How to Get Motivated When You Feel Like Quitting

Tired of daily corporate life? Don’t you feel like studying anymore? Gym pictures don’t excite you anymore? You are not alone! Every second person on this planet is facing the same.

Do you know that 90% of the people quit the gym within 3 months of starting? And around 70% of working professionals in the world feel that they are happy with their jobs as they feel they are not appreciated?

If you are one of those who feel demotivated and is seeking motivation for one of these reasons, then say ‘hello’ to one of the most common problems on this planet! Here, we are giving you the best tips on how to get motivated when you feel like quitting in the mid of your journey!

Reasons may include a bad workplace environment, lack of interest in work, past failures or just being lazy. The reason would expand itself if you allow it to become so. It is only you who can reduce its effects. Read on to overcome this very common feeling.

How to Get Motivated: Pick Yourself Up and Get Back!

It easier when you will try. Try these steps of how to motivate yourself when life pushes you down and you feel like giving up. There is never too late to start again and the best time to do it is now!

Find That One Reason!

The most important thing to achieve a goal is to find that one most important reason of why you want it. That cause will push you throughout the journey! Whenever there is a dream. there is a reason behind it and it’s a must.

To become a cricketer, you must have a great passion for it. Similarly, to become an officer your reason might be to serve your country or society. Reasons can be many but it should be strong enough to motivate you throughout the journey.

If the reason lacks strength then you would find yourself breaking up in between. Give yourself a day or two and think about that one or more reasons why you desperately want to do that effort.

Get Surrounded by Similar Things

It is scientifically proven that things which you see create more impact in your nerves than just thinking or reading about it. To inspire yourself you can take the help of some pictures like posters of your idol or any soul firing quotes.

For example, you are someone who’s aiming to gain a better physique but you feel lazy to go to the gym, place a poster on the front wall and keep the alarm near it. Whenever you wake up, you see that poster and you feel inspired and will push yourself to go out.

Take Support

Another way through which you can feel motivated is by taking the help of friends or any close ones. Sometimes we don’t like to do things when we are all on our own, but we do like it when we have someone with us supporting us.

It may be anyone, your mom or any close friend whom you trust. so you have to seek one person and ask for help if that person force you to for example get up in the morning then usually do not for yourself but also for that person so in that way it would make a habit of you doing a particular thing.

Keep Your Vision in the Future

Always keep a vision of the future in your mind. When you think about a goal and how difficult it is it, would become more difficult for you to do it. On the other hand, if you think about its benefits you will get after achieving it then it would become easier for you.

Always keep in mind why you are doing this and what would it lead to. If you still can’t feel motivated enough, you can watch a video or read anything about your goal which will make you feel more inspired.

Think About the Positive Side!

Anything goal that is big is undoubtedly difficult. Many of us would find a certain subject difficult while others may find it easy. Instead of thinking about the negative points or the hurdles that you are facing, think more about the other side of the coin, the brighter one!

Think about the benefits you are going to get or how you are going to make your parents happy about the same. There can be many more such reasons to keep going. When you think positively, even the impossible becomes ‘I am possible’

Make the Task Fun

Wanting to achieve a particular goal but being unable to do it can lead to severe disappointment. You do a lot of effort for a goal but when even after that you don’t get it, it automatically makes you feel depressed.

The key to overcome sadness at this point of time is to make the work fun. You will definitely be able to complete a work which you take less seriously and with more fun. Finding fun in a task makes it easier for you to achieve.

If you keep thinking that a particular task is difficult for you, it will become more and more difficult. Try to make it fun, then it would become easier by each passing day. So fool your mind that you like a certain thing and just have fun.

Begin with Small Steps

A big goal is hard to achieve for everyone. But some people cope up brilliantly with it. We might lose interest after some days of hard work. What can be done? Think about whether you are actually serious about the goal or it was just a momentary interest?

Always take small steps in the beginning. Instead of planning a long term goal, construct short term goal. Set daily targets, then weekly and then for a month. Make a chart to monitor your performance.

