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If you are looking for Peter Sage quotes, then you are at the right place. Here we have collected one of the best Peter Sage quotes. Peter Sage is a very famous entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and coach. He is from Leicester, United Kingdom. “5 Keys to Master Your Life” and “The Inside Track” are some of his famous books.

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Peter Sage Quotes

When you focused on adding value, not sales, business becomes the ultimate vehicle to generate wealth.

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A ship in a harbour is a safe ship. But that’s not what ships were built for.

I may want to believe. I may even think I believe. But when I REALLY believe, life changes immediately.

The key is to die young. As late as possible.

Rather than live in a narrow, flatlined life, go climb the peaks and fall in the throes of an extraordinary life.

If you don’t write down your goals you will probably end up working for someone who has.

peter sage quotes

Those who riskless, often end up with less.

You don’t need more money, you need a better strategy.

You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.

Business is the ultimate vehicle to generate wealth.

Rather than live in a narrow, flatlined life, why not climb the peaks and fall in the throes of an extraordinary life.

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The starting point of real power is the moment you recognize you don’t need it.

You cannot reinvent a business without reinventing the person who is leading that business.

Reality is the subject to influence.

The purpose of setting a goal is not to achieve the goal. It’s to see who I need to become in order to achieve it.

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Life happens to me or life happens through me. It starts with a choice.

Why will life test you? Because theory doesn’t cover the price of admission to the highest levels of being.

Filling your sails with Gratitude is the most joyous way to journey down the river of Life.

Frustration is the wrapping paper on the gift of learning.

Life is an evolving process of challenge and growth. Welcome to the Gym.

Stop trying to fight the current of the river Life and focus on positioning yourself better in the river.

Wealth is nothing more than the perception of abundance. Poverty is nothing more than the perception of scarcity.

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The strongest trees grow in the strongest winds, not the best soil.

The route to my goal will present itself when I’m worthy enough to know I don’t need the goal.

Silence is the music of wisdom.

How do you know what’s going on in the world? Everything’s going on! A far better question is what do you want to focus on?

The difference between freedom and liberty is that freedom is a state of mind and the only thing that can be reduced is your liberty. No one can take away your freedom.

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We don’t get to choose how our lessons are delivered (…). We only get to influence which are the most appropriate lessons we need to learn, based on the choices we make and how we show up.

The most important question a person could ever answer in their lifetime, was whether or not they lived in a friendly or hostile universe.

We don’t get what we want in life – we get what we need in order to grow.

Fear impacts more on immunity when you are fearful , your immune system shuts down.

the inside track

An entrepreneur is simply being independent. Do you rely on something or someone else in order to get what you need to move forward or are you able to create that on your own? That’s the essence of an entrepreneur whether you’re a parent, mother, or a business owner.

Depending on where your progress is at, the word, “surrender” will come into play at different levels of meaning. If you’re in a lower vibrational aspect or state of consciousness, you’re going to hear the word, “surrender” from a place of acquiesce or giving up and being dominated.  If you’re coming from a place of power and you’re swimming with the river of life rather than against it, then you can come from a place of surrendering in which you’re allowing for yourself to be taken from something that’s greater than you because you’re putting your trust in the universe or whatever you believe in.

The biggest challenge with money when it comes to the frustration and feeling wounded by it can be narrowed down to one false belief that our net worth is tied to our self-worth because the greatest fear we have as human beings is that we’re not enough. Money is nothing more than a way that we perceive value. Most people will compromise their values around money faster than anything else to avoid the fear that they’re not enough.

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