Birthday Wishes for Friend Like Sister

Just as time keeps on moving, I hope you move into your land of love and wealth. Happy birthday, sister.

Your smile is precious and rare. So, I pray the heavens make a priority to keep it shinning till the end. Happy birthday, sweetness.

A beautiful day as this one would go down in my heart as the greatest day of the year. Happy birthday, bestie. I wish you a life full of love and peace.

You deserve all the good things of life. I hope you have them and so much more. Happy birthday, bestie.

You deserve everybody’s love because you’re love itself. Happy birthday, sweet soul. May you never lack support and passion.

Just like mama waited for this day, I’ve waited keenly to celebrate you wholely. Happy birthday, bestie. I hope you have everything you dream of.

Birthday Wishes for Friend Sister in English

May every step you take lead you into the land of happiness and wealth. May all your dreams be made real before all eyes. Happy birthday to a friend turned sister.

I’ll do the impossible for you, cause my love you have earned. Happy birthday, my sister. Shine timelessly and party all lifelong.

May that lovely smile of yours never go into hiding. Wishing you too many reasons to smile and be happy. Health and wealth shall abound in your corner. Happy birthday, my dearie.

Life has become an easy path to tread because I’ve got your hands by me. Happy birthday, sister. May heavenly angels surround you with lots of love and divine light.

Even if I make new friends, I’ll be sure to make you my best. Happy birthday, bestie. May your joy ring through every corner of your lovely heart.

May your eyes behold goodness as your ears hear good news of you. Happy birthday, my sister. I love you.

birthday wishes for friend sister in english

When the wind blows, I hope it blows prosperity and fortune to you. At the rising of the sun, I pray all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, sweetness.

My love for you will never cease, just like the sun’s for the earth. Happy birthday, bestie. I’m sending all my love to you as I do my prayers to the heavens.

Your love is pure and sacrificial. So, may you have the kind of love you dream of, and may your joy flow forever like the prosperous ocean. Happy birthday, bestie.

I wish you many testimonies of favour and increase. Happy birthday, bestie. May you dine and wine like a queen.

May the angels ease you of every worry and pain, regrets and shame. Happy birthday, bestie. My love for you will forever go on.

Heavenly cakes of prosperity and kindness shall be set before you on this day and beyond. Happy birthday, precious one.

Birthday Wishes for My Friend Sister

You make the earth green, the sun bright and the moon complete. Happy birthday to a friend with the perfect touch.

Whether you’re near or far, my loyalty will always belong to you. Happy birthday to the only friend I share my life with.

There’ll be no bad day for you again. This new age will make your life beautiful. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Daily as you live, may your life never be threatened nor trampled upon. Happy birthday to a meek friend.

Tell me what you want and I’ll give you that which you need. Happy birthday, bestie. I’ll always be here for you.

birthday wishes for my friend sister

May your tall dreams come true at this moment of your life. May you never experience gloominess again. Happy birthday, best friend.

May you drink from a royal cup. May you seat in high places. May you become the woman you’ve always dreamt to be. Happy birthday, dear.

I love today because I love you. I pray that you mark many more years in joy and gratitude. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

May you dance throughout this new age. May you find a new melody in your heart. Happy birthday, dear friend.

May you continue to be the sweet soul that you are. May you live for as long as you desire. Happy birthday, dear.

May you sing a new song and dance a new dance. Happy birthdays, bestie.

Birthday Wishes for a Sister Like Friend

I’m here to let you know that I have a friend in whom I’m so pleased. Happy birth anniversary, darling. Sending my love, hugs and kisses to you alone.

Your love flows through the veins in my body. I love you like I would a sister. Happy birthday, bestie. I’m hoping you reach the width and breadth of your dreams.

You are cool; calm, optimistic, our friend’s sister, I hope I get to see you thrive as you grow older, enjoy your birthday.

birthday wishes for a sister like friend

I hope this year makes a beautiful history of love and light for you. Happy birthday, my darling.

On this new age of yours, transform your dreams into goals, for your angels are at your beck and call. Happy birthday, sweetie. Wishing you many more prosperous and blissful years.

Your kindness is amazing just as the light of gold from the sky. Happy birthday, my love. May your prayers be answered.

May you live long with a body free of sickness and diseases and a heart full of love. Happy birthday, sister. I hope you enjoy every moment of today.

Happy birthday, my darling. Loving you is a pleasant feeling so easy as the breath of a man. Wishing you a life full of love and prosperity.

