Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy birthday beautiful soul, in you I see me and I love you all the more for it. In this your new age, I wish for you to continue to be brave, find the courage inside of you to know that nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to try. I choose to do life with you over and again, to support and stand by you always.

Happy birthday, my love, you are a rare gem. The unexpected touch of love that embraced my soul. On this day, I plant seeds of happiness, love and peace into your beautiful life. May the fruitful returns see you through this year and always, amen.

Happy birthday, queen, you are one of the reasons my life is filled with so much joy. I hope I get to make you as happy as you deserve to be too. I wish you a year filled with amazing success stories and the spark in your heart to achieve all your dreams. Do have a fruitful new year and a beautiful birthday celebration.

Here I am wishing the love of my life a very beautiful birthday celebration. I pray this new age is full of beautiful surprises, victories and excellent news. I will forever touch your heart with love. The pressures of this world won’t hurt you but mould you into the beautiful diamond that you are. Have an amazing birthday my love.

I don’t need any light in my room dear, your love lights up and brightens the entire place; and I realize it’s even dazzling as I woke up with you on my mind this special day. Have a Fulfilled Birthday now and always.

It’s that special day of the year I celebrate the love of my life. You are my heart’s delight. I pray the heavens guide you in this new age. Don’t forget how exceptional and awesome you are. I pray you excel each day and live your life to the greatest service of God and humanity. Happy birthday my love.

My love, you are so full of beautiful emotions. It’s your birthday so be happy and cast your worries to the wind. Breathe and feel alive, be thankful. I will watch you grow and glow in this beautiful new age. Go out and win because you deserve all the best. Happy birthday, sunshine.

Sweetest, happy birthday to you. You are magic to my world, bringing only but the best, thank you. I pray that extraordinary and uncommon favours will come to your path in this new age. Give your best to the world. There are many gifts coming your way today and always.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude and undying love for you with this special birthday wish. You have given me enormous happiness and, today, I wish to celebrate an outstanding girlfriend. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

I hope your birthday is filled with endless happiness and fun. I know we are far today, but I celebrate you in my heart and think about you all day. Happy birthday, beautiful!

I never thought I would be capable of loving anyone as much as I love you. It breaks my heart that I am not with you to celebrate your fabulous day. Happy birthday, my precious.

I owe you my life. Thank you for filling it with love, happiness, and compassion. I treasure every special moment that I spend with you, and I wish we were not so far apart on your special day, my sweet love.

I think I am the luckiest person alive to know and treasure a person like you. I see you, my love, and somehow, it all just seems so perfect. Happy birthday to the purest soul I know.

I will choose your love over gold, your brightening smiles over silver, and your dazzling look over the most precious jewel. Lots of Love on Your Birthday.

On your birthday, I want to express my gratitude that you entered this life and crossed paths with me. You are the best thing to happen in my life and I want to never let go.

Our love is like a sea and an endless sky. Love is all that we need. Love is a stream that flows from heaven, and a kiss is the lane that connects two hearts. For me love is all that you are.

Short Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Blow out your candles and make a wish. Then, turn around and greet my lips with a kiss.

Congratulations, on your special day! May every wish and every desire of your heart be fulfilled.

Every day I spend with you is filled with romance and passion. I will love you forever and make this a night to remember.

Happy birthday to my sweetheart! Whenever I see you my heartbeats stop and make my life fantastic. I love you so much!

Have the happiest and full of memories birthday! My love, thanks for being born and being there for me in every bad and good condition.

I love everything about you. Happy birthday, darling!

Our marriage is a gift to me, my love — a gift that I will treasure forever. Thank you for coming into my life, dear wife. Happy birthday.

Sweetheart, I have just one wish on this special occasion – that the day I will wake up without you by my side will never come. Happy Birthday to My Special Girl.

short birthday wishes for girlfriend

Thanks a million for all the beautiful moments you brought into my life. Happy birthday, darling! All the best for the future!

That flawless smile on your face reassuring me of your love is the only thing I ask for as you celebrate another birthday today.

There is no gift or words that could truly express my love for you. I have a thousand kisses to offer, but that would not be enough. As long as I put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart, then my dreams have been attained.

There is nothing that can stop me from thinking about you on your birthday, not even a thousand miles. You are constantly on my mind. I wish you a splendid life, my love.

Today, I am extremely happy that you are celebrating yet another birthday with me. May God bless you with everything. Have an awesome year!

You are always thinking of me first and placing others’ needs before your own. On this day and every day, I vow to return your generosity with my undying loyalty.

