71 Eliud Kipchoge Quotes About Life Motivation and Discipline

Eliud Kipchoge Quotes: Eliud Kipchoge is a Kenyan long-distance runner who competes in marathon races. He holds a world record of running the marathon of 26.2 miles in under 2 hours. As per calculation, Kipchoge’s average mile pace was under 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

Today in this article we are going to share with you Eliud Kipchoge quotes. After reading his quotes you will find that his mindset is very strong and he is a very focused person towards his career.

Below you can find Eliud Kipchoge’s motivational, discipline and life quotes.

Top 71 Eliud Kipchoge Quotes

1. After the first attempt of the Nike Breaking2 project Eluid Kipchoge ran the fastest marathon in history 2:00:25. After he finished he said this. The world now is only 25 seconds away.

2. Athletics is not so much about the legs. It’s about the heart and mind.

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3. I always tell people that this is a really simple deal: Work hard. If you work hard, follow what’s required and set your priorities right, then you can really perform without taking shortcuts. If you’re taking shortcuts, you can’t be free.

4. I have kept a training diary to record my training plans and my feelings and emotions for a long time.

5. I have only ever done athletics. I was only average at school and I have never done any other sport.

6. I really want to make a big mark in athletics, to be a legend and be a good example to kids.

7. I think the medals are the same, i will be among the competitors, I don’t complain, I’m in the hands of the IOC and anywhere they decide, I will go with it.

8. I want to show the world that you can go beyond your thoughts, you can break more than you think you can break.

9. I want to stay for a long time and leave a mark so the young generation can aspire to be at the top like me. I love the sport, and that’s what drives me.

10. I was not so lucky to grow up with toys as I grew up in a remote area of Kenya.

11. I was really calm and trying to go with the pace, not to be crazy or slow, but to follow instructions and what the pacemakers are doing, everyone can step out of their door and think positively.

12. I was really calm, I was just trying to maintain the pace, for me it was not 50-50, it was 90 percent.

13. I’m confident to say that if you want to grow in a profession, consistency is the key… I’m strict about my work goals and training.

14. I’m not having any problems with my body so I don’t need to supplement. Growing older you don’t recover as fast, but all-in-all I’m doing well.

15. I’ve always found the secret is to stay fit and treat sport as a profession. I chose sport as a passion.

16. If selected I will be there. it( Tokyo) is at the front of my mind, and I trust and believe that when the time comes I will be on the starting line.

17. If you are humble, your concentration will be very high. That’s the way to go in sports.

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18. If you believe in something and put it in your mind and heart, it can be realised.

19. If you concentrate on the rear mirror, you’ll crash and cause an accident.

20. If you have that belief – pure belief in your heart – that you want to be successful then you can talk to your mind and your mind will control you to be successful.

21. If you train with fast athletes, it keeps you pushing. I know that good preparation is more important than everything else.

22. If you want to break through, your mind should be able to control your body. Your mind should be a part of your fitness.

23. I’ll take three weeks of active rest and then I’ll know what next. I’m taking normal meals with a lot of carbohydrates, i’m concentrating purely on recovery and I have not given any thought for any other challenge. It’s too early to tell( about the Olympics).

24. In the offseason I allow my body to recover, my mind to recover. I like to be with my family, to read books, and know what is going on in the world, to understand how people think.

25. Mentality is where the success is. I will teach the kids how to think in a positive way.

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26. My first competition outside Kenya was at the 2002 world cross country championships in Dublin, Ireland. I finished fifth in the junior race that day but the thing I remember the most was that it was very cold.

27. My mind is always free. My mind is flexible.

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28. No human is limited.

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29. Others will absolutely be able to break 2:00, too, as long as they believe in themselves.

30. Passion is a choice. You need to choose to be great. It’s not a chance, it’s a choice.

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31. Roger Bannister broke that barrier here on May 6th, 1954 and on May 6th, 2017 I tried to break the two-hour marathon, so theres a big relationship.

32. The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree is today.

33. Those athletes whom I know and those who are near me, my thinking is that they are doing a great job, they are clean.

34. To win is not important. To be successful is not even important. How to plan and prepare is crucial. When you plan very well and prepare very well, then success can come on the way. Then winning can come on your way.

35. Vienna is a city where they love sports.

36. Where the marathon starts is after 30 kilometers. That’s where you feel pain everywhere in your body. The muscles are really aching, and only the most prepared and well-organized athlete is going to do well after that.

