Birthday Wishes For New Father (First Time Dad)

Birthday Message for First Time Dad

I know I wasn’t always the perfect child, but you have always been the perfect dad. Thanks for fixing the little things I broke and for showing me how to correct my own mistakes as I grew. Enjoy your birthday today. I love you!

I may not say it enough but I love you and you mean the world to me. You make my heart beat faster. Moments with you and our baby are the best for me. I adore you a lot and I hope you have enough fun celebrating your birthday as a new dad.

I may not tell you enough, but I love you so much. I may not show it enough, but I adore you. You are the best part of my story. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful human ever. Happy first birthday as a dad, my darling. I love you.

I never knew any man could come close to my father. My father is a great man who loves his wife and children. I see my father in you, baby. The fact that you’re even more selfless than he is makes me feel so blessed. Happy first birthday as a father, boo. We all love you.

I never knew I could get married at the age I did, but you kept assuring me that everything will be fine. Today, I want to thank you for not misleading me. I want to thank you for having my interest at heart. I want to thank you for being a great father and husband. Happy birthday to you.

I never wanted to have a baby; at least, not so fast, because I felt it’s going to make things difficult between us. But I was wrong. Ever since this baby came, it’s been so worth it. I have felt more love than ever. You’ve given me so much more attention than ever. I love you, baby. Happy birthday, new father.

I really don’t have much to say to you, on your birthday. Mainly, I want to thank you for being the best you can to our sweet little daughter. For making quality time for me and her. For having the home cleaned. You simply are the best. Happy first birthday as a father.

I sincerely don’t know how best to appreciate you for all you do. I know you are my husband and everything you do is typical of a husband, but some husbands don’t think that way. Thank you for making time for me and our child. I hope you enjoy your first birthday as a new father.

I sincerely don’t know the right words to use to convey my thoughts and wishes to you on your birthday. You are my blessing; you are my everything. It doesn’t matter what we’ve been through, I will continue to love you. Thank you for being a good father to our child. Happy birthday to you.

I think today should be declared a holiday, because it’s your first birthday as a father. Everywhere needs to be shut down because you’re the best husband and father around. We are lucky and blessed to have you in our lives. We hope to enjoy more of you. Happy birthday, my love.

I wanted to send you a funny birthday message to make you laugh, but then I realized you are already too happy to have a son like me. Happy birthday!

birthday message for first time dad

I was afraid you weren’t going to find fatherhood a funny journey, because it is very tasking, considering how busy you are. But now, you make sure to be home earlier, just to bond with our child and keep the home clean. I’m not deserving of this love, but I love it. Happy birthday, my dear.

I will always cherish all the priceless lessons that you have given me. Have a wonderful birthday, dad!

I wish to spend more time with you, pops. Keep your smile on and enjoy the day to the fullest. Happiest birthday to you.

I won’t even lie, even though our child is still very small, I feel jealous most of the time. You tend to give more attention to them. It’s not that bad, anyways. In fact, it makes me very happy. Thank you for doing the best you can. Happy birthday, daddy and husband.

I’m so glad that I’m getting to experience this myself. I got tired of people telling me how husbands change towards their wives after having their first child. The case was different, with you. You became even sweeter. You massage my feet and take care of our child. Ain’t you just the best! Happy birthday to you.

I’m sure if our son could talk, he would probably tell you how grateful he is to have you. Baby, when it comes to our son, there’s nothing you can’t do. You have never been missing just for a day, ever since we had him. I hope you guys don’t leave me hanging by turning best friends later. Happy birthday, love.

I’m sure no man on the planet earth works harder than my husband. The fact that you are always find how to spend quality time with the family is everything for me. If our son could talk, trust me, he’d thank you for always being there. Happy birthday, my soulmate. I love you.

If I had a dollar for everything I love about you, I’d be rich! Happy birthday to a million dollar dad!

If no one would give you the awards for the best father and husband, trust me, I will give you both. You have been a great father to so many people, before you eventually had your biological child. Thank you for blessing humanity with your kind heart. Our child and I am proud of you. Happy birthday.

