Birthday Wishes for Friends Son

If you want to send unique and memorable birthday wishes to your friend’s son, then you are at the right place. Here we have collected one of the best birthday wishes for friends son. You can share these messages with your friend on social media or on WhatsApp.

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Birthday Wishes for Friends Son

A friend’s son is a son, no wonder we’ve shared so much together. May you enjoy life in new dimensions as you celebrate today.

A sweet boy today, a great man tomorrow. Have a unique birthday, son.

A toast to the most amazing boy in the world, my best friend’s son.

All his dreams may come true. Let him achieve all he dreams of. All blessings be upon him. From the bottom of my heart, happy birthday to you so

All I want for my son is everything. All the stars, moon, mountains, and my love for you and mine. Your son, I wish you the most warmest birthday!

birthday wishes for friends son

Anyone who loves you will be happy to see the smile on your son’s face. I’m happy he is a year older today. Happy Birthday to him!

As you blow out these flames of your cake, may all your sorrows be blown away forever, you’re a good boy and deserve that.

Best wishes for the spice of your life, your amazing boy. Enjoy together today!

Boring and idleness are the greatest vices. May your son never have them. Lots of wishes, hugs and love to your son!

Boringness and inactivity are two of the worst vices. They will never be a part of your son’s life. Your son deserves lots of love, hugs, and wishes!

Continue to shine, be the best and always look forward to happy and fulfilling moments, you were born to be a star.

Do you need anything more? Your son is so beautiful and looks great. It is his fourth birthday. He is rapidly growing. I wish him loveliest birthday. God bless him.

Each day is a gift and having you is one of my greatest gifts. Have a charming birthday, pal.

Even though I’m just your mother’s friend, the attachment I feel towards you is a delightful one, I hope your mother won’t be jealous. 🙂 Happy Birthday, our little champ.

Every time I see your boy, I see greatness in him. I wanna wish him all the best in fulfilling his life’s purposes.

Everyone loves to have a little naughty son, but it’s not always possible, so we must enjoy the only one we have in this community. May your joy become full.

First of all, I wish your son may not become dumb like you! May he be intelligent and wise and become an astronaut! Wishing him all the rockets and spaceships and hugs. Happy birthday!

First, I hope your son does not grow up to be as dumb as you. I wish he would be smart, wise, and an astronaut. All the best to him! Happy Birthday!

From the boy to the man you are today, I’m glad I never missed a single moment. Have a grand celebration with your dear [father/mother].

God grant him strength and agility. All diseases will be protected by God. May he never be sick and may he always rise like the sun. Your son deserves the most beautiful birthday.

Happy birthday boy. Your new age shall bring an increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all facets of life.

Happy birthday dear, wish you long life and prosperity. Age gracefully in God’s wisdom, understanding, protection, good health and in wealth.

birthday wishes for friends son

Happy birthday handsome boy, more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The sky is unlimited to your blessings and glory. You will be a blessing to your generation because you are born to be great.

Happy birthday handsome, God’s blessings and protection.

Happy birthday handsome. Keep shining and radiating since God is involved. Age gracefully.

Happy birthday lil bro, God bless your new age with massive blessing, wisdom and long life.

Happy birthday my boy, may God continue to bless your new age with good health.

Happy birthday son, may the light of God continue to shine on you all the days of your life. Age with grace.

Happy birthday son, you will fulfill purpose in Jesus name. May you age with massive grace.

Happy birthday son. May heaven and earth bless and protect you, grow in wisdom in Jesus name.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Friends Son

Happy birthday sweetie. You are blessed. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday to best boy among my friends’ sons.

Happy Birthday to the sweet potato of me and my friend.

Happy birthday to you master may you continue to grow in God’s wisdom and understanding. Today is your day, enjoy. Cheers!

Happy birthday to you my guy. Long life and prosperity. Age with Grace. God bless your new age.

Happy birthday to you son wishing you God wisdom.

Happy birthday to you son. May the LORD bless you and keep you. May God fill your growing up with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and above all, may the LORD give you peace now and always.

Happy birthday to you son. Wishing you all the best. May the Lord perfect everything about you.

Happy Birthday to your little prince who looks more handsome than Brad Pitt. May your days be rich in joy.

Happy birthday, God bless your new age with greatness.

HBD big boy,I wish you many meaningful and fruitful years ahead.

He always rises from the ground when he falls. This is the quality God wants for him. Your son is a good man with a godly aura. Happy Birthday to your son!

happy birthday wishes to friends son

He can be Shakespeare, Beethoven or Bruce Lee. May he become all that he dreams of being. Your son deserves the most starry birthday!

He feels so soft and fragile like a doll of millions smile. His eyes are so beautiful and magnetic. Wishing him his second great birthday!

He has more than a million girlfriends. All of them will be like him when he walks. May he be always in their hearts. May he be their ruler, as you never were! Happy Birthday!

Your son is like my son. May God bless him wealth and health. May he achieve what he wants to. A very best happy birthday to your son my friend!

