Birthday Wishes for Late Father

Birthday Wishes for Father Who Is No More

Happy birthday, Dad in heaven. Only the best for my Dad and all the best is in heaven. I know that love is eternal, so I will never stop celebrating the special days with the people I love. You will always be part of my life, Dad.

Happy birthday, Dad. Do you still celebrate with magnificent grand parties in heaven, Dad? Can I please make a toast even though I am on the other side? “Here’s to my Dad, an amazing father, and an incredibly great friend! Here’s to the man who left an abundance of love behind – love that will last into many generations ahead of him. Happy birthday to my Dad!”

Happy Birthday, Dad. Not a single day goes by without me thinking about you. I miss you more than words could ever hope to express. I am especially thinking of you today, on your birthday. I know that you are smiling down at me and enjoying yourself. I will always love you.

Happy birthday, my Dad in heaven. In heaven, all good things are possible. The impossible does not exist. So, I am completely sure you will receive this message. With all my love.

birthday wishes for father who is no more

Happy Birthday, my Dad in heaven. We remember you, Dad. On every birthday of yours, we still celebrate the legendary life you’ve lived and the remarkable gifts you’ve left for us in our hearts. You live forever in our hearts.

Happy Birthday, my earthly father now in heaven. Now that you are one with the All, I don’t know if you still celebrate birthdays. But I am still human, Dad, and I will continue to miss you on every birthday, every Sunday, and every single moment of my human life. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, to my amazing and wonderful Dad who is now in heaven. I have so many questions for you, but today I just want to whisper happy birthday softly in your ear and kiss you on your cheek. Can you feel it? I love you eternally.

Happy birthday, to my Dad in heaven. You were our rock on earth and took on so much responsibility for others. But now you are in heaven where I hope you have found rest. Thank you for making me who I am, Dad. Rest in peace. Happy heavenly birthday.

Happy birthday, to my loving Dad in heaven. Enjoy the peace that only comes in heaven. I remember your struggles with this earthly place – and what this world put you through. And I think about how brave and strong you were to endure it all, and I know that I too have to carry on. Peace has found you, and one day I will join you. May the divine peace heal all that the world did to you. You are my hero, Dad.

Happy heavenly birthday, to my loving Dad. To always see the bigger picture by valuing life more than material things – that’s what I think of when I think of you. I hope you are celebrating with the angels today.

When I think of you I always smile, because I know that’s what you would want. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

Whether it is an empty spot in a chair, right next to moms, or that eerily silent garage on a Sunday morning, you are surely missed in every way, dad. I love you; Happy Birthday in Heaven!

Wishing a very happy birthday in heaven to the world’s greatest dad. Every day, I try to see the world as you taught me, seeing God in myself and in those around me. This simple thing has given me so much joy, and is your lasting gift to me. On your birthday, I wish I could give you a gift, but it makes me happy to know you are now beyond the need or want for anything this earth can offer. Congratulations, dad, you have won the eternal prize.

Wishing my dad a very happy birthday in heaven. The integrity, strength and grit you instilled in me will be with me forever, and each day I strive to be someone you are proud of.

Wishing the warmest happy birthday in heaven to my handsome, kind, caring dad. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Birthday Message for a Lost Father

Have a bright birthday, dad. I would have lost my way without you. You helped me rise to where I am today, and for that I can never thank you enough.

Heaven is the only place good people like you find themselves. As you celebrate today, I believe every soul in heaven is wishing you a great day.

Heaven is where you experience real life, isn’t it? On this day, your birthday, I especially remember how very important you are to me. I will love you always. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

How blessed I was to be given a father who loved and cared for me from day one. Happy birthday in heaven. I miss you and love you so much.

How sweet it must be to celebrate your birthday in the heavenly realm. I am thinking of everything about you, and I wish I was there! Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

birthday message for a lost father

How you made all of us laugh when we ate dinner together is something I would forever miss. You made being around you unforgettable moments. Have a memorable day.

I am forever grateful for the years we’ve been given together. I am thinking of you today and celebrating all the memories that I cherish in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

I am grateful to have had such a caring and loving Dad, and I find it remarkable that I can still feel your loving guidance even when you are in heaven. You have become a wise and caring voice inside my mind! Happy birthday, to a blessed man whom I will treasure in my heart and mind forever.

I am joyful today, knowing that your seeking is over and that you have found peace in your final resting place. I follow in your footsteps and seek the peace that this world cannot give, but I have complete faith that I will find it one day in the place where you are. Happy birthday, my Dad.

I couldn’t have had a better father. Thank you, Dad, for being there for me. I remember you today with especially fond memories. I love you very much. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

Wonderful Birthday in Heaven, Daddy! The angels should celebrate… it’s your Birthday!

Yes, I’ve lost the most amazing man in my life but the good thing is, I will forever have those beautiful memories of him with me. A super birthday to you wherever you are!

You always did have the best birthday parties, and now you are having your birthday at the best venue in the universe. A party in heaven – there is no better place than that. Here’s to you, Dad, the man who was always the life of the party. I can’t wait to see you again.

You are my motivation. You are the reason I strive every day to make it to heaven someday so I could see you again. I know you are surely up there enjoying every bit of this special day.

You struggled and worked hard in this life to see me succeed. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the hereafter in heaven. I hope you can see that I have succeeded – I still want to make you proud, Dad. Love you. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

Birthday Wishes for Papa in Heaven

I couldn’t have wished for a better father. You were all that a son needed in a father. Thank you for being there for me. Enjoy every moment as you celebrate your birthday.