If only our child could talk, he would tell the world he has the best daddy. Baby, I don’t know how you do it, but you are wonderful. The only thing you don’t do is breastfeed him. Thank you for always helping out. Happy birthday to you.

If you could have your way, you will probably be breastfeeding our son; it’s that serious. I have seen you go through sleepless nights just to make sure our son is fine. Thank you for constantly checking on him in his court. Happy birthday to you.

In case anyone is looking for a man who doubles as the best husband and father, then I will show you to them. You are undoubtedly the best thing that’s happened to me and our baby. You are so special to us and we hope you enjoy your birthday as a new dad. Happy birthday.

Isn’t it weird how the boy I carried inside of me for nine months and even breastfeed, cries whenever he’s with me, but smiles and plays whenever he is with you? I find it really funny, but I love to see it. You are taking fatherhood seriously, and I love that. Happy birthday, new daddy.

It’s officially your first birthday as a father, my darling husband. You have been a father to me for so long. You have too many qualities of a great father enough to father your child the best way. Parenthood will be so much fun with you. Happy birthday, my husband and child’s father. We love you.

It’s your first birthday as a father and I know you’re feeling so on top of the world right now. Calm down, I know the feeling too. From being a great husband to me, you have graduated to being the greatest father. On behalf of our child, I say thank you. Happy birthday, darling.

It’s your first birthday as a father, and no, I am not jealous. It could have been perfect if my birthday came first, though. Thank you for making my smile even in the face of adversity. I’m glad I found a soulmate in you. Happy birthday, honey. I love you.

It’s your first birthday as a father, and so far, you have been doing really well. Just ask for whatever it is you want, and I will. Make sure you get it. Thank you for being more than a husband to me. I will not stop loving you. Happy birthday, my love.

It’s your first birthday as a father, and trust me, if I could have my way, I would make sure you enjoy every bit of today. My love, thank you for everything you do. From washing our child’s clothes, feeding her and making sure she doesn’t cry. I love you too much. Happy birthday.

It’s your first birthday as a new dad, and just like you are, I am very happy. You have brought this child nothing but love and happiness. Every day, you strife to have a bond with your child. I have always looked forward to moments like that. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for Father to Be

Its time to enjoy the fruits of your good deeds. Happy birthday dad!

Look how beautifully I’ve been reared under your wing. Thanks dad, for giving me such an amazing upbringing. Happy birthday.

Looking forward to seeing you on your big birthday.

Loving you is my greatest decision ever; I have never for once regretted it. You put so much effort into making me happy. I can’t forget how restless you were when I was in the labour room. Now, we have our baby and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Happy first birthday as a dad.

May God bless your beautiful heart and soul with happiness all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

May you live your life with your terms and achieve beautiful moments. Happy birthday.

May your life be blessed beyond your wildest imagination. Wishing you a cheerful birthday, dear dad.

May your life be filled with more of children’s games and less paper works. Happy birthday dad!

My friends keep asking how I am coping, because they feel you are the busy type and you won’t always be at home with me. Well, I’m thankful that my husband is not like that. You literally had to shut your office work down, just to be with us. Thank you for everything, baby. Happy birthday to you.

My life took a whole new turn when you came in. I used to be just an ordinary lady with no ambitious at all, but you changed that about me. You made sure I had the best of everything, and you got even better when we got married. I’m a proud wife, baby. We are blessed to have you. Happy birthday to you.

No gift can ever match the gift of love and affection you have given me all these years. Happy birthday dad.

No matter how many birthdays go by, I will always be the little boy who you taught to fly. Happy birthday daddy.

No matter how old you become, you will still be my best friend dad, after all, with whom am I going to watch the game on Sunday night if it’s not with my beloved dad? Happy birthday!

No matter the challenges we get in life, you are always in my mind. Happy birthday!

No words can ever take the place of the feelings of my heart for you, hope your day is joyful.

Nothing else makes sense whenever we are together. The power of our love makes me feel we are a great force, and could do anything we set our minds to, including raising our kids the best way. Thank you for being there for us. Happy first birthday as a father.

