Simple, Inspirational & Funny Birthday Wishes for Father

Happy birthday my dear father! Dear dad, you are like a giant tree on whom scrumptious fruits are dangling and you are always ready to give them to us. Under your shadow, we feel safe and comfy.

Happy birthday my dear father! I don’t even have the right words to wish you a happy birthday because of your gargantuan stature and colossal reputation. You are the wisest and the most prudent man I have ever seen.

Happy birthday my lovely father! Hey dad, we are a thousand miles apart but still, I can feel you every moment and your every heartbeat. I am extremely sorry for being not present at your party. May your birthday be packed with frisky vibes and peppy activities.

Happy birthday my lovely father! I consider myself as an extremely lucky boy in the world because I have the best father in the world who is always ready to lay helping hands to me. Thanks for all the sacrifices daddy.

Happy birthday my superhero! Just when I think life has given me more than I deserve, you come up with something unexpected and heart-tugging. How do you come to know all the time what’s running in my heart?

Happy birthday to my outstanding father! You are truly one of a kind and I am so thankful to be able to call you my Dad. In the coming year, I wish you true joy, happiness, success and health.

Happy birthday to my super successful father! Your mere presence fills my being with utter inspiration and propels me to amplify your legacy. One day you will be known by my name.

inspirational birthday wishes for father

I may still be a little plant in front of your gigantic tree-like character but I feel no shame in losing to my dad and learning constantly from him. Thanks for helping me out in making the most crucial decisions of my life. Wishing a cheerful birthday to my astonishing father!

Happy birthday to the man of high morals, integrity, and unmatched work ethics. Your unwavering faith in your abilities makes it easy for you to achieve anything. Happy birthday, father!

Happy birthday to the man who has had a tremendous impact on my past. I look so forward to sharing my achievements with you in the future. May this year bring you everything you want and more. I love you, Dad!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful father! You were there when I was born, you were there when I take my first step, you were there when I graduated, and you are still here with me when I am becoming a father. Thank you so much daddy for standing beside me.

Happy birthday to the sweetest dad! Who wouldn’t feel lucky and blessed to have a father like you who can understand what his child wants without us uttering a single word? You are the sunshine in our ordinary world.

Happy birthday! Thank you for being an amazing father and for letting me see my own inner strength. Because of you, I know I can overcome any obstacle.

Happy birthday, Dad! Today, I celebrate you and everything that you have taught me to be. Thank you for being you and for allowing me to be me. There will never be adequate words to let you know just how much you mean to me. Here’s to a marvellous year ahead!

I know you have all the trophies and laurels you coveted on your shelves, still, your eyes always look for me and want to shower love on me. God bless you father and happy birthday!

Deep Birthday Wishes for Father

Happiest birthday my mountainous dad! A father is like a mountain always standing for his children. You are determined; dad and you have always stood for your family. May you forever be steadfast and follow your horizon.

Happiest birthday to my awesome dad! Your unflinching faith and belief in yourself really inspire me. You are an undefeated champion. May I pray you forever be.

Happy birthday my adorable dad! You are that shoulder on which I have rested since my childhood. You are that shoulder by which I have stood always. I wish may I also become your shoulder as you have become mine. And I pray may you never have to depend on anyone.

Happy birthday my beautiful dad! You never wish and demand of me anything. You accept me as I am. I pray you forever be like this. And I wish may you get recognition for your selfless work for society.

Happy birthday my best dad! You have given me best treasure in life; dad, your stories. That’s why today I am a successful writer. I pray may your creativity expand beyond boundaries. May you be recognized for your craft.

Happy birthday my caring dad! Dad, you are a man of your words. What you have promised, you always have done for your family. I feel lucky that you are my dad. Because you’re such a father that cares for his children. I wish may you become immortal.

Happy birthday my dearest dad! You are a genuine person; a generous man with all the understanding. I feel proud you are my dad. You have made your mark in this world and have inspired me for the same. I wish you luck and forever success in life.

Happy birthday my melodious father! All the melodies you have made me heard for sleeping I still remember. I can never forget them. They are my best memories. I pray may no disease ever cripple you. May no evil touch you.

Happy birthday my strong dad! I have never felt like you are my dad. I have always understood you as my friend. Thank you for letting me. I pray for your safety and protection every time, and I wish may you always have the strength. You are a strong man, dad.

Happy birthday my sweetest dad! You never have beaten me, and not even yelled. The way you make me understand everything I really appreciate. I wish dad may you never lack anything in life. I love you and I am always by your side.

Happy birthday my wonderful father! You are my tree beneath whose shadow I have grown. I am a little like you but look same as you. Thank for giving me shadow, and thank you for making my life wonderful. I promise dad I walk forever with you.

Happy birthday to an amazing man in my life; my dad! The debt of you on me, I could never pay off ever. Thanks for being my dad, and supporting and believing in me. And thanks for giving me courage.

Happy birthday to my wisest dad! May God’s blessings forever be on you. May my all prayers forever be with you. May you always have plenty of love. May you be doyen of your world.

In childhood, you had brought for me all the shoes I wanted. For me, they were just shoes but for you they are memory. You are emotional dad. I pray may you never feel emotional pain in life. May you always be happy at heart. Happy birthday my loveliest dad!

Loveliest happy birthday my loveliest dad! Best of luck for your all future endeavors. It is my wish you get success in all of them. I pray may you never see stream without water.

deep birthday wishes for father

May nothing bring you bad luck. May nothing ill you. May nothing degrade you. May nothing fade you. You are the shiniest and brightest star. May you ever be; dad. Happy birthday dad! You are a good man.

