How to Improve Concentration and Memory Power Like Monks

Unsure about how to improve concentration power? If you think you are among those many number of people facing this problem, then you must know some real facts.

The point that human IQ is dropping is well known to all. A strong reason for this is lack of concentration. Did you know that we experience an interruption every 8 Minute? This means that in an 8-hour work, we come across around 60 interruptions! We are never concentrating very well.

Facing some kind of stress of pressure in your life? Is there something that is restricting you and you can’t get it out of your mind? Reasons can be one or many.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, you must have faced a situation where you were not able to focus right on the things and were abortive at a task. Don’t worry, there is always room for improvement. Our brain has a great ability to mold itself at any age or situation.

how to improve concentration

Improve Concentration and Memory Power – Workout Your Brain!

Here is a list of some ideas that you can implement to improve your concentration and memory power. Read these and get a boost in your performance!

1. Identify What You Love

The first and the foremost thing you should do to improve your concentration is finding what you really like to do! This will help you to build a great will power. Unless and until you are super honest to your goals, you won’t be able to concentrate for longer time resulting in disappointment.

It is always suggested to go for things that you love and this indeed is true as then, you give your 100 percent without feeling tired. For example, learning your favourite subject in school or college wouldn’t take much time but studying something that you don’t like would take a lot of time and energy.

It’s better to understand your interests and that you are utilising your energy at the best place. Take your time and decide your goals wisely!

2. Make Your Own Time Table

Time management and discipline are definite keys to success. You would have noticed that you feel extremely active at some particular time of the day. There are people who like to study late night and others are just the early morning risers. It varies from person to person.

Find out ‘your’ best time and form a time table according to it. In this way, you can utilise the best of the time selected. Making a time table is very easy and following it is equally difficult. Isn’t it? So how would you be able to follow it then? The answer for this again lies in your willpower!

The beginning is hard but it would soon become your habit. You would also learn how to manage things in your life as you grow up. Along with studies, also include some fun activities in your free time as it is very important to refresh your mind from time to time.

3. Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve your concentration power. It is believed that a meditation session of 10 to 20 minutes would improve your concentration power within a week. One would successfully know how to focus on one thing and avoid the nearby distractions

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. There are many yoga poses that can enhance your concentration power. Most common of them are Vakrasana or the ‘Tree Pose’ and Garudasan or the ‘Eagle Pose’.

In the tree pose or Vakrasana, you have to stand and lift your one foot off the floor and lift it to your other leg’s thigh and when you exit rotate your hips externally so that your toes and your knee are pointing out.

The Eagle pose also requires you to stand on one leg and twist and bend your legs and your hands. These yoga postures enhances your ability to balance internally thereby increasing the concentration ability.

4. Try Out Some Scientific Facts

Science may not have answers to each and everything but surely suggest some of the good ways for everything! When it comes to making the memory power strong, science has come up with some really effective suggestions.

One thing that you could do to improve your memory is chewing gum. It has been researched and proved that chewing gum helps in increasing our concentration and memory power. DOing it increases activity in the hippocampus section of the brain.

Another reason for this is the increase of blood flow and oxygen level from chewing gum which leads to higher focus and attention. One can also try listening to soft music. It is believed by the researchers that if you study something with the soft music in background then you are able to pay more attention and remember thing more accurately.

5. Choose a Specific Place

Are you not able to concentrate on your studies even after spending so many hours? Memorize things the way you want is getting tough for you? The problem may be at your study or workplace!

For studying or working effectively, one must choose a specific place where you find yourself the most comfortable. Some people find it really hard to work in a particular scenario. Create an environment that you feel would motivate you.

If you get distracted at certain intervals, you can place an inspiring and motivational quote or picture of someone you want to be like, This will help you be motivated and would support you emotionally too!

6. Healthy Food Habits

Food and health play an important role in mental health. For keeping your brain healthy, you must follow healthy eating habits. Also, exercise daily for at least 20 minutes in order to stay active both physically and mentally.

Some of the exercises you can do under 20 minutes are mountain climbers, jumping jacks, lunges or burpees. If you don’t want to go for complex exercises, you can also choose to play a sport or just walk for half an hour. This would boost your metabolism making you alert and active.

Some of the fruits which are considered to be the best if you want to enhance your concentration are berries like blueberries and strawberries. The antioxidant in berries stimulates the blood flow and oxygen to your brain and keep the mind alert. Fresh green leafy vegetables are also full of antioxidants contributes for the same.

Are you a chocolate lover? A good news for you is that ‘Dark Chocolate’ can actually help you focus on your studies as it contains caffeine which is proven to increase mental alertness. Nuts are also great for the brain as they are rich in oils and amino acids that enhances your focus ability.

7. Make Your Own Ways to Study

If you are a student, always make your own notes while studying. When you read things on your own, you would perceive everything clearly in your head as compared to the things which someone else has told you. Revise your notes from time to time for better memory retention.

You would still remember the exact words of your school prayer as you used to recite it daily. The brain forces itself to remember things which are being told again and again. Therefore, if you read something four times before the exam you would surely remember what it was instead of reading it for a single time.

Whenever you are reading something try to create stories out of it. What you see, you remember it more accurately. Imagine how things happen and have a picturization of it in your mind. Make random mnemonics to learn a formula or a line.

Our brain always pay attention to things that are weird. For example, you would always remember a person who has a peculiar body feature or an event that was unexpected because these kind of things get embedded in our memory. This is the formula to memorize things that you think you would forget. Be smart and different!

8. Take Short Breaks

Ask yourself, would you like to work in a firm that gives you one break of an hour or two breaks of 30 minutes? Most probably the latter one! It is scientifically proven that humans are not able to concentrate more than half an hour on a single thing.

If you think you would be able to study long hours and will still remember everything, take a check and try otherwise! Instead of sitting for long hours take tiny breaks after every 40 to 50 minutes.

In this 5 to 7 minutes break, you should do nothing related to what you were doing. Do something that refreshes your mind, like listening to a song or doing push-ups. Go back to study after 5 minutes and you’ll feel refreshed. In this way you will be able to concentrate again. The short study hours would make a big difference.

9. Take Proper Rest

Taking rest is equally important if you wish to be mentally healthy and gain a good concentration power. A good sleep of 6-7 hours will make you feel fresh and you will remain active the whole day. If you don’t take proper rest, you will be tired both physically and mentally.

A good sleep helps reducing stress by lowering your blood pressure. Taking proper amount of sleep not only puts you in a better mood but also you will feel sharper and more focused throughout the day.

10. Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

It is imperative to know which thing to focus on. Do not get distracted by other things which are not important to you. It will surely hamper your performance. For example, If you have to study but your friends are making a plan for a movie.

In this case, when you pay heed to that movie then even after denying, you keep thinking all the time about what your friends would be doing, you would feel sad that you didn’t go because you had to study so eventually you land up with nothing.

You should learn how to avoid certain things so you can focus only on your goal. Do not pay attention to the distractions, instead make your own sphere of satisfaction. Train your brain to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied with what’s going on in your life, you will never be able to concentrate on your goals.

How to Improve Concentration


These were some of the ways of how to improve concentration and increase your memory power. One can easily upgrade one’s brains activity by making some efforts. Start at an easy level and make your way up to attain triumph. Would they make a difference? You would never know until you do!

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