Birthday Wishes for Friends Mom

Thank you for doing a good job raising a responsible and perfect lady to be my friend. On this day, I pray that you will continue to be a great source of inspiration to us all. Happiest birthday my friend’s mother.

Thank you ma for giving me a home away from my home with you. It’s been a great time being friends with your daughter all of those years and I have you to thank for all of that. I say a very happy birthday to you, long life and prosperity too.

Thanks for always being there for my friend and me, you are a mother that is one in a million. Happy Birthday to you, madam.

Thanks for being a good influence on us. Happy Birthday to the mother of my best friend.

Thanks for being a motherly figure to us, it’s important to have people we look onto even as teenagers. Thanks for everything you did that we didn’t even see. Happy Birthday. Ma’am.

birthday messages to a friend mother

Thanks for giving birth to such a lovely [son/daughter] who is my best friend. I wouldn’t have a better friend than [him/her].

The next 365 days will bring in everything you might have lost. Thank you for being a blessing to us all, may you enjoy overloads of blessings too. Happy birthday to you ma.

There’s always this confidence that abides with the people who have mothers, and I’ve always seen it in my friend. I pray you’ll live long to keep giving [her/him] joy.

This birthday is the beginning of your best years ever, I’m sure of it! a hearty happy birthday to my one and only best friend’s mom.

This is the first birthday I’m celebrating with you and it is a great privilege for me. No matter what, this will be the best of your years so far, ma. I wish you a very happy birthday today. Many happy returns to you.

This one day in the cycle of 365 days is not enough to celebrate you. I wish we could celebrate you every day of the year because it’s what you truly deserve. Thank you so much for being an amazing friend’s mom. Happy birthday to you ma.

To the most important and beautiful woman in my friend’s life, happy birthday to you ma. I’m glad we could celebrate your birthday as much as we want to. Have fun ma, I already prayed for you long life and prosperity.

Today is a perfect day to celebrate you and tell you how much you mean to us. Thank you for being a mother not just to your daughter but for all of us her friends. Happy birthday, ma, we celebrate you now and always.

Today is another perfect opportunity to say; thank you for all you do for us all. It’s my good fortune that you came into my life as my friend’s mom. Make sure you enjoy your day mama, I pray for God’s favour on you.

We are happy that you are alive to celebrate another birth anniversary today. Thank you for being the mother of my best friend, the woman I greatly respect. Happy birthday to you and many happy returns of today too.

We have more than enough reasons to celebrate you. Happy birthday to you ma, welcome to another year of enjoying God’s blessings and favour.

Birthday Wishes for the Mother of Your Friend

We should mark today down as a public holiday because your birthday is worth celebrating with all pomp and pageantry. My sincere prayer is longevity for you ma, and in good health too. Happy birthday to you my friend’s mom.

Welcome to another year, I hope you enjoy this birthday, because it’s specially made for the special women.

With the little time I spent at your place during the holidays, I understand the pleasure of growing up under your roof. You’re a mother like no other. Happy Birthday!

You are a friend’s mom in need and indeed. Memories of how you accepted me will forever be golden in my heart. I raise a glass to you today ma, and I say; hearty happy birthday to you.

birthday wishes for the mother of your friend

You are a perfect example of a woman strong enough to run the world. I hope you live longer than us all, so you can prove me right, to 100001 years and more.

You are always protective of us all and that’s more than I could ask for in my friend’s mom. Thank you for making us all welcome. I join the others to celebrate you today, I wish you many happy returns!

You are an outstanding mother and I can’t tell this because of how well my friend turned out to be. Happiest birthday to you today, may the coming years be of pleasant encounters for you. Long live you my best friend’s mom.

You are awesome in and out and this is not just because it’s your birthday today. Thank you for being the best mom of the best friend I ever had in my life. Happy birthday to you, long life and prosperity too.

You are more like a mother to me and it is with great excitements that I celebrate you today as much as you deserve. I wish you a beautiful celebration and years ahead, happy birthday to you ma!

You are one of the best moms around, I hope you grow happier with each year that passes, and you are a gift to this society.

You are selfless no matter what; the ideal picture of a real mother. It’s good you’re my friend’s mom, I could always tap from your influence on my friend. I appreciate you immensely and say; Happy birthday to you mama. Long live you.

You are so homely that we always look forward to hanging out at your home whenever we can. Thank you for your golden heart mom, we’ll cherish you forever. Happy birthday to you our model mom.

You are the reason we get to celebrate you today, happy birthday to you our supermom. Thank you for the gift of my friend. We always love and celebrate you.

You covered our mess up every time, I don’t know if anyone else will ever be able to do that for us. Maybe no one would. Thanks for your patience, and have a happy birthday.

You have always been special to me, right from time. That’s why I pray that this birthday will bring with it the special package that you desire. Happy birthday to you my best friend’s mom and my dear second mommy.

You should get the award for the best friend’s mother around the world because you make us all feel loved and welcome in your home. As you celebrate today, I wish you a hearty birthday ma’am and also pray that you have amazing years ahead of you. Happy birthday to you.

