Simple & Unique Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

A birthday wish for you, may all your dreams come true!

A day all about my best friend’s awesomeness? Sign me up! Happy birthday

A helpful reminder that calories don’t count on your birthday, so go on and have another piece of cake.

A very happy birthday to my best friend. I think it’s safe to say I’d be completely lost without you, and not just because I still can’t tell my rights from my left.

Age is just a number, but it looks to me like this birthday you’re turning hot years old. Happy birthday you PYT.

Another year older, and you just keep stronger, wiser, funnier, and more amazing! Have a very happy birthday my friend!

Another year, another glow up, and another happy birthday I get to celebrate with my bestie. How’d I ever get so lucky? ❤

As your best friend it’s my right to sign you an off tune happy birthday, and it is your right to smile while cringing internally. Happy birthday!

Best friend, best birthday girl, best everything. It’s all you baby! Happy birthday bestie!

Best friends who party together, stay together. Happy birthday bestie now let’s pop that champagne!

Best wishes on your special day, as you begin another wonderful journey this year. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are always cool, but your birthday’s the coolest. Have a good one!

Bring out the cake, bring out the drinks, and bring out the birthday bestie!

Cheers to friends that turn to family and to the best friend a person could ask for. Happy Birthday!

Cheers to you and all the amazing things you do! Take a drink and have a very happy birthday!

Dear best friend, I hope your birthday is everything you want and more. I can’t even express how lucky I feel to be able to celebrate this occasion with you. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday wishes for friend

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and even from a distance I hope you can feel my love on your special day. Happy birthday from your long-distance best friend.

Every year on your birthday we’re all reminded of how much of a wonderful friend you are. Thanks for being you!

Everything’s better with frosting on it, including you! So, dig into that cake baby! Happy birthday!

For my best friend on your special day, the greatest present of all. ME! Another year of me and you being the most iconic pair out there. Happy birthday!

Go bestie, it’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday! Okay, I might not be the best signer, but you are definitely the best friend. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday bestie! I know we’ll be best friends forever because you’ve got too much blackmail on me. Here’s to another year of making memories!

Happy birthday dude! Sending you peace and great vibes on your special day.

Happy birthday my amazing, beautiful, fabulous best friend. Xoxo.

Happy birthday my friend! May you fly high on the wings of success this year!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy birthday to a truly beautiful soul. Friends like you only come once in a lifetime.

Happy birthday to a very special person, friends like you make everything better.

Happy Birthday to my best friend forever. I love you, rain, or shine babe.

Happy birthday to my best friend. I am so excited to spend another year of growing in strength, wisdom, and grace with you.

Happy birthday to my best friend. I just know that tonight we’ll be partying like it’s 1999 all night, it’s what best friends do!

Happy birthday to my BFF. Wishing you another year of immense joy, love, and laughter. All my love, always.

Happy birthday to the Betty to my Veronica, the Serina to my Blair, and the Jess to my Cece. Love you bestie

Happy birthday to you girl! You’ve made a beautiful life for yourself. Thanks for taking me along for the ride.

Happy birthday to you! Here’s to another year of lasting joy and incredible friends. Thanks for being awesome!

simple birthday wishes for friend

Happy birthday! I know one thing you won’t have to wish for in your candles this year, a great best friend. You’re very welcome.

Happy birthday! The memories you share with your best friends are forever… just maybe not the ones we make tonight. Let’s party!

Happy birthday! The years go by, but I know there’s one thing I can always count on and that’s you. Best friends forever and always.

Happy birthday! Wishing you another fun-filled day full of celebration!

Happy Birthday! Wishing you another rocking birthday for a rockin’ guy.

Here is your annual reminder that there is no better best friend than you! Happy birthday!

Here’s another year of laughing together, crying together, and making it through this crazy thing called life together. Happy birthday!

Here’s hoping you have a year full of happiness and blessings, starting with your birthday!

