Birthday Wishes for Naughty Brother Who is Very Annoying

Birthday Wishes for Crazy Brother

Happy birthday crazy brother; I wish we could have more time to bond together, you know?

I may be older than you, but I sure know how to have fun; happy birthday, crazy brother.

I want to give you a heads up that you are fantastic. Happy birthday, crazy brother.

birthday wishes for crazy brother

Happy birthday crazy brother. May you always know that I love you and I am here for you.

Today, I am feeling more than ecstatic to wish my dearest brother a very jovial happy birthday. May you always be this crazy and funky!

You are the best sibling in the city, maybe even in the world; happy birthday, crazy brother.

Be it bunking classes or stealing the lunch boxes of other students, we have done all the crazy things together, and may we continue to be that zingy about friendship. My best birthday wishes to the sweetest brother from another mother.

Happy birthday crazy brother, you may be far away now, but we’ll get together real soon.

You are so busy with college, but please make time for me, happy birthday, crazy brother.

A very happy birthday to my brother who is responsible for all the crazy things we have done during childhood days. Happy birthday brother!

Happy birthday crazy brother. May you get that one goal that you have worked hard for.

They may turn the world upside down but you still are my bro, happy birthday crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother; just know that I am more than proud of what you’ve done.

Happy birthday crazy brother, keep your feet on the ground even when you are popular.

Who needs a superhero when I have a valorous, buffed up, and responsible brother like you. Cheers on your birthday and let’s make the night groovy and crazy!

You deserve everything that you have right now, that is true, happy birthday crazy brother.

birthday wishes for crazy brother

Happy Birthday to my wild and crazy big brother. Thanks for keeping mom and dad so busy dealing with your antics when we were kids so that I was never punished!

I want you to be as happy as you can be, for you are kind, happy birthday crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother, you have been always partial to me and now I’ll dote on you.

What do you want for today, name it and I’ll get it for you, happy birthday crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother, for always coming to my rescue, know that you are my hero.

Happy birthday crazy brother, have all the fun you can possibly get on this day, alright?

Happy birthday crazy brother, thank you for always being there when I need you the most.

Who would have known that I would idolize you so much, happy birthday crazy brother.

Sometimes you drive me crazy, but I promise I do love you! Happy Birthday my cute little bro. Life just wouldn’t be the same without you!

Happy birthday crazy brother, even now, just seeing you gets me all hyped up, really.

Maybe I haven’t told you till yet but every relative of mine thinks my mother has adopted you. This is absolutely crazy! Happy birthday my pal from different gal, and have a blasting day ahead!

Birthday Wishes for Irritating Brother

I still miss the funny and silly moments of our childhood. Hiding our report cards to faking fever, irritating our neighbor to hiding stuff from our fridge. Happy birthday to the brother who made my childhood worth remembering.

You irritate the hell out of me but I have to tolerate your annoyance because I don’t have any other little brother except you. May you grow up into an accountable person which seems an impossible thing to me. Happy birthday to my super annoying little brother!

I give you the award for the best naughtiest brother in the world. Your nonsense words and annoying behavior irritated me the most. Yet, I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most annoying person who keeps irritating me yet makes me happy. I love you brother and have a blast!

birthday wishes for irritating brother

Happy birthday to the most irritating yet most loving brother of this world. Don’t expect gifts and chocolates from my end. But you surely deserve my heartiest birthday wishes!

“Bro, I have loved to annoy you, worry you, disturb you, irritate the hell out of you and be the one you wished you could literally kill! I would never show you, but the truth is that the most fun times in my life have been the ones in which you were there. I love irritating you because I know you would always forgive me. I love you. A very Happy Birthday to you.

Happy birthday my first, only, and last sister! Without you, there is no one to irritate! 😀

Dear brother, when you were young, you got on my nerves a big time. Your silly arguments and nagging used to get me irritated a lot. As you grew older, you changed into a gentle, kind, content and disciplined young boy. I wish you become more successful in the future. Happy Birthday!

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