Happy birthday, Popsy.

My life is as sweet as all the sweets you used to bring for us. You have given everything to me. I am really thankful for this. I promise I will always be near you, and when you want to talk, I would hear you. May your whole life be sparkling and full of firecrackers. Happy birthday my teddy dad! Your daughter is with you forever.

Birthday Wishes for Father Far Away

No matter how old I become, I will always be your little girl. Happy birthday, Daddy.

On your big day I wanted to tell you that our love is everlasting. Thank you for raising me up and making me who I am. Thank you for being the best dad you can be. Happy birthday to you dad.

On your shoulder I used to jump like it is a spongy pillow for me. You are the only one person I am open to. I wish may you become immortal for me. I wish may you never see dearth in your life. Happy birthday my best dad! Your daughter loves you.

Thank you for always being a shining example of what it is to be a stellar father. I’ve raised amazing children of my own, thanks to the wonderful example you’ve set my whole life of how to be the most incredible dad. Happy birthday!

Thank you for always being there to lend a helping hand. I hope today brings you lots of love, happiness, and smiles, Dad! Happy birthday!

Thank you very much for all the moments and experiences we share together. May your heart be filled with the most unforgettable memories on this special day!

Thanks Dad, for doing your best to raise me into the strong and proud woman you always knew I would be. Happy birthday!

The caring father and the best free giver I’ve ever seen, may your life be joyful. Happy Birthday, father. Be blessed on this special occasion.

The Grey hairs on your head are the reflection of your experience and your earnings as well. I am proud to say that you have earned every goddamn thing in your life. You make your own luck. Happy birthday, daddy! I am proud of you.

This message is for the man who is the most loving father to his son and caring husband to his wife. You are the superstar of our lives. Happy birthday, Dad.

birthday wishes for father far away

Throwing this party doesn’t suffice for saying thank you for being such a wonderful father to your son. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Today on your birthday you are outside the country. I gravely miss you dad! May you never go leaving me on your birthday. May you never be far from me. Loveliest happy birthday dad! Come home, your daughter awaits you.

What did I ever do to deserve a wonderful father like you? Let us return the favour with a day full of family fun, just the way you like it. Happy birthday, Dad.

What qualities I define in you, Dad! You are super-man. You are my hero. And I wish may you be always my super-hero. Take care of you. You are important for me. Happy birthday dad! Your daughter thinks about you.

What you expect from us; may that come true. As you have made us proud, we promise we make you too. May your aura spread everywhere in this world. May your name get written in history texts. Happy birthday father from your caring daughter!

When you used to come from office, you took me to your arms and threw me into the air. I felt like I am flying. Because of you my childhood was wonderful and this life too. I pray may no hurdle come in your life. May you have to depend on none and always go ahead. You are my lovely dad. Happy birthday from your sweet daughter!

You always say you never want to get old. Even though it is not possible. But on your birthday, I pray and wish may my dad forever be young and handsome. Happy birthday dearest dad by your daughter!

You are like a tortoise, Dad. Gradually and continually you win all the races. That’s why you are my, dad! I love you so much. May you always be like this. Happiest birthday my amazing dad from your only daughter!

You feel me like an eagle, dad. You are firm, not sliding. You have immense faith and belief in you. You are so psychologically strong. You are phenomenal. I envy you, dad. Happy birthday my all-in-one dad! Your daughter loves you.

You have brought for me all the presents of what I even had thought of. You are my magician dad. I pray may your hard work always bring fruit to you. May you forever be brave. May no worries and tensions kill you. Happiest birthday my handsome dad! Your daughter firmly believes in you.

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