So relaxing is his giggling and noises he makes. I love to watch him playing. He looks so cute. Happiest birthday to your dearest son and mine too!

Birthday Wishes Song for Friend

He reigns as a king when he reigns. He will be like a lion. He is the one to whom all bow. Wishing him craziest birthday!

He was a great boy on his 6th birthday. He will live a long life. My friend, happy birthday!

He will never be broken by anyone. He will always rise, even when all around him die. May he be able to create his own destiny. Sending you a happy birthday and kisses!

His face was so beautiful when I saw him as a newborn. He still does that look today. He is my best friend and I love him dearly. Many happy birthday wishes to your son!

birthday wishes song for friend

His giggling and other sounds are so relaxing. It is so much fun to see him play. He looks so cute. Happy birthday to you and my dearest son!

How wonderful you have changed year after year! My deepest wishes for the most wonderful guy.

I just want to hold him in my hand and want to play with him till day’s end. You have so beautiful son that has sun and moon’s grace. Happy birthday!

I want to hold him and play with him until the end. Your son is so beautiful and full of sun and moon’s grace. Happy Birthday!

I’m always thankful that you came into our lives. You are a role model to my son. Enjoy your party with much love.

I’m grateful to be celebrating the birthday of my best friend’s son. May you grow to be a wise, strong and intelligent man.

I’ve never seen a son who wants to make his [mother/father] proud at all cost. All of your efforts are really appreciated, son. Keep making your [mom/dad] proud. Happy Birthday!

I’ve never seen a strong bond between a [mother/father] and a son like the one you have with your son. I hope your boy will repay your love. A magnificent birthday to him.

Life has been more beautiful with you around. I have always wanted to have a son but glad you take me as a father. Happy Birthday!

Look how you have grown taller than me; Your [dad/mom] always talks about that. Have fun, bro.

May all the glory to you. May all the wishes to you. What I say more, may your all imaginations come true. Wishing your son rosiest birthday!

Birthday Wishes to My Friend Son

May he fly high, higher than above all. May he always smile and laugh. May he have peace of mind always. May he never leave you. Wishing him all the wealth and life. Happy birthday to your son!

May he have success wherever he goes. May he have unshattering determination. May he never lose. Wishing him all the love and happy birthday!

May he have the courage to speak truth. He triumphs every time he speaks. We wish him a very happy and memorable birthday.

May he never get broken by anybody. Where all die, may he always rise. May he have the power to write his own destiny. Wishing him kisses and happy birthday!

birthday wishes to my friend son

May he walk in the flowers’ garden. May he fly in the sky. May he drink the nectar. May he be like an angel. With lots of hugs happiest birthday to your son!

May his all dreams come true. May he become what he wants to become. May life give all the blessings. From bottom of my heart happy birthday to your son!

May in his home grow always fruits. May in his home nymphs stay. May Gods come to visit him always. May he always be by their side. Wishing loveliest kid awesome birthday!

May million girls behind him. When he walks, all like him. May he always be in their hearts. May he rule them, that you never was! Love you and happy birthday!

May your son never be alone. May he always have the company of true friends. Wishing him rocking birthday!

May your son never get bald as you have gotten my friend! Lots of love and happy birthday!

May’s home always bears fruits. May his home be home to nymphs. May the Gods visit him every day. He will always be there for them. A very happy birthday to the most special kid in your life!

My friend, I wish may you have an obedient son! But I also wish that he does what he wants to do! Ha…Ha… Happiest birthday to your son!

My friend, may your son never go bald! Many love and happy birthday!

My little boy, may you have all the games you ever dreamed of. I will try to make your [dad/mom] bring you some. Happy Birthday!

Never forget that with me, you not only have another guardian, you have a friend and a person who’ll forever wish you the best.

Birthday Wishes Messages for Friends Son

Today I am so happy because my son is plus one. On this special day of yours I pray God to guide and protect you as you grow in God’s wisdom and understanding. May the Lord perfect everything that concerns you today and always. Happy birthday my dear.

We are all far away from one another, but if it’ll cost me a fortune to unite us, I wouldn’t mind. You’re greatly loved, son. Enjoy with your [mom/dad].

We wish him abundance of everything. May no lackness come to him. May his hands never be empty. Love to your son and happiest birthday!

We wish him all the best. We wish him nothing but the best. His hands will never be empty. Your son deserves love and the best wishes for a happy birthday.

birthday wishes messages for friends son

What can a sweet son have better than the support of his father and his father’s friend, especially someone like me! Enjoy your day, dude!

What I say more? Your son looks so good and beautiful. And it is his fourth birthday. He is growing fast. I wish him loveliest birthday. May God always protect him!

What I wish for your son, I wish him everything. All the stars, moon and mountains and love of you and love of mine. Wishing him warmest birthday to your son!

When he reign, he reigns like a king. He be like a lion. All bow down to him. Wishing him craziest birthday!

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