37. With a strong heart and a good mind, you can do it.

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38. From the first kilometer, I was really comfortable, i have been training for this for four and a half months, I have been putting my heart and mind to run under two hours for a marathon and make history.

39. I always say: a run in the morning is like eating a fruit a day – it chases he doctor away. It is good for your mind.

40. I am feeling well. I have run on the course and it is a good course. It is flat and very fast and in the park where we can enjoy the environment. I am ready for Saturday.

41. I am just going to try to run my personal best. If it comes as a world record, I would appreciate it. But I would treat it as a personal best.

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42. I am running to make history, to show that no human is limited. It’s not about money, it’s about showing a generation of people that there are no limits.

43. I enjoy the simplistic training and life in marathon. You run, eat, sleep, walk around – that’s how life is. You don’t get complicated. The moment you get complicated it distracts your mind.

44. I got into running when I was being mentored by my coach. I tried it and developed a passion for it.

45. I started running because my neighbour, Patrick Sang, was an athlete and I wanted to be just like him. Patrick came from the same village as I do and my mother used to be his teacher. I was so inspired by his success.

46. I think 1:59 is something a human being can run. Or 1:58. Who knows?! If someone trains very well and thinks in a good way, then they can do anything.

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47. I wake up at 5am, by 6am I’m on the way to training. I come back and relax, have lunch, take a little nap, then train again at 4pm for an evening run. Then relax, dinner and bed at 9pm until the next day.

48. I want to run with a relaxed mind.

49. I would say that Breaking2 was my best race because I was running against something no one had done before.

50. I’m happy to be the first human being to run under two hours.

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51. It is a long time now since I started running but I still remember running up and down hills and running to school as a kid. When I was young I would run for fun and I didn’t know back then that this would be my career.

52. It means a lot… I received a lot of messages. I saw people celebrating all over the country, kenya will not be the same. It will be united and in future Kenya will be a running nation.

53. It’s important to run clean so that you can inspire people, to give an example to the young generation.

54. It’s like the first man to go to the moon, I will be the first man to run under two hours, this is crucial.

55. It’s a natural environment, i am feeling well. I have run on the course and it is a good course. It is flat and very fast and in the park where we can enjoy the environment. I am ready for Saturday.

56. Long runs improve your endurance but shorter intervals improve your speed. They are mutually beneficial for a distance runner. If you do 5k runs it will help your marathon.

57. My first race was in October 2001 in Kapsabet, Kenya. It was a 10km road race. I was excited and I was happy to know I am good in running.

58. Once in a while you can run very fast, but you cannot always go to the maximum.

59. One of my first races came over 10km in 2002. I won that race and it felt great. I would say that is when I first fell in love with running.

60. This world is full of development and development comes with technology, i trust that even in the shoe sector, technology should be there. It’s not a big( advantage), it’s not a rocket science with the shoes… The shoe actually helps a runner to recover very fast, especially after the marathon.

61. This would really surpass everything because this will go in the history as far as the human family is concerned, it is not about recognition or ratification but to make history and to pass on a message that no human is limited. Running the fastest-ever marathon of 2:00.25 was the proudest moment of my career.

62. To me, running is life. I run to live longer and enjoy a healthier life.

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63. To run a big marathon and win takes five months. When I’m on the starting line, my mind starts reviewing what I have been doing the last five months. I believe in my training, and I treat myself as the best one standing on that line.

64. You need to go near to the people and actually sensitize them about the sport – specifically running. If athletes can go near their fans, many people would develop a love for running.

Eliud Kipchoge Quotes About the Simple Life

65. In life, the idea is to be happy. So, I believe in calm, simple, low-profile life. You live simple, you train hard and live an honest life. Then you are free.

66. Marathon is life. And life is where you progress.

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67. Thinking positively and confidently changed my life. If you stay consistent and work hard, you can be successful for a long time.

Eliud Kipchoge Quotes About Discipline

68. I don’t have regrets. In any sport, the feeling of regret is a sign of indiscipline. London has passed, basically London is over.

69. Only the disciplined ones in life are free. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods and your passions.

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Teamwork Quotes of Eliud Kipchoge

70. Marathon is no longer an individual event, it’s a team event.

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71. You cannot train alone and expect to run a fast time. There is a formula: 100% of me is nothing compared to 1% of the whole team. And that’s teamwork. That’s what I value.

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