Romantic & Flirty Good Night Text Messages for My Love

Dirty Good Night Text

All I can think of as I lay down my head to sleep is you, my beautiful girlfriend and I wish you have a wonderful night sleep. Goodnight!

As you go to bed tonight, I want you to know that I will be here dreaming about you all night long. Goodnight to you, my darling girlfriend.

Because it’s a beautiful night, I wish you have a good night sleep and sweetest dreams ever. Goodnight to you, my one and only.

Goodnight to you, my dearest girlfriend and the queen of my heart. I wish you have a wonderful night sleep and pleasant dreams. I love you beyond the stars.

dirty good night text

Here’s to hoping you would have a wonderful night sleep full of bliss and pleasant dreams tonight and always. I love you deeply, my love. Goodnight and sleep tight, girlfriend.

Here’s to you having a wonderful night rest and sweet dreams. I love you so much, damsel. Goodnight to you, girlfriend.

Here’s wishing you have a calm and peaceful night sleep full of pleasant dreams. Goodnight and sleep tight, sweetheart.

I miss you so much as the nighttime draw near and I wish you have a beautiful night sleep. Goodnight and sweet dreams, jellybean.

I wish I could be there with you and watch you fall asleep to the world around you. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my love.

I wish I could be with you as you lay down your head to sleep. I miss you so much and I love you beyond words. Goodnight!

May your nighttime be filled with pleasant dreams and lovely night sleep. You know I love you, right? Well, I do. Goodnight to you, sweetie pie.

My love for you is eternal while the nighttime is just for a moment. Do have a beautiful night rest and pleasant dreams. You know I love you, right? Well, I do. Goodnight!

Sweet dreams and beautiful good night sleep are my heartfelt wishes for you tonight and always. Goodnight, my beautiful girlfriend.

Whenever I reminisce about you, my heart is always filled with bliss and gratitude. Thanks for everything and I love you more. Goodnight and sweet dreams, dear.

You light up my world and life with your unconditional love and as you hit the bed, I wish you have a lovely night sleep. Goodnight!

You’re my heartthrob and a day with you is always amazing and filled with unforgettable moments. Goodnight to you, my princess.

Sexy Good Night Text

Beautiful dreams, stars, the moon, flowers, and sunsets have nothing on you girl. You make the world a brighter place even when you’re going to bed.

Every night is always the same for me. I go to bed feeling empty inside knowing that another night will pass without being able to hold you in my arms.

Every night, God sprinkles a little magic dust on you when you’re sleeping to make you even more beautiful when you wake up.

Fall asleep happy tonight, my love. Know that we are always together in our hearts even when we are separated in the distance.

Good night my love. I am so happy that we were able to spend another beautiful day together wrapped up in the love that we share.

Hey, sexy, just wanted to say goodnight, sweet dreams, and that I can’t stop thinking about you.

I’m going to tell you three things I would do to you if I were there right now. I want you to imagine them while you fall asleep.

Just a sexy goodnight text to let you know I’ll be thinking about you in every position before I go to sleep.

Looking at the moon brings a smile to my face. Open your window and look at it too. We’re two souls apart, but looking at the world together.

sexy good night text

My wishes for you tonight are dreams filled with love, peace, comfort, and thoughts of me.

Saying good night is not just putting an end to a day, it´s a way of saying, I remember you before I go to sleep. Hope you can feel the care that goes with it, Good Night.

The night breeze blows through my hair and reminds me of how amazing it is when we’re together. I wish you could be here tonight. I love you.

Wrapping myself around this pillow just isn’t doing it for me. It’s missing all the best parts.

You are on my mind so much that I thought I would text you to tell you goodnight, and I love you.

You are the one thing I love the most in this world. You have given me hope when all I see is darkness.

Good Night Text to Lover

Good night love! I wish to be with you even in my dreams. Because you make them colorful for me!

Good night my love! Every night when I think of you, it reminds me how lucky I’m to have you!

Good Night, love. Don’t worry about nightmares, for I will be there to turn your dreams sweeter!

Good Night, sweetheart! I don’t care about the starry sky because the brightest star is in my arms!