Here’s to 24 hours of fun-filled birthday partying! Happy birthday!

Here’s wishing a very happy to my platonic soulmate, because best friend doesn’t seem to cover it.

Hope you make this birthday another one to remember. Warmest wishes on your birthday!

I can’t believe it’s your birthday! You make getting older look real good.

I hope you get to do something grand to celebrate your special day. You deserve it! Happy birthday!

I hope you’re ready to party, because no best friend of mine is going to have a birthday less than epic. This will no doubt be a very happy birthday.

I hope your birthday is more than epic, although you’re pretty epic all year long!

I should have guessed that you’d age like a fine wine. Happy birthday gorgeous!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Friend

All the sacrifices you have done just to see me happy will never be forgotten. Happy birthday, my cute friend.

Apart from being a great friend, you have become my brother, and you have earned that title day by day.

Best friends are like farts. Some are quiet. Some are loud. They embarrass you in public. They make you feel good. And they make you laugh.

Best friends are there for you on rainy days. They hold you in the darkest moments and make you laugh when no one else can- that’s why I love having you as my best friend. Hope you have the birthday you deserve.

Brother of my soul, today is your birthday. I want to wish you the best on your day. You know that you are my best friend and that I consider you as if you were really my blood brother.

Everything in life happens for a reason, I believe we were put into each other’s lives to be best friends. I love you, and I hope your birthday brings you all the wonderful things you deserve.

Friends like you come around but once in a lifetime so it’s important to hold onto a friendship so meaningful, wherever in the world you may be! Happy birthday, bestie!

heart touching birthday wishes for friend

Happy birthday to my most beautiful friend. You are my most beautiful friend as well as my most favorite person. I love you so much. Happy birthday to my most beautiful friend.

Happy birthday to you, buddy! You are the best friend anybody could ever wish for and I just want you to know how much I value your friendship. With you around, my days are brighter and each hour is funnier!

Happy birthday to you, my best friend forever! You mean more to me than any other, and the only way we could be closer is if you were my brother!

Happy birthday, bestie! You know how important you are to me and that you’re a very special person in my life, so I’m hoping that your birthday this year touches your heart as much as you’ve touched mine. Enjoy your special day, my dear friend.

Happy birthday, buddy! I wanted to get you a gift that would put a smile on your face and make you laugh, before realizing you already have me for that!

Happy birthday, my friend! Just remember, as a general rule of thumb the more gray hair you have the more wisdom you hold!

Hey, look on the bright side: You’ll never be this young again. Well, maybe that’s not the bright side, but happy birthday anyway!

I am so amazed to have met a person like you on earth; truly, all my thoughts are about you today. Happy birthday to you.

I am so thankful and happy that we are best friends. Enjoy your birthday and happy birthday wishes for my best friend!

I hope you receive lots of great gifts this year. And know that being your friend is one of the greatest gifts that I’ve ever received.

I love it when it’s your birthday, because it means we have a great excuse to go out and have some fun! Let’s go celebrate!

I salute you, dear friend for all the great things you achieved in life. I am still hoping that you will achieve more and more of what awaits you in the nearest future. Happy birthday.

I think you deserve all the happiness in the world. I can remember, whenever I needed you, you were there by my side. You were the biggest supporter of me, Happy Birthday to you, dear friend.

I wish from my heart that you have a happy birthday. I hope that the Moon and the stars join in your favor so that you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

I’m so lucky to find a best friend like you. You’re my life’s biggest inspiration. Wish you the best birthday ever and a great future ahead.

I’ve seen you at your best and I’ve seen you at your darkest. And I still think you are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

It is true that even on the day I do not see you, I become mad. I don’t know why this happens to me, but it happens to me. I love you forever. Happy birthday to my dear cute best friend.

Little drops of water make an ocean, just like the day we play and we smile at each other and gradually we became friends, today we are more than just friends. Happy birthday.

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