You teach me every time I’m around, that is why I like hanging out at your place.

You’re homely, in several ways just like my mom. As you celebrate today, I pray that your luck will be forever. I pray that your life is perfectly perfect, happy birthday to you ma. Many happy returns of the day too.

Your advice and guidance are always golden just like my mom’s, in fact, it’s my good fortune that I have another mother like my mother in my life. Happy birthday to you my second mom, I love calling you that.

Your great lady is turning a year older. That’s awesome. Tell her that I’m wishing her the best.

Happy Birthday to a Friend’s Mom in Heaven

Celebrating you doesn’t stop now that you’re gone. You are special to us even now than ever be use your absence is greatly felt. Your life was well spent and that’s more than enough to be grateful for. Happy birthday to you my friend’s mom in heaven.

Even though you’re in heaven right now, you’ll forever be right here with us, in our hearts. Your actions and words of love remain fresh and it will continue to be so. We miss you down here and we wish you a happy birthday in Heaven.

In honour of you, of a life very well spent, we celebrate your birth anniversary today. You’ll forever remain engraved in my heart as my best friend’s mom. Happy posthumous birthday to you.

happy birthday to a friend’s mom in heaven

It’s a bright day, and that’s because it’s your special day, the anniversary of your birthday my best friend’s mom. You can’t be here with us physically and that’s because God knows the best. I’m sure you’re resting well and in a much better place. Happy birthday to you in heaven ma.

It’s your first posthumous birthday, and the blow that you’re no longer here with us hit so hard. We remember you today on your special day and we will forever celebrate even if you’re not here because we know that’s what you’ll want of us. Happy birthday to you in heaven, mom.

My friend and I will blow your birthday cake candles on your behalf as you’re not here with us to celebrate your special day. Continue to rest in heaven, we’ll take care of ourselves down here as we’re all grown now. Happy birthday to you in heaven.

My friend couldn’t have a better mom on earth here, you were a good mom to one and us all. We celebrate you even now that you’re no more with us. Happy posthumous birthday to you my best friend’s mom.

The days go by but still the memories of you remain fresh. I miss you, your son my friend misses you even though he tries to hide it as much as he can. We celebrate your special day today. Happy birthday to you my best friend’s mom in heaven.

There is not a day that goes by that we don’t remember you down here. Sometimes I wonder how you might be but then you’re a good person so I’m sure you’re resting in heaven already. Happy Birthday to you my best friend’s mom in heaven.

Though you’re not with us anymore, you left us with amazing memories of you being an awesome mother. Happy birthday to you my best friend’s mom, in heaven.

We got so used to your presence that your absence feels so strange to us. Be rest assured that my friend is doing fine, I’m taking good care of myself as you did for me when you were with us. We both miss you. Happy birthday to you my friend’s mom in heaven.

We will always and forever miss you, your love, your words, your actions and your cooking. Thank you for being a very good mom to my best friend. Forever in our hearts ma, happy birthday to you in heaven.

We will forever be grateful but also miss you. I’m just grateful that you were able to be an integral part of your daughter before you left us. Happy birthday to you in heaven, continue to rest in peace.

Birthday Prayers for a Friend’s Mother

I just want to use this opportunity to say thank you for being an amazing and integral part of my life through my friendship with your son. You are loved, ma’am, and I say; happy birthday to you today.

I love that you are my best friend’s mom, that automatically transpires that you’re my mom too. I respect you a whole lot and I wish you the grandest birthday this year. We look forward to celebrating you as every year unfolds. Happy birthday to you.

Your kind of love has never been seen anywhere else in the whole world, you never for once got tired of us although we were stubborn several times. A cool birthday to my special friend’s mom.

We won’t ever forget or get too busy to celebrate your special day. You deserve more than enough celebration even though you’re not here with us physically. Your memory will be forever with us, happy birthday to you my best friend’s mom in heaven.

You believed in your daughter and me, you were our number 1 fan, that’s why we haven’t yet recovered from the loss of you. You’ll forever be in our heart and that’s why we celebrate your posthumous birthday today. Continue to rest in love

You loved your son the most and it was quite bad when you left us abruptly. I wish you were here with us now so I can say thank you for all of those life lessons. I’m most grateful I get to experience a friend’s mom love like yours. Continue to rest ma, we miss you on this special day of yours.

You were a ray of sunshine to our lives, a very special mom of my most special friend. I celebrate you even in death and pray that you continue to rest. Happy posthumous birthday to you, my best friend’s mom.

You were kind in so many ways to all of us. I’m glad you’re resting in the bosom of the Lord. Continue to rest my best friend’s mom, happy birthday to you in heaven.

birthday prayers for a friend’s mother

You were like our guiding light when you were here with us and now that you’re no more, we miss you so much. It’s your posthumous birthday today and we wish you a happy birthday in heaven. Thank you for the love

Your lifetime was one of the great times, you were gone too soon that we didn’t have enough time to shower you all the love you so deserved. Continue to rest in perfect peace as we hope to see you again. Happy posthumous birthday to you, mom.

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