I don’t know if you remember birthdays, but I just want you to know that you are special to me even though you are not here anymore. You are remembered in a special way, beyond ideas of time, or space, but in a place of the heart that has something in common with the reality of heaven. I love you. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

I feel a part of me has been missing since you left. I know one day I shall see you in heaven when the time is right. May this big day be a memorable one.

I hardly get angry at people because you taught me a lot about forgiveness and all other great virtues I proudly have today. You really made me a better person. Have a thrill-filled birthday.

I know that you are in heaven. You came from there, and so you returned you there. That I could have you for some time, remains my greatest blessing. I love and treasure all that you have given me in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

I know the angels are singing sweet songs for you as you celebrate this great day. I wish we could also hear the joyous melodies they are singing.

I know you are in heaven, where angels belong. You were always an angel to me, but I never thought the day would come when I wouldn’t be able to see you on your birthday. Please hear my message, and please send me yours. I need you still. Happy birthday.

I know you left us because you had to do greater things somewhere else. I wish you all the best with your new assignments but don’t forget to take a break and celebrate this big day just as we are doing here.

I miss you so much, Dad. On your birthday, I want you to know that I will always cherish the good times we shared together. I know that I will feel complete once again, when I meet you in heaven. Until then, happy birthday, Dad. My love for you is truly never-ending.

I miss you so much, daddy. Whenever it is your birthday, I remember all the good times we had and I wish they never came to an end. I will forever cherish those memories.

birthday wishes for papa in heaven

I rejoice in the memories of such a wonderful father and celebrate the man you were. Happy birthday in heaven. I love you very much.

I sometimes wish you were here to give me directions and advice as you always did. I have lost a great gift but I know it shall be well. Enjoy every second of the day.

I thank the angels of heaven for being with you, Dad. In heaven, there must be no loneliness, no pain, no heartache, and no separation. I long to be where you are. For as you know, Dad, this world is a difficult school of lessons, but you taught me well, and I continue to try. I love you, my Dad, and my teacher. Happy birthday.

I was so blessed to be given a loving, caring, wonderful dad. Even though you’re not here anymore, your memory shapes who I am every day. Happy birthday in heaven.

I will never forget how great a father you were, not only to us but to the society as a whole. Celebrating this big day in your honor is the least we can do to appreciate who you’ve been to us.

Birthday Wishes for Departed Father

It is often hard for me to have a bright day when the sunlight in my life has been taken away by death. You have been a great father to me and for that reason I celebrate you on this special day.

Loving Dad in heaven, happy birthday. I have the sweetest memories of you. Your presence is always with me, and even now I can feel the warmth of your love.

May God bless your loving soul forever. I want to touch your face, and I want to hold your hand, but somehow I know that you have never been quite as near to me as you are right now. I feel you everywhere today, and I know you hear me! Happy birthday, Dad.

My amazing Dad, happy heavenly birthday. I’m grateful to know you are in heaven, but I find earth a little hard to handle without you! Ask those beautiful angels to send me the strength to go on. You’ve always known how to make things better! I miss you, and I still need you. Have a blessed heavenly birthday, Dad.

My loving Dad in heaven, happy birthday. There is no better place to be than in heaven with the almighty Father. May your party be felt across the universe, and may you continue to spread love as you did here on earth. I love and miss you so much!

My phenomenal Dad in heaven, happy birthday. In my eyes, this world was never good enough for one as loving as you. But heaven must be spectacular, so now you have the best.

No amount of words I employ can bring you back to me. But I hope the little I say will make you happy in heaven. I love you and hope to meet you again soon. Happy birthday!

birthday wishes for departed father

Oh, Daddy wherever you are, I hope you are feeling my love for you today on your birthday, and I hope you are far closer to me than it seems. Will the time fly, and will I be in the same place one day too? I love you always, and I want to fly to you! Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

On earth you had earthly perfection. Now you have heavenly perfection. I want you here, but you are an angel, and angels belong in a better world. Happy birthday, Dad.

Our hearts still sit in pain and our eyes always shed secret tears. We simply can’t understand how you left us. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you endless happiness and peace in your new abode in heaven.

Birthday Wishes for Dad Who Is in Heaven

People say that things happen for the best. But the painful memories of your death will never be put to rest. I miss you dad, best bday in Heaven.

Right from the time you have held me in your arms, up until the day you have sent me off to school, I am keeping today all the beautiful memories we shared that made me become the person I am today. Happy bday in heaven; I miss you.

Sending my warmest wishes to you, Dad, on your birthday. Heaven gained another angel the day that you left us. You will forever be remembered and loved by all who knew you. I will celebrate your memory today.

Since you left us, I have always had the feeling that a part of me is missing. I know someday I will feel whole again when I meet you in heaven. Till then, celebrate this day with joy.

So thankful God blessed me with a wonderful dad. Even though our time together couldn’t last forever, I’ll carry you in my heart forever. Happy birthday in heaven.

birthday wishes for dad who is in heaven

Someday, when I see you again, I’ll give you the biggest hug and tell you how much I’ve missed you. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

Talking to your gravestone while hugging your photographs is just so hard. These are just some of the things that I do to convince myself that you’re still here. I love you, daddy; Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all you have done for me. It is my greatest treasure to know that you are in a place of absolute peace, beauty and agape love. I love you forever! I wish you the best birthday ever, Dad!

Thank you for always loving me and having such patience, Dad. Even though you’re no longer here, your lessons carry me through each and every day. Happy birthday in heaven.

Thank you for being my earthly father and for preparing me so well for the journey of life on earth. I only hope that when the day comes you will be the one to prepare me for the next part of life, in heaven! I wish you a heavenly celebration today, Dad, with all my love. Happy birthday.

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