Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends Daughter with Images

Birthday Wishes for My Friend Daughter

What a lovely girl your daughter is! She has such a nice smile! I hope God blesses you with a lot of happiness for your daughter’s special day.

Words are not enough to describe how precious you are to me, I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. Enjoy your born day.

You are a blessing to those around you and a joy to us all. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s princess.

You are a golden girl, a real pride for my friend and you deserve all the good that this life can offer.

You are a great role model for us all. Happy Birthday, baby girl!

You are my friend’s daughter, who makes you valuable to me; I wish you double fold of good luck on your birthday and beyond.

You came into the world as a gift of happiness for my friend. Continue to grow in wisdom and love dear.

You may be my friend’s daughter, but I would do anything for you. May all your wishes come true, princess.

You represent the living treasure that we remember every year on your birthday. Congratulations!

Your birthday is special to me because my friend always tells me how important you are to the family; you are God sent to your family.

Your daughter is a very sweet, gentle and kind young lady. I wish her all the best for a beautiful and unforgettable birthday. Have a happy day.

Your father said you are his joy and you delight his heart every time, but in truth, who wouldn’t see you as their joy. You are so amazing. Keep enjoying yourself.

birthday wishes for my friend daughter

A cute little angel is born in a family of a smart and beautiful mother and handsome and intelligent father. Happy birthday to my friend’s daughter.

Dear friend, your cute little daughter is not less than an angel. I pray to god to give her love, happiness, and success on her way. I wish her a very happy and wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday to your daughter. She is the girl who befriended me for the very first in this city. She is one of my favorite people. And I wish her a very cheerful and enthusiastic birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Friends Little Daughter

A little girl who wants to become somebody in life obviously follows the order of her parents. Your [mom/dad] told me about your obedient attitude. Happy Birthday to you, cool girl!

Happy Birthday to your little girl! Can you take care of her today like she always does for you? I know you will.

Happy Birthday, Little Girl! May you always be as blessed and lucky as your [mom/dad].

Look who’s [10]! Happy Birthday to the little angel of my dear friend.

May I always be there when you need me; I’m not only your parent’s friend, I can be your friend too, little girl. Happy Birthday!

birthday wishes for friends little daughter

Thinking about what you’ve known even at your little age is astonishing, but you got it all from your [mother/father]. Keep making your [mom/dad] happy & enjoy your special day with [her/him].

Wishing your little queen the happiest birthday ever.

A cute daughter like you should be grateful to the kind of mother she has. Happy Birthday to the girl who makes her mom proud.

A shining daughter amongst all daughters, you’ve always satisfied us when it comes to attaining greatness. Happy Birthday to the jewel of my exceptional friend!

A wonderful birthday to the daughter of my precious friend. A secret for you, your mom’s ultimate goal is “you” even though she hides it all the time.

How to Wish Friend Daughter Birthday

Another day of sweetness and beauty! Enjoy your day, honey.

Best birthday wishes to the daughter of my best friend. Many happy returns!

Ever since you were a baby girl, you’ve shined a light that could never be denied. You might be my friend’s daughter, but you mean so much to me.

Happy Birthday to a girl who is more beautiful than her mom. Even if she is my close friend, but that won’t stop me from saying the truth.

Happy Birthday to my friend’s daughter! Seeing both of you as best of friends makes me want to have a child soon.

Happy Birthday to the daughter of the world’s best friend.

Happy Birthday to the girl who loves her parents and would bring them a star from the sky if she could.

Happy Birthday to your flawlessly staunch daughter! She’s one in a million amongst the best young ladies out there.

Happy Birthday, Great Girl! I’m happy you are a pro at whatever you do because of your consistency.

HBD to BFFD (my BFF’s Daughter).

I can’t believe you grew up to be so cute and still don’t have a boyfriend yet. I think I’ll come to your house and spy your phone. All jokes aside, Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

how to wish friend daughter birthday

I may be just your family friend, but I wish you the very best, dear. Have a blast and enjoy your life.

I will always be here to cheer you on, you are a blessing to us all. Happy Birthday, Cutie!

I’ve been watching your daughter closely, and I’m about to find out the lady who makes her happy all the time. Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter!

Living across the street is enough to see the kind of daughter you’re building, but I even see better now that we’re living closer. Happy Birthday to your wonderful girl.

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