Of all the men I took home, my parents chose you. The moment this happened, I knew you were the one for me. Thank you for standing by me through thick and thin. So many things have happened, but you stand firm with me. Happy birthday to the the man who believes in me.

On this birthday occasion, enjoy some cake and take some time for yourself. You deserve to celebrate big.

On your birthday I hope that you sit back and relax, you deserve to have a great time and enjoy the day.

On your special day, I wish you good luck. I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. Have a fantastic birthday!

birthday wishes for father to be

Relax dad, have a drink and put your feet up. It’s your birthday, and we are going to take care of you.

Saying I love you is an understatement, because what I feel for you is beyond just love. You have been my backbone for a very long time. When others castigated and said shit about me, you stood for and by me. Know this, I won’t ever take your love for granted. Happy birthday, my husband.

So many people that tried to talk me out of going into a relationship with you wish they had what I have now. Our marriage still seem unreal to a lot of people even after we’ve had a child together. You and our child are all that matter to me. Happy first birthday as a father, boo.

Some dads are strict while some dads are lenient. Dad, you are a different breed altogether… you are just super cool. Happy birthday.

Some of my friends think I exaggerate whenever I talk about how loving and caring you are. Even before marriage, you have always been my best friend. How you managed to keep the same energy even years after, still baffles me. Thank you for teaching how what loyalty means. Happy birthday, my love.

Special day, special person and special celebration. May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. Happy birthday.

Sure, you may be a little bit older, but that’s no reason you can’t act like a kid! Have fun on your birthday dad.

Thank goodness looks are genetic! I hope I look half as good as you do at your age. Have a great birthday, and don’t forget to stop by the mirror and celebrate that you just get better looking every year.

Thank you for all the grateful memories that you have given us with your beautiful company. Happy birthday.

Thank you for always having my back even when I couldn’t keep my faith in myself. You are the best dad I could have asked for. Happy returns of the day.

Birthday Wishes for New Dad from Wife

All I know is, I have the best husband and he doubles as the best father too. Babe, how do you do it? Sometimes, I feel like running away, considering all the stress. But even as a hard worker, you do all these effortlessly. You are really trying, baby. Happy first birthday as a father.

As a new dad, I can tell how excited you are. Even when we first had this child, you were all over the place. Today, I will make sure all our family and friends are present at your birthday party. I want you to enjoy your first birthday as a dad. Happy birthday to you.

As a new father, I expected you not to know much about fatherhood, but I was surprised when you told me you’ve been reading and making researches about it. How sweet can you be? I’m the luckiest woman and wife alive. Happy birthday to you, baby.

As I wrote this, I couldn’t stop sharing tears of joy. Seeing that I have a man who loves me despite all that’s happened in the past, I know that I have everything. Thank you for being the best for me and our baby. Happy birthday to you.

As my husband, there’s no other man I’d rather be in love with than you. We have been together since college days, and I still don’t have any regret. Now that we are parents, our love keeps growing more. I can’t imagine the joy in your heart as you celebrate your first birthday as a father. Happy birthday, my darling.

Birthdays come just once in a year, but husbands and fathers like you deserve to be celebrated more than just once. Permit me to say I enjoy your love more when we welcomed our baby girl. I mean, you were sweet before her arrival, but now you are the sweetest. Happy birthday, darling.

Even if we have one dozen of children, they can never come in-between us. Nothing has the power to stop my love for you. I was expecting these times to be challenging for you because of your job, but no, you are enjoying the fatherhood. Thank you for always helping our. Happy birthday, my love.

Even though I really don’t have anything planned out for today, I will make sure I use the resources at my disposal to celebrate you. You are one of a kind baby. The best father and husband history has ever had. I love you forever. Happy first birthday as a father.

Even though it’s your first birthday as a dad, you still deserve the medal for the best dad in the world. Sometimes, you skipped going to the office and important meetings just to be with your child. You find it so hard to get your eyes off her. You are the best, baby. We wish you a happy birthday.

Even though it’s your first birthday as a father, I bet you are better than some other fathers I know. Our child has legit pooped on you, and you didn’t feel any disgust; couldn’t have been me, lol. Thank you for shouldering this much responsibility. I love you, and happy birthday.

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