Birthday Wishes for Friends Son

When I first see his face when he was born, he looked so adoring and he still looks now. I love him so dearly and wish him all enjoying life. Lots of wishes to your son on his birthday!

Whenever he falls, he always rises. May he have this quality of God. Your son is good and have godly aura. Happy birthday to him!

Wising him great on his 6th birthday. May he live long. Happy birthday to your son my friend!

You are a dear friend. I wish you a loyal son. But, I wish he does what he likes! Ha…Ha… Happy birthday to your son!

You deserve the best because you are an amazing son. May you grow in wisdom, love and good health. Enjoy your hours.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I know you are great and you will make everyone proud of you. Have a great birthday, great boy.

You gave me many reasons to love you and I’m proud of the man you became. Have fun today.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Best Friend Son

He is the star of your family and may he always be. May he have courage and all the virtues bestowed to him. Giving him hugs and kisses and a rocking happy birthday!

He is very fortunate to have parents like you. He will be taken care of in the best way possible Otherwise, I will always be there for him. Wishing him 4th best happy birthday!

He may find success wherever he goes. May he possess unfaltering determination. He will never lose. All my love and a happy birthday to him!

Your son is unbeatable. He is invincible. To him, all the love, blessings and hugs. Your son a happy birthday!

Your son should never feel alone. Let him always be surrounded by true friends. A rocking birthday to him!

May he be able to walk through the garden of flowers. May he fly high in the sky. May he consume the nectar. May he become an angel. Your son deserves the best birthday wishes.

happy birthday quotes for best friend son

May he be like Shakespeare, may he be like Beethoven, may he be like Bruce Lee. May he be what he wishes to be. Starriest birthday to your son!

May he fly high and higher than all. He should smile and laugh all the time. He should always feel calm and at ease. He will never leave you. All the best to him. Your son, happy birthday!

Your family’s star is he, and may he continue to be so. He deserves courage and all the virtues that have been bestowed upon him. Sending him love and hugs, and wishing him a happy and healthy birthday.

Your son is like mine. God bless your son with wealth and health. All the best to him. My friend, a very happy birthday to you son!

Birthday Wishes to Friend on His Son Birthday

The happiness of my friend jumped to a very high level when [he/she] had you. Thank you for bringing joy into our lives, little prince. Happy Birthday to you!

The man you are today is better than the boy you were yesterday, may you continue growing to make us proud. Have an unforgettable birthday with my best friend.

You’re my best friend and your son is the coolest boy, I pray that he’ll soar to a level none of us reached. Have fun guys.

You’re not just my friend’s son, but you’re also my son. Happiest of birthdays!

None could defeat your son. May he be invincible. All the blessings, love and hugs to him. Wishing happiest birthday to your son!

birthday wishes to friend on his son birthday

Seeing you grow up with my kids was simply amazing and (name of your son) was copying your style. You’ve taken another step to adulthood. I wish you all the best.

May God give him strength and agility. May God protect him from all disease. May he never suffer and always rise like the sun. Wishing loveliest birthday to your cute son.

May he always have the guts to speak truth. Whenever he speaks, he triumphs. Wishing him unforgettable happy birthday!

He is so lucky that he has parents like you. I know he will always be closely cared. Otherwise I will be always there for him. Wishing him 4th best happy birthday!

He is soft and delicate, like a doll with millions of smiles. His eyes are beautiful and magnetic. We wish him a second great birthday.

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