Simple, Inspirational & Funny Birthday Wishes for Father

Birthday Message for Father

Dear dad, your humanity, kindness, and greatness as a father are indescribable in words. You have always established the deepest values and ethics in your kids and we are very thankful and proud for those. Thanks a million for showering your affection and love beyond imagination. May you have a wonderful and blessed life ahead. Happy birthday!

Dear daddy, my college life would have been too dull if a father like you didn’t splash the colors of happiness on it. Have a great birthday, daddy!

Dear father, I would like to thank you for treating me like a million bucks. You are one of the few people who understood my mind. Have a sweet birthday Dad!

Dear Papa, you are an eternal source of motivation and inspiration for me. I would be satisfied, even if I am half the person that you are. Happy birthday to you!

Dear, dad, you have truly been the driving force and best example to follow. Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

Dearest Dad: I wish for nothing but a lifetime of smiles for you on your birthday . . . as long as you still have teeth. Happy birthday to you!

Dearest Dad–thank you for the lifetime of adventure and fun that you’ve given me. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

Dearest, dad your soul is pure, and your, your heart is priceless, and your intelligence is stunning. Happy goring. many happy birthdays!

Don’t worry, dad. After a few drinks, your score won’t then matter.😎

Due to your care and inspiration, I learned to love life and truly believe in myself. You are my best guide and teacher. Stay always the best dad. Heartiest birthday, have a spectacular day!

Enjoy this time when all your children shower you with love and attention. In no time they will get back to being their naughty self, showering you with worries and woes. Happy birthday.

Have a wonderful birthday, dad! You’ve educated me and given me the intelligence to face life’s bad situations smartly. Happy birthday to the world’s handsome and intelligent father!

birthday message for father

Even if your hair is now white, even if your body is looser than your car tires, you are still that great young man that I used to look up to as a child. And that image of my father only gets better with age, even if his body is not. Happy birthday dad, I love U!

Every awesome dad deserves to have an amazing birthday, and more! Happy birthday father.

Father, you were there for me from the day I was born, always having my best interests in mind. You are one of the most crucial people in my life and I love you wholeheartedly. Happy birthday, dad! 🎂🎉

For all you have taught, daddy I owe you a lot. On your birthday I want to take the opportunity, to say that I love you as much as you love me. Happy birthday.

For my sweet dad, happy birthday. Thanks for always being there to hold my hand like a God. You are the best dad I’ve ever had.

From a little girl, the warmest birthday wishes to the wisest and kindest dad. You are the man that I have always respected. May your day be blessed with a lot of joyful moments and love. Happy birthday!🎂🎉

From barbecues, to fishing, to sports, to computers. There is literally nothing you can’t do! You’re like a super dad! And that is why I admire U! Happy birthday!

Your birthday only comes around once a year, but fortunately, your amazing dad skills are 24/7. Happy birthday, dad!

From helping me up when I fell to taking me out for practice after I missed the winning goal, you’ve taught me to never give up. I owe my success in life to you, and can’t wait to take you out for your birthday.

From my heart to you dad, you will always remain special to me. I love you and Happy Birthday!

You’ve always filled my heart with so much love, warmth, and security. Happy birthday to a truly loving father!

From teaching me how to hold a fork to teaching me how to avoid being a dork, from teaching me how to behave to teaching me how to be suave, from teaching me how to keep my conscience clear to teaching me how to live without fear – I owe it all to you, dad. Happy birthday.

From teaching me how to hold a fork, to avoid being a dork. From teaching me how to behave, to being cool and suave. From teaching me how to keep my conscience clear, to living a life without fear… – I owe it all to you, dad. Happy birthday.

Growing up, I always admired your awards. Today, I have to say that you deserve the Best Dad in the World award for all that you do. Have a happy birthday, Dad. You deserve the best!

Here’s to you on your birthday, Dad, and every gray hair on your head. After all, I helped to contribute to those. Happy birthday!

Growing up, I always appreciated your awards. Today is the best day where I have to say that you deserve the best Dad in the world award for everything you have done for me during your struggle time. Have an amazing birthday night, dear Dad!

Growing up, I used to admire all the trophies on your shelf. Today, I think you deserve the Best Dad in the World trophy! Enjoy your birthday!

Growing up, I used to admire all the trophies on your shelf. Today, I think you deserve the Best Dad in the World trophy! Happy birthday to you Papa. Enjoy your birthday! happy bday daddy

Best Birthday Wishes for Father

Growing up, you taught me to laugh, I hope you laugh on your special day.

Happiest birthday to the greatest man on earth, my dad! He has taught me everything in life even beyond my imagination. I am so honored to have you as my father.

Happiest birthday to the most generous and talented dad I have ever known! I always wanted to grow up to be like you, and you made me realize that this world is so wonderful.