You are that wall for me that have saved me from all the storms and treacherous winds. I have provided me all the relief, dad. I pray may you never be empty of anything. May no one ever hurt you. Happiest birthday my kindest and strongest dad!

You are the good son of your parents. I promise I will be yours. May you never have withered leaves in all seasons of your life. May your hues always bright. Happy birthday my amazing dad! I love you.

You look strict outside but inside you are like a butter. I could not understand it earlier but now I have. Thanks for being strict with me. You strictness has made me a successful man. Happy birthday dad for everything! I pray may you be healthy and safe.

You’ve been one of the bright points in my life that keep me strong. I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and light!

Birthday Wishes for Papa in English

Happy Birthday. To My Fun Dad! Thank you for always being such a fun, caring, and thoughtful father! Wishing you a great birthday.

Happy Birthday. To My Spectacular Father! Today is your big day! Hoping it is filled with the things you enjoy the most in life. Have a wonderful celebration and a fantastic year ahead! I love you, dad!

Happy Birthday. To My Wonderful Father! You are such a caring and thoughtful father and I love you with all my heart. Have a great birthday celebration. You truly deserve it!

Happy Birthday. To that solid gold, stand up, top notch, high speed, hard working, Dad of mine!

If there is one person whom I would like to follow till the end, it would definitely be you, father. Many happy returns of the day to the coolest dad!

It is quite cumbersome to take care of a feral, uncivilized, and eccentric boy like me but you have done quite an astounding job. Happy birthday daddy with bundles of heaps and wishes!

My all dreams, my entire personality, and all my accomplishments are devoted to you. Without your unconditional support, I would be nothing more than an aimless teenager. Thank you father and happy birthday!

Protector. Provider. Positive role model. You take on many different roles, dad. For that I am forever grateful. Happy Birthday!

Sending along my brightest wishes to someone who is always there, lighting the way. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Thanks a lot dad for creating and sharing so many exhilarating memories together. The father-daughter bond we share fills my heart with peppiness. I wish you a splendid birthday father!

birthday wishes for papa in english

Thanks a lot father for constantly polishing my skills and character. I will never disappoint you in life. Let’s celebrate your big day with utmost zestfulness. Many happy returns of the day daddy!

The moment you land kisses on my cheeks and give me a tight hug, life suddenly starts seeming perfect and stress-free. Never ever change my father at least for me. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Happy birthday, father!

Through your challenges and daunting tasks, you have prepared me for all the hardships and unwanted threats. I will forever be grateful to you. Wishing a jovial birthday to my dazzling father!

To A Wonderful Father, Happy Birthday. You taught me how to walk, you helped me to stand out in a crowd, you encouraged me to let my beautiful colors show. I love you, today and everyday!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Dad! You have always been my inspiration. Watching the effort and determination that you always put into everything you do is incredible. We love you!

You always make me feel safe and secure with your unconditional love. I want more years to spend with you.

You are a man with a golden and magnanimous heart. You take care of everyone’s needs and wants but barely express what you expect. I have never seen a man as selfless and serene as you are. Wishing a jovial birthday to the best father in the world!

You are my source of courage and encouragement. I never feel disappointed in life because I know that you are always there to hold me. Happy Birthday dad!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Father

Happy Birthday! Dad, you’re always there, reminding me to keep swinging for the fences. You’re my MVP.

Happy Birthday! To my father on his birthday. Sending a message of kindness and cheer for today and throughout the year.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today is all about you, dad! So make sure to celebrate and have the time of your life! Wishing you an exciting day and an excellent year ahead!

Happy Birthday, Dad! From flaming candles on a tasty cake to your favorite music coming through the speakers, I hope your day is perfect, Dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Sit back, relax & savor all the special moments as we raise a toast to you and celebrate all the things you do.

Happy Birthday, Dad! You make every day better just by being there. Thanks for always showing me what it means to care.

Happy Birthday, Dad! You work too hard. Today’s your day to sit back, relax, and enjoy your birthday. Hope you’re not “two-tired” to celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Dad! You’re the one person I will always look up to. I can’t wait to share more of life’s biggest moments together!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Your advice has been invaluable to me. Your support the reason I’m standing. Thus I’m making this day, your birthday, One that is nothing less than outstanding.

Happy Birthday. Before you blow out the candles, take a moment to remember what a wonderful father and friend you are!

Happy Birthday. Dad you are like a fine, handcrafted, microbrew beer… Crisp, refreshing, and one of a kind!

Happy Birthday. Dear dad, it’s time to celebrate all that makes you so very special. Wishing you a birthday that is as wonderful as you are. Love you!

Happy Birthday. It’s gotten to the point where putting candles on the cake would melt the frosting. So I’m giving you some sky candles instead, Dad! Have a great birthday!

simple birthday wishes for father

Happy Birthday. It’s your time to shine, Dad. Take your shot!

Happy Birthday. Just like a classic vinyl record player, you’ve managed to stay effortlessly cool through the years, Dad.

Happy Birthday. Sending my love and birthday wishes your way, so that you, my father, will have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday. Set sail for a celebration like no other, Dad. This is your chance to follow your dreams and see where the year ahead takes you!

Happy Birthday. The only reason I have bloomed as strong and beautiful as I have is because of you, Dad. I wish you have a fantastic birthday.

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