Short and Sweet Good Night Message for Her

Good Night Text Message for Her

Good night and sleep tight, I will always be there to protect you from any harm you could imagine.

Good night to the angel who is the reason for my smile and makes all my troubles disappear magically with a simple kiss. I love you, baby.

good night text message for her

Good night to the girl who made my dreams so beautiful that I don’t want to wake up.

Good night, have sweet and lovely dreams.

Hush, its time to sleep! Good night

I always see your pictures before sleeping. Without seeing you makes my night miserable and full of nightmares. Good night.

I know its not right but still I think this sun and this moon only rises to see both of us together. Good night my love!

I miss you a lot dear. Please close your eyes and meet me in my dreams. Good Night

I said to the moon that you are not the one who lightens up my nights. He asked angrily, then who? I said only my cute and sweet girlfriend could light up my nights. Good Night.

I simply can not sleep without wishing you a good night. Good night and have sweet and lovely dreams of me. 🙂

Good Night Message for Her to Fall in Love

I want to be the one to fight away all the nightmares you have and brought you Sweet and lovely dreams. Good night baby.

I wish I could watch you sleeping safely, comfortably and happily tonight. I’m sending you millions of kisses, with hopes you’ll know how much I love you! Good night!

I wish that my dreams would soon come true. I always want wake up next to you. I want to see your face first when I woke up. I love you and always will. Good night

I’ll be around when you dream, making sure no one can hurt you! Close your eyes and go to sleep, love, and never have doubts that I love you beyond words can say!

good night message for her to fall in love

I’ll come to you at night, just to see your heavenly face smiling sweetly in your dreams! Good night my love!

I’m jealous of your Teddy bear for hugging you tonight! May your dreams be easy, love. Good night!

If God ever gives me a chance to ask for anything I want. I would ask him to make my dreams came true that I spend with you. Good night babe, We are part of the same soul.

If I don’t talk to you before going to sleep, my night ends up being full of nightmares. Good night babe and wish me too 🙂

If we would have been together right now. I would spend all the night cuddling with you and then we would sleep after seeing the sun rise together. Good Night my love.

In any other universe I would have chosen you all over again, and of that I’m sure! Good night my angel, I love you so much!

Heart Melting Good Night Messages for Her

Good night, my love. I hope you sleep well and have the best dreams. I love you so much, I cannot wait to see you in the morning.

I hope you can be able to feel my desire for you and how much my heart is filled with your love.

I just want to be your pillow for this night and every night to come. Have sweet dreams.

I wish you sweet dreams and a lovely and restful night.

Your shining smile has taken over my night and now I always smile in my dreams. I love you. Good night.

In the day, you are my sun and in the night you are my moon. Every time you give light to my path and helps me move forward. I wish you a good night. Have lovely dreams.

It does not matter how far you are; you will always be in my heart. Good night love.

It does not matter what your past is. What matter is what your future will be? The Past can neither be changed not be forgotten, yet it can only be accepted. Good night and have sweet dreams

It is only before I go to bed that I miss you the most. Let us meet somewhere in your dreams and stay together until the dawn! I love you. Good night baby!

heart melting good night messages for her

Just before you go to bed, I wish to confess once more how deeply in love I am with you. Close your eyes and dream away, knowing you are always loved!

Flirty Good Night Messages for Her

As the thief was leaving the house, the child woke up & said to the thief “Take my school bag also, or else I’ll wake up my mum”. Good Night!

Before we go to bed tonight, imagine the most passionate night ever. I’ll meet you there, baby.

Everyone else in the world sees how beautiful you are on the outside, but only I know what a tiger you really are inside.

Let’s plan a night of sweet dreams together by engaging in a little “us” time.

May God bless and keep you until morning, when I get to gaze into those beautiful eyes once more.

Oops! Ouch I fell from bed Trying to reach my phone just to Say sweet dreams to you. Good night and Sleep tight.

Sleeping on my keyboard. If I answer, I’m talking in my sleep. Good night!

Sun wouldn’t be red, Sea wouldn’t be blue, I wouldn’t be happy, Without disturbing you! Good Night!

The good people sleep much better at night than the bad people. Of course, the bad people enjoy the waking hours much more. Good night!

flirty good night messages for her

Thinking about your mode activated! Missing you in progress! If you are awake reply to deactivate thinking mode. Good night!

Deep Good Night Message for Her

Just before you go to bed, think of our love and get carried away by sweet dreams! I love you more than I can put into words. Good night my darling girl!

Just like the sun and moon are destined to rise in their particular time. I am destined to be with you forever. I miss you a lot. Have a nice sleep with beautiful dreams. Good night.

Last night I could not be able to sleep any minute, and it felt like I have something important to do which I forgot. I think again and again, and then I remember I have to wish this special person in my life a good night. Good night my love. Have lovely dreams.

Love is simple really, but it can do great things. It keeps me awake all night thinking about you, praying for you and making me love you more and more. I just don’t know what to do. Good night my love, I love, and I want you to know that. :*

You deserve a really good night kiss.

My sweet angel, surrender yourself to pleasant dreams and keep me in your mind even when you sleep. Good night, baby, I love you!

Never back away from your nightmares. Face them with all the strength you have. This is the only way to overcome them. Have a good night.

deep good night message for her

Nights are inevitably lonely and I go to sleep thinking of you every single night! May you dream of all things nice, baby! Good night!

Nights are made for dreaming, and I would love nothing more but to know you are drifting away feeling safe and loved! Good night darling, I love you!

On this beautiful night, cuddling with you would be perfect. I love you. Good, night and sweet dreams.

Longest Good Night Message for Her

Remember that I am always praying for you while you sleep. So be relaxed and have a safe and good night.

The last person that I remember while going to sleep is the one that is reading this text. I miss you a lot, my girl. Good Night. Have sweet and sour dreams 🙂

The message that you receive every night from me is an invitation for joining me in my dreams. Good night baby. See you in there. 🙂

The only thing that is keeping me awake every night are the thoughts about how much I love you, and what am I going to do without you! Good night, sweetie

longest good night message for her

The other day, I googled about the best good night wishes and messages for my girlfriend. Google said this is something that only your heart will tell. 😀 Good Night, sweetie. Have sweet dreams of us together!

The Sun is missing you the moon is kissing you. You are so blessed. Good night.

There are thousands of stars in the sky that shine, but for me, you are the brighter and most shinier. I love you with all my heart. Have a nice sleep with lots of beautiful dreams. Good night.

There is noting impossible. This world itself says “I m possible.” Believe in yourself and move forward. Good night with all the love and kisses from your boyfriend.

There is one thing I love about dreams, that there is no impossibility in dreams. We can do whatever we like and no one to stop us. Good night

There is one thing I want to do. I want to take you to camping. Then I want us to lay down on the grass and see the stars together while cuddling each other. This is one of many of my dreams I see every night. Wish them to come true. Good night and join me in dreams.

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