Sweet & Cute Heartfelt Good Night Message for Him

If you landed on this page, we know that you are searching for good night message for him. In today’s life, people are very busy with their work. They do not get quality time to spend with their friends and family members.

People always send love messages to their loved ones on the phone. So, we have collected some of the best good night quotes and love messages for your husband and long-distance boyfriend. You can share these romantic love text in the night with your boyfriend and husband to express your love.

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Good Night Message for Him

“By night, beloved, tie your heart to mine and let them both in dreams defeat the darkness.” – Pablo Neruda

“Goodnight. Sleep awaits those of us who dare to dream.” – Anthony T. Hincks

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” – The Fault in Our Stars

good night message for him

“I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.” – When Harry Met Sally

“I miss you in waves, and tonight I am drowning.” – Denice Envall

“Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made.” – Tyler Kent

“Only night can make us whole again.” – Nick Gordon

“There is something to be said for the night. The darkness holds a sense of promise, as if anything could happen.” – Meg Collett

“Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.”

“You can’t change everything in one night, but one night can change everything.” – John Updike

“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always love you.” – J.M. Barrie

All I can think about right now is what we’d be doing if you were here — and spoiler alert: It’s not snuggling… 😜 Goodnight Babe! XOXO

All snuggled up in bed with my cat. But there’s still plenty of room for you. Just sayin! Night-nite Boo.

All snuggled up in bed with my cat. There’s still plenty of room for you though. G’Nite Bae! 😘

Amazing, sweet, romantic…..just a few of the ways to describe you. Goodnight love…

Are you missing me in your bed right now? Yes or yes…

Babe, I have to tell you that I liked it when you smiled. But I LOVED it that I was the reason. Good night my love! 😍

Babe, if I was there with you, we wouldn’t get a wink of sleep tonight…;)

Before I fall asleep, I just wanted to tell you one more time how much you mean to me. Thanks for making every day a good day. Good night darling…XOXO

Brace yourself because my goodnight texts are about to get realllly interesting….;)

Brrr…soooo cold! I wish you could be here to warm up…;)

BTW, I’ve going to bed in almost nothing at all tonight…Wish you were here to see it. G’night!

Can’t sleep for some reason. I have all this energy & no one to do with it. I mean … nothing to do with it.

Can’t sleep yet because I haven’t heard your voice. Miss you.

Can’t sleep? Me neither. Let’s not sleep together?

Confession time…I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember. But knowing that you feel the same makes me sleep a whole lot better…good night!

Counting down the hours until I can see you again…good night Babe, XOXO…:)

Did I ever tell you that I sleep n*ked? Too bad you’re not here! Sweet dreams 🙂

Did you know that a good way to sleep well is to buy your girlfriend flowers and chocolates? FACT…I heard that on the news today…;)

Do you know how hot you are? Hot enough to make falling asleep tonight realllyyy hard. G’night.

Dreaming of you every night has made me a happier person.

Even in my dreams I can’t stay away from you.

Even in my dreams I can’t stay away from you….:)

Every night I’m one step closer to getting to the weekend when we can finally be together… Sweet Dreams, Babe!

Forget this bed, pillow and blanket. All I need to fall asleep is your arms wrapped around me…😘

G’nite Babe, I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told you how much I miss you and love you goodnight!

Getting a good night message from you, is the absolute BEST way to end my day..’nite Babe!

Go to bed and dream about all the naughty things you’re going to do to me when we see each other next.

Good night Babe! Don’t let the bedbugs bite—cuz that’s my job….;)

Good Night Text for Him

Good night Babe, and I hope your day was as nice as my butt…

Good night Babe, I wish I could copy and paste you on to my bed.

Good night Babe, My dreams are always more fun when you are in them. Remind me tomorrow to tell you what we get up too…;)

good night text for him

Good night handsome, time to get your beauty sleep, not that you need it of course!…:)

Good night honey, tonight I’ll be falling asleep with you in my on my mind and in my heart.

Good night honey. I’m gonna go dream about our next adventure together.

Good night to the most amazing guy in the world ❤️

Good night you handsome devil, sleep well.

Good night, Bae. If I was there, it wouldn’t just be a good night; it would be an incredible one…sleep tight my love!

Good night, sleep tight, and who knows? Maybe well wake up to each other sooner rather than later…❤️

Goodnight Babe, I can’t wait to wake up to you.. 😘

Goodnight handsome! 🙂

Goodnight handsome, hope you have amazing dreams tonight… I know I will, since I’m going to sleep thinking about *all* of you…😉

Goodnight handsome, I hope your dreams are as sweet as you are…:)

Goodnight I love you…❤️

Goodnight my love, I adore you.

Goodnight my love, I can’t remember a life before you, and you know what? I wouldn’t want too..❤️

Goodnight my love, see you soon… in my dreams…😘

Goodnight my love, sending you hugs, kisses, smiles, and sweet dreams…of me….of course…;)

Goodnight to the most interesting man I know. Sleep well Babe, XOXO

Goodnight! I had a great time tonight. Let’s meet up again soon…:) [Perfect to send to a crush or after a first or second date]

Goodnight, babe. I’m sending you a goodnight kiss and cuddles right now…😘 😍

Goodnight, my love, I feel like I’m already dreaming, because tonight I’m texting my dream man..❤️

Goodnight, my love. May you find lots of reasons to smile tomorrow!

Goodnight, sleep tight and dream big my love.

Goodnight, sweet dreams, sleep tight, send memes.

Happiness is a drug – and baby, I want to be your dealer. Goodnight my love!

Have you ever had a spicy dream about me? Maybe tonight’s the night….Sleep tight….

Here’s a little good night note to tuck you in as you fall asleep. Sending soft kisses your way. Sweet dreams.

Hey Babe, I’m going to get into bed now. Do me a favor and dream about all the things we’re going to do next time we’re in it together. Night-nite! 😉

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