Best Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

If you are looking for birthday wishes for your younger sister, then you are at the right place. Here we have collected one of the best birthday wishes for little sister. We have also collected heart touching birthday wishes for small sister. You can also share these birthday wishes on social media or WhatsApp.

We have also collected birthday wishes images for the younger sister from the elder sister; take a look below for more messages.

Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

Happy birthday, dear little Sis! May God bless you and all your wishes and dreams come true! Many happy returns of the day!

birthday wishes for little sister

To a perfect age, you are turning too. Old enough to alter your mistakes and young enough to make some more. Happy birthday, girl!

It doesn’t matter how old you get; you will always be my little sister. Sending you my immense love and warm hugs on your birthday. Happy birthday.

Never a boring moment with you in the house, thanks for being our little fun, who brings laughter into our lives! May your birthday be full of joy and happiness, our little chunk!

Watching you grow up to be a beautiful young lady is the experience of a lifetime. Wishing you all the best on this special day!

On your birthday, I just wanted to share with you just how much you mean to me. If anybody ever breaks my little sister’s heart, I’ll kill them. Sincerely, elder brother.

Happy birthday my little sister. May your day be full of sunshine, rainbows, laughter, and fun! Stay blessed and smiling as always.

Dear, little sister. Though we fight like cat and mouse over little things, I will always give mine to you in the end. Because you are my heart. Happy Birthday sweetie.

Since the day you came to our life, I got a friend, companion, and a partner in crimes. Love you, sister. Happy Birthday Younger Sister!

birthday wishes for little sister

May you have all the good things in your way. I pray that God always keeps you happy and surrounded by loving souls. Happy Birthday!

I want to wish you a day full of joys, laughter, and enjoyment. May you have many more Birthdays!!!

You may be my little sister; it doesn’t mean you will fall short of my love. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday my sweet little sister.

You are one of the best gifts God sent to us. May you are blessed with health and happiness. Have a blissful happy birthday.

Some people are so nice that the earth feels blessed to have them in it. You are one of them, little sister. Happy birthday to you!

No matter how much older you become, You will always be younger than me. Take care of yourself. Sending you lots of Love on your Birthday!

Happy birthday to my amazing little sister! Remember that no matter how much you grow up, you will always be my baby girl!

Happy birthday my favorite sister! Unfortunately, you are my only sister, or I would have had an option to pick my favorite. I love you anyway!

Happy birthday, you punk! One friendly reminder: you will always be my baby sister, and I will always have your back! Mind that!

Happy Birthday to my prettiest, sweetest, loveliest, cutest, youngest Sister…..I want to see you more comfortable and healthier.

You brought immeasurable joy to our life. You are simply the best kind of sister I could ever wish for. Happy birthday!

Many friends come and go from my life but Sisters stay forever that is why I want to say Happy Birthday my Sister and Best Friend!

I wish that I could always give you what you want. I wish that you become a successful independent girl. Happy birthday dear sister!

birthday wishes for little sister

It is true love of you for me my sister that you have sacrificed a lot for me. I can’t forget it. You are always my favorite. I love you and happy birthday to you.

Thank you for being my greatest cheerleader and my ever fiercest shopping partner. Happy birthday, baby sis!

You know sister, you are most beautiful and lovely girl. May God always protect you and me also. Wishing you all the life and birthday wishes!

Dearest sister, happy birthday. You have demanded nothing from me, and yet I have prayed everything for me. I wish you get all in life.

You are innocently pretty my lovely cute sister. Wishing you happiest birthday. May you reign wherever you go. Wishing you all the life and happy birthday!

I always support you my younger sister whatever you want to do in life. Wherever you need me, I always be there for you. Wishing you happy birthday!

May you have strength my loveliest sister in your bones and blood. May you power and determination. All the best and happy birthday!

I don’t need to look far. I already have my sister and best friend rolled in one! Best bday, little sis!

I am so lucky to have a little sister who I can rely on during the times when I can’t stand strong no more. I love you to the moon and back, little sis! Best birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

We have shared a lot since childhood; they are great moments to remember. Happy to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday my sweet sister.

Sisters share clothes, food, room, and secrets. I love sharing my stuff with you. You are more than a sister to me. Happy Birthday to my sweet little sister!

You are my younger sister but you inspire me a lot. May this day make your dreams come true. Happy birthday, sister.

birthday wishes for younger sister

Birthdays call for celebrations!!! Love to celebrate your Birthday. Let’s have a blast on your Birthday. Sending you all my Love, Happy Birthday!

Growing up with you is fun and exciting. And it still is. You are younger to me but you always have behaved eldest. Happy birthday sister!

I am blessed to have a sister like you, may you have a wonderful day on your birthday. Warm birthday wishes for a perfect sister. Happy birthday my beautiful sister.

Life never gonna be same again. But with you it is always pretty liar younger sister! Wishing you love and happy birthday!

We can choose our friends but we cannot choose our family. I am lucky to have you as a family and friend. Happy birthday young sister.

Don’t eat all the jam sister! You remember when you ate all. So many hugs from me, love and happy birthday!

I am happy to watch you grow; you bring happiness to my life. Happy birthday young sister.

I wish you may marry a good and rich man provided I could take his all money! Don’t mind. Wishing you happy birthday!

You wanted to have my all toys. Today I give you all. Take it whatever you want to. Wishing you happy birthday!

Your friends may forget to wish you a happy birthday, but I will always be for you. I will not forget your special day. Happy birthday dear sister!

birthday wishes for younger sister

May no harm come to you. May you be forever be happy and smiling. Happy birthday and lots of love to you.

All the gifts of life may God pour on you. You forever remain healthy and wealthy. Wishes, prayers and happiest birthday!

May the almighty bless you on this special day in your life and the years to come; Wish you a happy birthday my dear sister.

What is right and best in your life may always come. May you never feel sadness and despair. Loveliest happy birthday sister!

I am blessed to have you as a sister. Happy birthday on this special day. Best wishes dear sister.

Our childhood memories are kept alive by you. How beautiful and memorable. Happy birthday dear sister!

I am glad to have a great sister like you. May this day bring you lots of blessings, Happy Birthday Little Sister!

As the years pass by, I have seen you grow; you have always made me smile. I can’t forget the day you were born, Happy birthday young Sis.

May this day bring you lots of happiness, and may it continue for a lifetime. Happy birthday to little sister.

birthday wishes for younger sister

Thank you for always watching for me, you are always there when I need you. May this day bring you lots of blessings! Happy Birthday Sis

Today is the day to celebrate the special day in your life, no matter the many fights you are still my sister, happy birthday Sis!

May God continue to bless you all the days of your life as you celebrate this special day in your life; happy birthday sister.

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