Birthday Wishes for Naughty Brother Who is Very Annoying

If your brother is very naughty and you are looking for naughty birthday wishes for him, then you are at the right place. Here we have collected one of the best birthday wishes for naughty brother. You can also share these birthday wishes with your annoying brother.

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Birthday Wishes for Naughty Brother

The best part of having a naughty brother like you is that I can blame you for almost everything I do! Happy birthday bro!

My sweet, cute, lovely, wonderful, and sometimes mischievous, naughty and evil younger brother. Many many happy returns or the day! Happy Birthday!

The number of years adding in your age doesn’t have any effect on your notorious nature. Happy Birthday naughty brother!

birthday wishes for naughty brother

I never thought I would miss you this much after all the troubles you gave me as a child. You were naughty, devil and mischievous. I terribly miss all the lovely and irritating moments we had. Happy Birthday, bro. I love you!

You have always fought with me growing up and made me cry every time. I cannot forget how naughty and annoying you were, but I would say I loved you then, and I love you now. Happy birthday, dear brother.

It is surprising how quickly you grew into a handsome man from being a naughty kid at home. Wishing you all the luck in the coming years. Happy birthday, dear brother.

Don’t keep counting the candles on the cake. And don’t check the wrinkles on your face. You will be tired. Enjoy the cake and the candies, because for me, you will always be the cute yet naughty brother. Happy birthday!

Today is the special day of your life. You are a year older. I hope you have not become too old to remember my naughty things and to keep the cake for me. Have an awesome birthday, my elder brother!

Hey, naughty bro, I still remember your pranks, I haven’t told anybody, how you used to hit me hard, but that was a part of growing up fun. Happy birthday, bro!

Happy birthday to my naughty little brother! Luckily you have a great elder sister like me to keep you in line!

Dear brother, as a little kid you would sometimes become a pain in the neck. You would always annoy me by playing those naughty pranks. I long for those lovely days gone by.

It isn’t easy being an elder brother. It is a tough task handling a naughty little brother; but you are doing a great job. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Fighting Brother

We may fight, but I love you with all of my heart. Happy birthday to you, my beloved brother.

We might fight and disagree but you are always my small brother. Happy Birthday, brother!

Do you remember climbing trees, eating ice creams, all our fights, and all of the fun we shared growing up together? So many special memories, and many more to come. Happy Birthday, brother!

Brothers and sisters are supposed to fight, but we’ve been lucky to be best friends. Happy birthday, Bestie.

birthday wishes for fighting brother

Lucky are those who have an elder or younger brother to fight, love, and share stuff. It is imperative that you should make your brother feel top of the world on his birthday by sending him heart touching birthday wishes for brother.

I never really saw the need of having a best friend because my brother was always there to listen to my rubbish talks, be there in my fights, and guided me in every walk of life. You are my number one hero, brother. I love you and happy birthday!

We have been arguing and fighting all these years. On this special day, I would say, don’t stop the tradition. Let’s keep fighting and then love each other. Happy birthday, brother.

Dear brother, remember how we used to fight for the remote or toys? You can play games and enjoy the TV today, as it’s your birthday. From tomorrow, it’s my turn again.

I want to thank and grateful to our parents for have to a little brother. You will be always my little brother. I love you as much as our fights with each other. Happy birthday bro.

When we grew up, it was awesome to fight, cry and argue all of the time. I wouldn’t change those moments for anything. I love you and happy birthday bro.

The days pass and we are left with the warm memories of our childhood as we would fight and bicker every time your birthday came around. This year, my present to you is silence and happiness.

You’ve always been here for me, I know we fuss and fight, But I love you with all my might. You are my big brother, And there is no other. Happy Birthday my dear brother!

Remember all those silly fights we had growing up? Haha, I’m laughing about them now, but seriously, did you steal my legos that one time? That was NOT COOL. Happy birthday!

Bro, you are my pride! You have been the ideal brother although we can never stop fighting. I always adore you. Happy birthday.

Despite our many misunderstandings and fights, you know that deep inside we love each other more than anything in this world. Happy birthday to you, my dearest brother.

We fight more than we hug but I know it’s just that brotherly tough love. Today is the one day a year I stop to say “I love you.”

Even when we argue and fight, I always love you. That’s how big my love for you is. Happy birthday, little brother!

birthday wishes for fighting brother

A special note for my brother: Every day will bring a new challenge no matter how small or great. Just remember that you have a warrior inside of you ready to fight and conquer every battle.

Maybe sometimes I am angry at you and we fight from time to time, but I am so happy to see you every day when I wake up.

Our bond is stronger that any argument and any fight we have been through. I am so happy that you are growing up. Hope I will be part of every journey you go through. Happy Birthday brother!