Happy birth anniversary, darling friend. May all your impossible dreams come true. May your hard work make a way for you to the top. May the next one year of your life witness a positive change.

May you become a force to be reckoned with in your field of endeavour. May your talent and skill be the best of its kind. Happy birthday, my best friend.

As you begin this new phase of your life, may everything you desire heed to your command. May the land yield for you. I love you, always remember that.

May your new age bring you happiness and not sorrow. May your wisdom increase and your laughter, be more contagious. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend More Than Sister

With you, joy will be experienced, love will be gifted, peace will be felt. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

If you ever find yourself in the middle of an ocean, I’ll walk right through it to save you. Happy birthday to a faithful friend.

Thank you for loving me even when I never asked for it. A friend like you redefines friendship into sisterhood.

birthday wishes for best friend more than sister

Happy birthday to a gorgeous lady. You’re phenomenal, outstanding and super humble. May your new age be as soothing as a wine.

You’re the beauty of our friendship. You offer unstinting joy, love and peace and never ask for anything in return. You’re an angel. Merry like you have no worries today. Happy birth anniversary.

May you never come last when and where you should come first. May your glory attract more splendour. You’re one in a million and more than a friend.

Happy birthday, darling friend. You’re such a miracle and a wonder to behold. Your light makes my darkness vanish. May you live your best life so far in this new age of your life.

Happy birthday, my best friend. You’re more than a beauty to behold, you make the world better. Live long make a great impact.

Wherever you go, never leave your beautiful virtues behind. You’re one of a kind. Happy birthday, angel. May the world come to celebrate your uniqueness today and forever.

You’re the friend who makes me smile and leap for joy. Thank you for spending a large part of your life with me. Happy birthday, my dearest friend.

May you be an epitome of success and grace. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you more than I can say.

You’re everything a true friend should be and more. So, may your life be everything a man can possibly wish for. Happy birthday, bestie. Enjoy your day to the brim.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Who Is Like a Sister

As long as I breathe, I’ll take you as a sister. Happy birthday, bestie. May you have many colourful years like the rainbow.

To the friend I hope to travel the world with; may the odds be in your favour and angels work in your favour. Happy birthday, sweetie.

birthday wishes for best friend who is like a sister

May the fragrance of your body scent love and joy. May your mood be colourful and bright for the rest of your days. Happy birthday, my darling.

Draw strength from me when you need it. Draw love from my bosom, because you’re my sister. Happy birthday, bestie. Wishing you all the joy in the world.

May the heavens beautify you with prosperity and love. May the earth yield her increase into your bosom. Happy birthday, bestie.

No bestie does it better than you. Happy birthday, cutie. May your light shine till the end of time.

May the rains of prosperity and love fall on you, may each droplet be a blessing upon you. Happy birthday, my darling.

All my hugs are for you on this special day just like my prayers and wishes. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you never lack any good thing.

Like a building on top of a hill, I pray your light shines before all men. Wishing you many happy years on earth. Happy birthday, bestie.

I wish you bravery, excellence and grace on this new age. Happy birthday, sweet sister.

May riches and love abide in your corner. Happy birthday, sister. I hope you have all that you want and need.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend as Well as Sister

My friend’s sister, you are a darling. It is not surprising to see your kind heart in action because that runs in your family. Happy birthday to you.

Congratulations, my dear friend for having such a wonderful sister as yours. I wish her a happy birthday. Continue to celebrate and enjoy the day.

Happy birthday to you, dear sister of my friend. Your support and encouragement to us while growing helped us evolved into a better version of ourselves. Happy birthday to you.

You are not just a friend’s sister to me anymore, you are now a sister to me. Happy birthday to you, many more happy returns.

birthday wishes for best friend as well as sister

The support you give to my friend has reduced the naughtiness in his life. Thanks for always being a support to him. Happy birthday to you, dear friend’s sister.

You are highly recognized on your birthday and I celebrate you today. Happy birthday to my friend’s sister.

The thought of having a sister will always be triggered in anyone by the fact that you have a lovely sister who cares about you. Happy birthday to your sister. My dear friend.

You are the coolest, calmest, and lovely sister I have seen for a friend. Continue to exhibit these beautiful virtues. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s sister.

You are an amazing sister. Eyes have not seen the best of you because you are a work in progress. Continue to excel in all areas. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend’s sister.

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