Passed Away Birthday Wishes for Dead Friend

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend

To the person on whose shoulder I can lean upon, I wish an amazing birthday in heaven. Stay blessed always!

To the person who was the reason for my happiness, have a happy birthday in heaven and enjoy your day!

Today is your Birthday, and I wish I could wish you a happy birthday in person. But all I can do is send you a wish and hope it comes true. Friend, may you have a wonderful birthday in Heaven.

happy birthday in heaven friend

Today is your Birthday, so I will not complain about your absence. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

Today is your Birthday, the friend! You are not with us, might u are in heaven. I always missed you a lot. May the angels sing the soothing songs in a joyous way for you beautiful lady in your special day… Many many happy returns of the day.

Today, I am recalling lots of reminiscence, happiness, and tears that we have shared throughout the year. I always miss you a lot. The valuable joy we had, warms my heart with gratefulness and fills my entire thought. Where you are, I hope you can watch me. Hay birthday to you, We love you!!!!

U were such a nice person. I feel sad when I think about, how god can take the good friend from us. It feels like yesterday, we have been far enough but it has been so many years. I know that you are in peace and charismatic place. I hope you are happy there. Wishing you a Happy birthday in heaven !!!!!!!

We had many marvelous birthday celebrations while you were here with us. Today, you celebrate without your earthly friends, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t loving and wishing you all the best from back here on earth.

We have promised to be with each other forever, but unfortunately, God didn’t like our promise. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

We have spent childhood and half of adulthood together, which made me rely on you more. You are a shoulder for me where I can cry whenever required. But after you, I don’t want any replacement. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

We ready to explore some of the wonderful surrounding around you because Angels and birds will make your Birthday more special. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

We used to share our secrets, happiness, and sorrow. I missing you friend with whom I can do the craziest stuff… you are always special to me. Today is your special day. Happy birthday !!!!!

With the time, the world changes from year to year, our life from day to day, but the memory with love and care shall never pass away. You are always in our heart…… A great celebration…. Happy heavenly birthday dear !!!!!

Special Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend in Heaven

You are not only a friend for me but a brother for life. Now you are not here. I lost my brother. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

You have never left my trusty thought since the day you left us. Still, I am sending birthday wishes. I am thinking of you today….. Happy Birthday dear friend !!!!!

You have no idea about the changes in my life that happened when you have left me. I don’t want to be with these changes at all. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

You left the world, I have to miss my good friend. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. But in my heart, there is always a special place for you dear !! Today is your Birthday, but I can’t be with you on this special birthday… I don’t want to miss the chance to wish you with loud saying Happy Birthday to your friend !!!!!!

You made my world so beautiful, and for as long as I live, I shall always treasure every single moment spent with you. Happy birthday, friend!

You may be in heaven, but you’re not far enough away for me to forget that it’s your birthday. Birthday wishes to my dearly missed friend.

You were a sigh of relief in all these noisy surroundings. But now you are not here. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

You were not only my partner in crime but a shoulder where I can learn whenever things are not good with me. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

You, my amazing friend, were a gift from the day you were born. While my gift won’t quite reach the heavens above, know that I’m doing something special today in honor of the day you were born.

special happy birthday wishes for a friend in heaven

Your absence makes me feel abandoned. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

Your friendship with me was the icing on the cake. Right now you are not here the same icing does not exist. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

Your presence was sufficient to make my heart enlighten with happiness. But now it won’t happen again. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear friend!

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