Despite all our silly fights and continuous arguments, you still are my favorite person in the world! Happy Birthday to my brother from his favorite sister!

Not even a single day goes where we don’t fight but I think that’s the secret of our healthy relationship. Happy birthday, brother!

Happy birthday to an amazing soul in you, from all the fights to late night talks we grew up bro. cheers to the unsaid bond we share and togetherness of standing beside each other, Enjoy your day!

A birthday wish is supposed to be nice but I am your sister so I wish more of fights and more of love. Happiest birthday brother!

I want to thank Mom and Dad for giving me a loving brother like you. I love you no matter how much we fight with each other. Happy Birthday Bro

Crazy Birthday Wishes for Brother

Happy birthday to my crazy, insane bro! Have a happy and mad day

Happy birthday bro. We were pretty crazy when we were young and I still look back on those times and think how much fun it was. Thanks for all the laughs

You may be crazy but you’re still my brother. Have a wicked birthday and enjoy all the fun of today

What gift do you get for someone as wild as you? A brother just as crazy – me. Enjoy your birthday

To my crazy brother – your getting a bit older now. Maybe it’s time to slow down and take it easy? Yeah, that’s not going to happen, is it? Have a wicked birthday bro!

We’re going to celebrate your birthday in style bro! Let’s go crazy and enjoy yourselves as much as we can! Party!

crazy birthday wishes for brother

Here’s to a birthday that’s as crazy as you my brother. If it’s any way near as mad it’ll be the most outrageous birthday the worlds ever seen!

I wonder if I’ve set a bad example for you over the years as you’ve turned out just as crazy as I am! Oh well, we’ll make your birthday extra fun! Happy birthday baby bro

You’re not just my mad little brother but also my crazy friend. Have a great bday

Shall we have a more relaxing birthday for you this year? Take it easy? Didn’t think so! Happy mad and crazy birthday brother

We may drive each other crazy sometimes, but the love I have for my little brother is unlike anything else. Happy birthday!

An elder brother is bound to get headache after headache when the younger brother is crazy, spontaneous, and audacious like you. On your special day, may God endows you conscience to differentiate between good and bad. Happy birthday to my little champion!

Having such a greatly crazy brother, is for me, the most amazing blessing of my life. You always paint a bright smile in my face. And on your birthday, let me be your birthday gift and keep you more joyful.

Bro, I’m hoping your birthday to be as crazy as you. I mean another day-long trip under the heat of the sun. May we could delight more crazy years of fun together. Happy birthday.

Wishing my crazy bro to have the most spectacular and joyful birthday celebration this year. And also more fun, humor, insanity and blessings that will come along on the following years.

A bro, have the most epic birthday this year. You’re already getting old and older I am; but we’re too young to never make some fun. So, we’ll always get to be as crazy as we can be.

Birthday Wishes for Annoying Brother

Happy birthday to the most annoying, lovable and amazing kid brother I can ever have.

In life, “you have to appreciate the little things”, so on this day I appreciate you, my little bro, even though you’re usually so annoying! Hope you have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little brother! Mom said it would happen one day and she was right – you’re hardly annoying at all anymore!

You always were my annoying younger brother, and I’m pleased to say that you still are my annoying little bro!

birthday wishes for annoying brother

Happy birthday, bro!
Like lots of little brothers, you were
naughty, mischievous, cheeky, and
sometimes annoying growing up,
and I’m so glad to see that nothing
has changed since then!
May you never change, my dear
younger brother!

I know we can’t select the family,That reminds me that I have to love youAnd the reason Why I am struck to you.Happy birthday to the most annoying person.

In a world full of annoying brothers, you are my pumpkin Lumpkin, honey-bunny. Happy birthday to my teddy bear like brother!

Happy birthday my dearest brother, I hope that one day you will finally stop annoying me!

Happy birthday to the most annoying little brother in the world! I wonder what I did in my past life to deserve such a monkey for a sibling in this life. Don’t worry, we still love you.

Happy Birthday Lil’ Brother! You’re hardly annoying at all anymore. Love from your awesome sister.

Happy birthday to my little brother. You may be crazy and annoying but I wouldn’t swap you for anything.. well, maybe a Ferrari.. or Scarlett Johansson.. ok, let’s just say you’re a decent brother and leave it at that

Happy birthday to someone who is sweet, cute, kind, caring, but a little bit annoying!

You drive me so crazy with your annoying behavior. Still, I cannot stop myself from loving you. Thanks for being so happy. Happy birthday little champ.

Happy Birthday, my annoying brother! Sharing the same room with you wasn’t the best experience, but the memories we made in it are actually the best.

I have lost count of the number of times you have gotten me out of trouble. I know I am so annoying, just like you are, but I am blessed since I can always depend on you. Happy birthday, bro.

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