Best Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Sister always has a special bond among brothers that no one can break at all. Wishing you a very happy birthday to my little sister!

Dear sister, I have known you since you were a child; you are such an amazing sister. Thank God for having you as my little sister. May you have a lovely Happy Birthday!

Wardrobes cannot get any trendier, a school cannot get any nicer, and breakups cannot get any easier- when a brother has a cool younger sister like you.

Thanks for being the greatest inspiration to me. You are the small little package of a valuable gift but the most precious person in my life. Happy birthday little sister.

Dear Sister, I can’t find the right words to express myself, you are the most important person in my life. I wish you a Happy Birthday little sister!

happy birthday little sister

Hey, lovely, younger sis, your presence in my life has made it more gorgeous. I hope you know it already. Many happy birthdays to my adorable sister!

Dear little sister, I am so blessed to share some of the precious moments of my life with you. You are really an amazing and best little sister. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear little sister! To have a sister like you is to gain a lifetime companion, who loves selflessly.

My dear sister, celebrate your birthday with a heart filled with happiness and love. I wish you a happy birthday on this special day.

It is so great to have you like my pretty little sister. I would like to share each and every single moment with you. Happy Birthday, sissy!

You are always in my mind; you are all I care about. Hope you have a happy birthday sister.

Hey, my wonderful sister, you are the only one in this entire world that I couldn’t find another great sister like you anywhere. Happy Birthday my sweet sister!

We have come a long way together, I have seen you grow and become who you are today. I am proud of having you as a sister. Happy birthday Sis!

happy birthday little sister

Wishing you the best of best birthday! You are so special in my life, not only for being my cute and lovely sister but also for being one of my best friends. Love you lots.

Today my lovely sister became wiser, more experienced, and pretty. I wish you always see kindness and beauty everywhere. Happy Birthday, my loving sissy!

A very congratulation on being a year cuter, wiser, and mature. The best Happy Birthday ever!

Hey, Sis, you are living in my warm heart. I love you loads and it will remain forever. Happy Birthday!

May this day be as special as you, May it be filled with happiness and good memories. Happy birthday Sis!

To the most beautiful sister in the world, May you have a wonderful Happy Birthday little sister!

To my dearest sister, May your day be memorable as you celebrate this special day. Happy birthday my dear.

Dear sister, I can’t forget the day you were born, you brought happiness into our lives. I wish you a happy birthday.

Friends may come and go, but the family is always there for you. I am glad you are always there for me. Happy Birthday to my young, Sister!

happy birthday little sister

Thank you for being a loving sister to me, you are such a darling. Happy birthday sister

You are like a shining star in our family. Wishing you a happy birthday little sister!

You are like a garden of roses; you make everything around you colorful. Happy birthday, baby sister!

I can’t imagine how our family would be without a younger sister. Happy birthday to my kid sister!

Birthday Wishes for Small Sister

Maybe you are growing up older every year, but to me you’ll always remain as my little loving sister. Have a Happy Birthday.

My crazy, loving, caring and fun little sister, life without you would have been a crazy twister. Happy birthday.

birthday wishes for small sister

Happy birthday to the most charming girl in the world. You will always be my most cherished treasure. Happy Birthday once again!

It’s always fun to fight with you because you are a good companion. Thanks for being my little sis!

I still remember those pillow fights that we had as kids and also how we played in the park. Such beautiful times, they passed too soon. Wishing you a very happy birthday; have a fun-filled day!

You’re such a gorgeous, kind, thoughtful, funny, fabulous person and I’m so proud of the woman you’re growing up to be. I hope you have a fantastic birthday my dear little sister!

OMG, how did my little sister become so grown up?! I’m sorry to say it, but no matter how old you are, you’ll always be a cute little munchkin in my eyes! I hope you have a brilliant day and year!

My wonderful little sister, you really are the most precious gift that God has given me! I hope you have a very happy birthday and that you have lots of fun today!

Happy birthday to my sweet little sister! May your day be full of fun, laughter, and cake!

Wait! You’re how old!? Excuse me, I need to go see a therapist. You just reminded me how old I am. Happy Birthday little Sister!

birthday wishes for small sister

Sometimes you drive me crazy, but I promise I do love you! Happy birthday my cute little sis. Life just wouldn’t be the same without you!

Happy birthday sis! I want you to know that no matter what happens in life, I’m always there for you. That is what big sisters are for! But I truly hope that your life is mostly full of fun, laughter, and good times!

I always dreamed of someone elder to me but having a younger one always works in the favor. I love you my sister, happy birthday!

To my younger sister but partially trying to be mom, you will always be my favorite past time. Happy birthday sissy, I love you!

You are the most spoilt kid as all your demands have been fulfilled and certainly it will always be that way. Happy birthday baby boo!

Dear sister, at times you can really be irritating, but then, you are my best friend and sometimes a mentor also. Happy birthday and enjoy your day!

Teenage life is the bet phase of our lives. So, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday; welcome to the teenage club age!

You have a purest soul and form of love; I am blessed to have a sister like you. May you always fly with you wings wide open, wishing you a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most beautiful sister and also a good friend. You have always been there whenever I need you, thank you darling!

To all good deeds you keep doing for other, may you keep on doing this always and benefit everyone. Happy birthday sister!

birthday wishes for small sister

When you will wake up, I will not be there. So, this is the message for you! Happy Birthday my sweet sister!

Sending the best wishes and lots of love to my sweet sister on her another new birthday!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

I am so happy and joyful for your birthday because I know you will always be older than me. Happy birthday from your younger sister!

I may be the older sister, but I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you for being an incredible younger sister. Happy birthday!

heart touching birthday wishes for little sister

May your birthday bring a year filled with hope, excitement, happiness, and promises for a great future. Sending you a warm, fuzzy hug. Happy birthday, sis.

Wishing you a bigger and better year full of cherishable memories, great opportunities, and success. Happy birthday, sis.

You are like my favorite box of chocolate—sweet, soft, , and brightens up my mood when I am down. Happy birthday to the coolest sister.

Thank you for bringing so much joy and love into my life. I wish you the best on this special day. Happy birthday, sis.

You have been my role model since our childhood. Thank you for making growing up fun and exciting. Wish you a very happy birthday.

You were my best friend during childhood and still are. I am blessed to have you as my wonderful sister. Happy birthday to my best friend.

I am glad to have you as my sister. You are a remarkable person, dependable, and loveable. Sending my best wishes your way on your birthday.

May you have a fulfilling year with joyful and memorable experiences. I would have no one else as my sister. Happy birthday. Love you.

We were siblings first because of our parents, but with your loving and caring nature, we became friends. Have a wonderful day, sis.

You are unique, like a snowflake. It is incredible to have a sister as smart, fun, caring, and bubbly as you. Wish you a wonderful year ahead.

Sis, you are a star who dazzles with kindness, love, and generosity. You are one of a kind who has brought so much light into our family. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my partner in crime. I am glad that in this getting older thing, we are together. Wish you a very happy birthday, Sister.

heart touching birthday wishes for little sister

Happy birthday to the most stylish head turner I know. You will always be my role model. Have a wonderful day, sis.

Thank you for being the Elsa to my Anna. You are the best sister that I could ask for. Wish you a fantastic year.

You are everything I wish I could be—strong, courageous, dependable, and a beautiful soul. Here is to bigger and better years ahead. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my adorable sis. The world is a better place when you are around. Thank you for showering me with your love and care.

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