Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Happy 18th birthday to my amazing friend, best buddy, confidante…I could go on for a while but I don’t want to bore you.

funny 18th birthday wishes for best friend

Today is the day that you have finally made it to adulthood….congratulations are in order, right? Happy 18th birthday!

I’m glad that out of all of our friends…I was the one that got picked to bring over this cake. Happy 18th birthday dude.

I think I deserve an Oscar for remembering your birthday and wishing you on time. Happy 18th birthday, dear!

Happy 18th birthday to a guy who has transformed into hundred pounds from just a couple of pounds.

Now you are old enough not to be wished in dollars and cents. So wish you a simple happy 18th birthday.

Age is just a number, don’t let it kill your silly child that everyone has inside. Happy 18th birthday!

Finally, the day has come when the star was born but unfortunately, that was not a shining star. Happy 18th birthday, dear!

Hope adulthood brings at least one change in your life that you will be less annoying. Happy 18th birthday, sweetheart!

A very happy birthday to the guy who was picked from the road 18 years ago and brought up to such a handsome man.

Today I am very happy and thankful…as I am not the only oldest person here. Happy 18th birthday, dear!

Don’t waste your time counting the candles on the cake, just cut it…be sure they are many. Happy 18th birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Like Sister Funny

Sister, it’s your birthday. Keep calm and eat cupcakes!

There are some people in life that just drive you crazy. Yet you still find that you love them. We call them sisters. Happy birthday!

Today, we celebrate the birth of Mom and Dad’s second-favorite child: my sister. Happy birthday, sis!

Sister, happy birthday. Thank you for making me remember that I, too, am one year closer to gray hair and missing teeth.

birthday wishes for best friend like sister funny

You are so innocent. You are so heartiest. May none break your heart! Happy birthday dear friend like sister!

You are my world. May your prayer never go empty! May you always be safe! Wishing happy birthday friend like sister!

Life is always calm and at peace when you are with me. Love you. May you never fall in your life! Happy birthday friend like sister!

Be the girl you want to be. May you always be brave girl and May courage never leave you! Happy birthday friend like sister!

God destined us to be siblings, but we became friends on our own happy birthday Sis.

May God blanket you with blessings throughout your life, happy birthday sister.

As the years pass and we grow further in our personal life’s I cherish every moment we had, happy birthday, my adorable sister.

Your purity and love have genuinely embraced everyone you meet, and God bless you, sister. Happy birthday.

Long Distance Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. May your wishes come true and have a happy life ahead! I am so lucky to have someone as special as you in my life.

No doubt, you are the best friend anyone could ever have! Thanks for being such a great friend and always there for me. I am so glad to be your friend. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my best friend! This birthday is special as we’re far apart. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you a great day!

long distance funny birthday wishes for best friend

I will text you 50 times in a row and feel no shame. You’re my friend, you literally signed up for this.

Definition of a long distance relationship: Inconveniently the most effective way to find out if you really love each other.

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

Whoever coined the term ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ was an idiot. Absence makes a bitch grow crazy.

They say long-distance relationships will teach you to communicate well… We should be mind-readers by now.

Want to learn how someone really handles frustration? Put them in a long-distance relationship and give them a slow internet connection.

If anyone asks me “what is hell?” I would answer “Distance between two people who love each other.

That, “You hang up first,” No, YOU hang up first” crap is really only funny the first two or three hundred times.

Cute Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

If you’re getting old, that means I am too!

You’re older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, happy birthday!

It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friends who are your diamonds!

cute funny birthday wishes for best friends

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime. I look forward to the trouble we’re going to get into in the coming year.

Best friends keep each other’s secrets, which is why I’m not telling anyone how old you’re turning today. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my bestie! You have so many great qualities, but probably my favorite is that you’re older than me!

Happy Birthday to my boon companion! May you get all of the good things you deserve, and none of the bad.

I love how we’re such good friends that we can forget to buy each other presents on our birthdays and it’s no big deal.

You know, they say that age is all in your mind. The key is to prevent it from trickling down into your body.

When I have a birthday, I take the day off. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.

You know, I would be a whole lot more excited about you turning one year older if I was in your will. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to someone who has attended more birthday parties for kids than adults this year.

Funny 25th Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

May your 25th birthday be filled with enough happiness to last through the whole year.

The best years of life are about to come. Happy 25th Birthday! May every dream of yours come true!

At 25, you are halfway to 50, so start enjoying your youth before, gulp, you get old. Let’s make your birthday epic!

Happy 25th birthday, old fart! Don’t be in a rush to get to your 30s — you may pass out from the effort.

funny 25th birthday wishes for best friend

Wow, it’s the 25th anniversary of your birth. How does it feel to be “old”? Happy 25th birthday!

Hope for a really special 25th Birthday, just like you. You are an amazing friend, with a good heart.

Hoping your 25th birthday is the start of a new era of prosperity, purpose, and happiness for you.

A birthday as momentous as your 25th deserves an amazing celebration. Have a blast on your special day!

Hey man, you turn 25 and it’s time to party like an animal. Wishing my craziest friend a happy 25th birthday!

Today marks 25 years of your life and what has been a truly magnificent quarter of a century!Happy Birthday!

Say goodbye to your childhood and hello to puberty and spots. Congratulations to your 25th birthday.

Funny 21st Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Happy 21st birthday to the mother of all my best friends. Happy birthday, you old bag.

Happy 21st birthday! Not sure if I should wish for your happiness or mine on this joyous day.

Happy 21st birthday! I know you’ve been waiting for this day since you were a little kid.

funny 21st birthday wishes for best friend

Hey, it’s your 21st birthday! Time to start thinking about moving out and getting a job.

Happy 21st birthday! Now that you’re an adult, it’s time for you to start acting like one.

Today is a very special day! It’s your 21st birthday, so let’s make it the most memorable one ever!

I made a sign for your car. Caution! Just made 21. Proceed with care!

Throw away your fake ID card. You’re actually 21 now! Have fun on your birthday!

The next best thing after an 18th birthday is a 21st birthday. Congratulations to you!

Shout it from the roof tops. You’re 21 and you’re proud of it! Happy Birthday!

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