You can also gift yourself something as a prize to complete a target. Promise yourself to watch a favourite movie or a meal you like after completing the target. You will feel inspired after each day of completion of a task. Each day will lead to a week and weeks to a month and ultimately taking you to your goal.

Take Small Breaks

A big task cannot be achieved in a day. It would take time according to its need. One can’t lose 20 kgs of weight in a week! But with consistency, it is assuredly possible in some months or a year.

Between these goals, there always comes a time when you feel dull and motivated. You would be working the lowest of your potential. If you are sad, your mind does not perform the way it should so it’s better to some rest and revitalise your mind.

You can go for something that excites you or something that is physically activating. Once you feel restored be back in the game. Always return taking small steps and slowly increase your pace towards your goal.

Share with Your Friends

Many times you would have done certain things under peer pressure even when you did not want to do it or had no reason to do it. If you can do it just for the sake of others, why can’t you make this pressure work in a positive direction for you!

Tell others that you’re going get an amazing body really soon or you are going to get a particular job. When you do this, you will force yourself to work upon it. It is because you don’t want to let down your image in front of the people who now think you’re doing it for sure.

This fear of criticism would work in a positive direction for you. Make sure you don’t get frustrated by it as you being satisfied and happy is the prime motive.

Give Yourself Motivation Pills at Times

Reading or watching about something that you love gives an instant inspiration. When you are feeling distracted from a goal and you know that your mind isn’t working in the right direction, force your mind to watch a video or read something about it.

By doing this, you would get some quick motivation which will definitely help you remind your dreams. Remember how you watched a seminar when you were young and it excited you a lot that you decided to do it the very moment? This works for most of people. It’s you who has to decide a way to help you motivate your mind the way you want.


These were some of the best ways of how to get motivated. Everything you want to achieve can be accomplished if you put your consistent efforts. There would be ups and downs but you can be back on the track if you try these tricks to motivate yourself.

How to get motivated in the morning?

To get motivated in the morning you should think about the purpose in your life, you should think about the dream which you have in yourself. Place a poster with a quote or a picture that inspires you. It will motivate you to wake up and give your best.

How to get motivated to do school work?

One of the biggest motivations to do the holiday homework comes from thinking that you won’t have to study during a test this will reduce your burden, during a test in class. Motivation will also come to my thinking that you would be appreciated in the class when the teacher will check your homework. This small appreciation will boost your confidence and create a good image of you in class. Also, you will be free from future hard work which you would need to do before exams otherwise.

How to make yourself go to the gym?

Planned to go the gym but don’t feel excited after 2 days? Make a social media account and tell your friends that you are going to work on your body. This thought itself would compel you to go out for the gym. This feeling of not letting yourself down and having a good physique will definitely motivate you and even to go out in the gym.

How to get motivated to lose weight?

Do you want yourself to be always visiting the hospital do you want yourself to eat medicine in spite of your mom’s tasty handmade food. It is is a well-known scientific fact that 80% of the ailment are caused because of obesity. Now to achieve all the above things one must maintain their weight should try to reduce it. the thinking of you to be free from all ailments will motivate you to lose your weight.

How to get motivated to study?

Think about the rewards you are going to get. It may be a mere praise from your teachers and parents. Make short term goals instead of the long term goals. Set daily targets instead of improper planning.

How to get motivated to work?

There are very few people in the world who actually love their jobs, so if you one of those who feel disinterested in your work, you are not alone! Instead of getting frustrated, find the reason behind it. It may be because of your office staff or because you yourself don’t like that work. If it ts the former one, you can switch the place, a bad atmosphere can harm you mentally. In case of the latter one, try out something that you love along with your work. In this way you won’t feel the burden of the office.

How to get motivated to workout?

Want to achieve fitness goal and burn more calories but find a lack of motivation for it? Set some rewards for yourself. Make daily targets and give yourself reward after every week. You can also pen down your experiences of each day. In this way, you will feel something incomplete even when you miss a single day workout and this will motivate you to work out daily.

How to motivate my husband to get a job?

You can talk to you man about why he doesn’t like a certain thing encourage him to do something that he is interested in. Help him in his work if he needs your help. Let him know how happy you feel when he is working and appreciate them for achieving small even small goals.

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