Happy birthday dad! I wish nothing but absolute best for you as this is what you truly deserve! Proud to call me your son!

Happy birthday dad! May God fills your life with a brighter smile and more joy than ever.

Happy birthday dad. Thank you for being so kind and lovable. I feel the luckiest, cause I’m your son.

Happy birthday daddy dearest. Wishing you a birthday celebration worth remembering.

Happy birthday daddy. Daddy, thank you for all the guidance and the support you have given me all throughout these years. You certainly made life so much easier for me to live. happy birthday message to dad from daughter

Happy birthday daddy. No matter how mature I grow. I will always be your little girl. I love you.

Happy birthday dearest father! You have taught me the patience is the key for success but waiting and delaying is the death of your dreams. Thanks dad for teaching me all of this valuable lessons. I am indebted to you.

Happy birthday dearest father, an amazing man, my precious dad and superhero, you shall live many more years in prosperity and good health cause we have many more beautiful moments together, I love U.

Happy birthday father! May this birthday fill up your life with love, joy, and happiness.

Happy birthday my beautiful father! You have never ever given up in your life, and people whom you love. You are generous and have gratitude towards others always ready to help them. I pray may you all the dreams of you see the light of the day.

Happy birthday my courageous dad! I am lucky that I am your son. You are truly a veteran who has saved our country from real danger. You have lost your one hand and one foot. But you have made your place in the whole country’s heart. May you forever be that strong, dad.

Happy birthday my Dumbledore dad! You are totally like Albus Dumbledore; dad. You have empathy, you are witty, and you are funnily smart. May you be forever like this; dad. I adore you.

best birthday wishes for father

Happy Birthday Papa. Loving wishes for the most amazing Dad in the world! Stay fantastic!

Happy birthday papa. Many happy returns of the day. I love you more than I can ever tell.

Happy birthday to a dad whose first name is brilliant, middle name is awesome and last name is fabulous.

Happy Birthday to a fantastic dad! The greatest gifts you ever gave me were not the toys I asked for, but the times on your lap and our walks in the park. You have given me memories I will always cherish. I wish you a birthday full of those tiny moments that will never fade.

Happy birthday to a father who grows more awesome with each passing year!

Happy birthday to my dad. Thanks for being my savior and giving me a life so beautiful.

Happy birthday to my first best friend, mentor, inspiration, and hero. I love you, dad!

Happy birthday to my simply soberly cakey heart dad! May your may always may whatever you say.

Happy birthday to my sweet dad. You have always given so much to others and we are so grateful for that. I hope you spend your day with your sheer enjoyment.

Happy birthday to the adorable dad who will loosen his pockets and tighten his hugs for me just with a small tug.

Happy birthday to the best father ever. I remember when you cleaned up my skinned knees, held my hand across the street, taught me how to reach for the stars. you are my inspiration and my hero.

Hey, Dad! You taught me to grill a perfect steak, and that’s what I’m doing this weekend for your birthday. Looking forward to seeing U!

Happy birthday to the best man who always had my best interest at heart, even if I was too dumb to realize it. I love you!❤

Happy birthday to the cool and stylish dad that I’ve ever had, and perhaps the best dad that anyone has ever had. Have a great birthday full of joy and good memories!

Happy birthday to the man I love more than anything. May your day be filled with love.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Father

Cheers to fatherhood and happy birthday father! Life wouldn’t be happening, intriguing, and blissful if you weren’t my father. Mark my words, I will make you super proud pretty son.

Dad, may you celebrate 1000 more birthdays so that I can get parties enough to die peacefully. May you hustle and earn colossal! Happy birthday, daddy!

Daddy, my wish for you this year is that it is filled with lots of love, luck and good health. Thank you for being a magnificent, inspirational ray of sunshine in my life. Happy birthday!

Every day, you inspire me to be a better version of myself. Thank you for that. Happy birthday, Dad!

For a daughter, a father’s love is the first and the purest love she experiences. Thanks to Lord, I have received that love in heaps. May you shine hard and become the king in what you do. Happy birthday, dad!

From the core of my heart, happiest birthday to the most dashing and dapper father in the world. I don’t know why you are stuck in a corporate job. You should be a fabled fashion model!

Happy birthday dear father! It would be unfair to tell in words how important and dearer your presence is to me. Without you, I can’t imagine my life and I don’t intend to live either. Daddy, I am your princess and you are my whole world.

Happy birthday dear father! The charisma in your personality is something you have carved over the years. You know everything about me and constantly strive to make me happy. You are my world’s favorite and dearest person.

Happy birthday dear father! With each passing birthday, you are getting more graceful, healthy, wealthy, and swash-buckling. May you continue to prosper in all walks of life.

Happy birthday my awesome father! Even the best dad award of the year pales in front of your amazing personality and gargantuan achievements. You are a par excellent man with intriguing perception.

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