You are my support and my strength. I wish you a lot of love and happiness into your life. Happy birthday!

You are the most beautiful and unique person I have ever met. Thanks for coming into my life. Happy Birthday, baby!

You are the only one who completes and rule my life with confidence. Have a blessed birthday to the amazing queen of my heart!

You fill my heart with the happiest and brightest thoughts. You have graced my life with so much positivity and cheer. Have a blessed birthday, sunshine.

You have been a wonderful friend and the sweetest girlfriend a man can ask for. Your love and kindness bring out the best in me and make me a better person. Love you, my dear, now and forever.

You have the purest heart of gold. No one is more deserving of the best that life has to offer than you.

Special Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Even the brightest diamond doesn’t sparkle as bright as the light in your eyes on tonight.

From my heart to yours, I love you more today than I did yesterday. I hope each passing year will bring more joy and laughter in your life. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.

Happy Birthday to my better half. You complete me in ways that I could have never imagined. Loving you has truly been the greatest adventure of a lifetime.

special birthday wishes for girlfriend

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world. You grow up gracefully and get more beautiful over time.

Hold onto this love note forever more. Never forget these kind words. For they come from a sincere place, from my heart to yours.

I love you more each day. With each passing year spent with you, you shine brighter than ever before.

I wish to bring you as much joy on today as you bring me every day. Happy Birthday to you!

I’m so glad to have you in my life. You are the reason I live. You are worth every moment I waited to find true love. Happy Birthday, my love.

Make a birthday wish, my dear. I hope every dream of yours come true.

My heart cannot contain the love I feel for you and the joy I get from your smile. Happy Birthday, with all my love.

Of all the places you could be and all the faces you could see, you chose to spend your birthday with me. Thank you for sharing your special day.

The sweetest birthday wishes I give to you. In return, give me your love forever.

There are moments in life that you will never forget. Every moment I’m with you, I will never forget. Wishing you a birthday full of love and tender memories.

There is no better time to wish you all the happiness in the world than on your birthday. I wish you all the joy on this special day and on every day.

To the birthday girl: Never have I been more grateful to share these precious moments with you. The day you walked into my life is the day my heart found true joy.

Today is all about you. I gladly give my time and my whole heart to the one I love.

With a single kiss, you have the power to take my breath away. Have a beautiful birthday!

With each passing year, never change who you are. You are the love of my life, yesterday, today and forever.

Your birthday is a very special day, but let’s celebrate every day and live our lives cherishing every single moment.

Your birthday provokes an extra-thankful heart as I ponder on the great happiness you’ve brought to my life since I met you. Have a Fun Filled Birthday.

Hot Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

After all the years of togetherness, your birthday is a reminder to be thankful for all the days spent with you. Happy and blessed birthday to you babe.

All I wish you on this birthday is that may happiness be your constant companion and never leave you. Happy Birthday darling!

Birthday is a promise of one more great year in life, so darling makes the most of it. Happiest Birthday to you!

Happy birthday to the girl whose heart is big enough to accommodate all my daily tantrums. I will be yours forever.

Happy Birthday! Let’s dance in each other’s arms and celebrate the day you entered this world.

Happy birthday, girl. May your day be filled with fun, joyous moments and true love. You will always find me beside you.

I do not know what to gift you on this day but I do know that you are a gift to me. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

I have never been this happy in my life until you came in it and made it a better place to live in. Happy b’day, girlfriend.

I know I don’t say this enough, but you are truly appreciated and loved not just on your birthday, but every day.

I only have eyes for you, my dear. Your beauty is radiant and lights up the night. Happy Birthday to you, let our love shine bright.

I wish to shower you with warm wishes and birthday kisses. It’s a special day for a special lady.

I’m glad we made it to another year to celebrate your birthday together. Hand in hand, heart to heart, may our story be happy and never ending.

hot birthday wishes for girlfriend

Love got meaningful the day you walked into my life. Happy birthday my lovely partner.

My life was a mess until you walked into it and turned it into a beautiful place to live in. HBD, love.

My would-be wife. You’re an amazing woman and truly the inspiration in my life.

On this special day of yours, I promise to stand with you darkness and sunshine, in pain and gain and every second of my life. Happy Birthday darling!

On your birthday, I give you this promise to love and cherish you forever. I will always honor and respect you for as long I live. May our friendship grow stronger and last a lifetime.

The day you entered this world, you left a mark to remember, an original handprint. Well, you’ve left fingerprints all over my heart and I am changed forever.

With every passing year and birthday, I wish for you remains same, to fill your life with infinite peace and happiness. Happy Birthday and everyday babe!

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