I think of you every day and every night because you are my one. I love you so much! Good Night!

I’m not afraid of turning my lights off as long as you keep coming back in my dreams every night. Goodnight dear!

good night text to lover

If I could list all the things I am grateful for today, you will be at the very top. Have a good night, my precious!

Let my love be the one to warm your heart tonight. Sleep well, baby.

May the angels protect my queen when she falls asleep. Good night, sweetheart.

Missing you more than I can express, thinking of you more than you know. Sleep well, good night love!

My heart misses you too much right now, so please go to sleep early and meet me in my dreams! Sweet dreams, I love you!

My love for you has no end, no boundary. It’s a blessing to have you. Good night, my love.

No matter how dark the night is, the moon of my life will always be shining with the light of a million stars. Good night my love!

We may be far away from each other, but our souls are always connected with love, darling. Have a good night.

You are my love; you are the one who rules my heart. You are my everything. Good night my love!

Good Night Text SMS

As children, we used to dream of angels, without realizing that what we really craved was a company that filled our hearts. Today I can categorically affirm that you are the physical representation of that angelic being, I love you. Lovely Sleep dear!

Before going to sleep I would like to thank you for everything you do for the family, the desire you put into difficult times strengthens me a lot. I would never change anything about you, I love you. Good night, my darling.

Can you see the angels sleeping quietly? But only an angel stays awake, protecting you day and night! Sleep well dear

Happy Dreams my little angel, I miss you so much. Fall asleep quickly and dream fine, I will be with you again soon!

I hope to appear in your dreams tonight, if not please come to mine. If none of this happens, we have to see each other again tomorrow.

I love falling asleep while hugging you because then, I can have the most wonderful dreams. Happy Dreams Honey.

If my love can contribute to a great night’s sleep, then I send it to you with all my heart. Sweet Dreams.

It’s amazing how, despite sleeping together, I almost always dream of you, imagining what we will achieve from here for a few more years with the effort that we have been putting into our plans. Sweet Dreams dear!

May this light breeze bring you the melody of my heart to wish you sweet dreams! Goodnight my sweet darling!

Thank you my love because every day that passes, you teach me that life has many wonderful things and that we have thousands of reasons to feel happy.

good night text sms

This is my sweet serenade of good night my love, now close your beautiful eyes and make sweet dreams!

When you are in your bed, think about what has made you happier and with a smile, stay sound asleep. Lovely Sleep.

You won’t be alone tonight. Place your head on the pillow; I’ve filled it with a thousand kisses. Good Night sweetheart.

Good Night Lovely Text

Although we are in different places, the moon is witness to how much I care. Sweet dreams my love.

Good night and dream of gold, however your dreams cannot be sweeter than mine, because I dream only of you.

Good Night My Love. I love you to such an extent that I would dream of you every night until the end of my life.

Good Night. I could not sleep without telling you how much I love you and how essential you are in my existence. I will always love you.

I hope this message serves as a good night whisper. The distance is killing me; I wish you were here honey!

I wish you a great night and wish that an angel watches over you! I also hope he is efficient, because you are important to me!

I wish you a sweet night and, if you feel embraced and kissed, it will be me who holds you tightly and who fills you with kisses! Good night my life!

good night lovely text

I wish you to fall asleep in the soft cotton of the night and wake up in the sweetness of honey in the morning. Good night dear

I wish you to spend the sweetest and most peaceful night ever, and now that I have known you, I too can have my magnificent “golden dream”! Good night my sweet darling.

My most beautiful dream is always and only you, because it would be impossible to find a better protagonist than you, my love! Good Night!

Sometimes I wake up at night, take a look at you for a moment and feel so good to see you sleeping calmly and having beautiful dreams.

Stop, wait, and don’t fall asleep. I want to wish you a good night and sweet dreams.

The stars are counted by millions, like the kisses that I would give to you soon. Goodnight dear!

The worries are for the day! Forget them all because the nights are made for dreams! Have a good night my love!

There is nothing like going back to my castle and finding my beautiful queen waiting for me. I love you so much, sweet dreams.

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