Birthday Wishes For Father From Daughter

Thank you for being the very best dad there is! I truly am a very lucky girl to have such an incredible father! Happy birthday!

Thank you my best father for raising me up and making me who I am today and thank you for always being there for me no matter how the situation is. Happiest birthday!

There are good dads and great dads. But for your birthday I just want you to know that you take dadding to a whole new level.

What would I do without you? You have taught me much about responsibility and values. Now let me value you and wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy.

While you work so hard to make our lives easier, you often make us appreciate the value of hard work. In no case did you handicap us with sufficiency. That’s great, dad. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a very happy birthday to your dearest father! I hope this year brings new avenues and the most exciting adventure in your life. Celebrate today & always.

Wishing you warm birthday wishes for the most wonderful father I have ever got. You are the biggest blessing in my life, dad. I hope your special day is full of super-fun.

You are a great father, and I am so fortunate to have a father like you. I hope you know that I will always be your cute little girl. Happy birthday!

Birthday Quotes for Father from Daughter

Happy birthday, Dad. Long ago you taught me, sometimes the hard way, that the best things in life are free. This is one of my most treasured insights, and I still believe that. Wishing you everything of the best on your birthday, Dad.

Happy birthday, Dad. What a journey! You are doing a fantastic job, and I salute you! I know it’s not been easy, and it’s far from perfect, but we always have each other. Wishing you hope and joy today, in the coming year, and always.

Happy birthday, daddy! I thank you for everything that you have done for me since I have been born. I can never repay owe you and that’s the reality. Have a day filled with, laughter, happiness, and love.

Happy birthday, dear Dad, for whom I give thanks to God each day!

Happy rocking birthday to my dad! My unforgettable memory with you when you driving me to school and we listening music together like no one near us and in the whole universe we are only. Thank for those memories. I wish may we together again visit those lanes.

Have a great birthday to my superhero full of fun and fond memories! You are a great day who cares as much as no other father can. Thank you for always being through thick and thin. Happy birthday!

Have a super fun happy birthday to my hero! May God give you happiness and opportunities your way. You keep spreading love and positivity around. Have a great birthday night on your special day! I love you so much day, your cute daughter!

Have an awesome birthday to the one man who has always been my pillar of support and strength. Das, your presence in my life is more than anything else. You are a great human being and father, and I am blessed to have your little daughter. May God bless you with everything.

He adopted a role called being a father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a protector.

He taught us to walk with a finger, gave us sleep, made us sleep peacefully, hid us by hiding our tears, whenever you fell in the path, you handled us. Happy Birthday, papa!

birthday quotes for father from daughter

Here are happy birthday wishes from your little daughter.! May you enjoy every second of your special day. You are my real hero, dad!

I am lucky that I was given the best father in the world, a father who truly loves me with all of his heart. Happy Birthday, daddy !

I am proud of you and I always thank you for all you taught me and helped me in my crucial decisions. Happy Birthday Dad!

I am sending you lots of hugs and best wishes on your special day. You are the most important man in my life. You are literally a fantastic father and will always be. Have a great year ahead full of happiness and success!

I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by the little scraps of wisdom.

I don’t know how you always know the right thing to say when I need a shoulder to cry on…but thank you. You’re there when it matters to me. Lots of love on your birthday and always. Happy Birthday, Dad.

I don’t know if you realize how much I am like you! I am so happy to be your daughter. May this special day and your journey ahead bring joyous experiences both on the inner and outer journey. Happy Birthday, Dad.

I love you and I wish a wonderful birthday to you this year. I wish I could give you a big hug on your special day.

I may be a small part of this giant world, but you have always been the giant in my small world. Thank you for being my inspiration. Happy birthday!

I may not find the greatest person in the world who is as amazing as you are with people. As your cute daughter, there was never a single day you forgot to make me feel like a princess. You are the greatest father I have ever seen. Have a blessed birthday daddy!

I must say that every girl should have a father like you, and I am pleased to be a daughter of yours. Have a stupendous birthday, dad! May you have many more candles to blow.

I remember all the sage advice you’ve given me throughout the years. Like the fact that we can pick our friends and we can pick our nose. But we can’t pick our dad or his nose. Happy Birthday Dad, never change!

I‘m so proud to have such a great father like you and I will always cherish all the priceless lessons that you have given me! Have a wonderful birthday, dad!

In spite of being all the difficulties, you were the only man who stood by me. Forever and always, I love you so much dad! I am luckiest girl. Enjoy your day!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

A big tree, which is a shield for all of our family, from all of us Happy Birthday Dad.

A Dad like you deserves an amazing birthday, Happy Birthday Papa.

A daughter like me needs a father like you. By design, only you could help to shape my life the way you do. I appreciate you.

All my friends know it is your birthday today because my Facebook says “Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world.” Can’t wait to celebrate with you later today!

As you add one more year to your life today, I hope you know that no matter how old you get, I will always be your little kid.

Dad! Your grey hairs are memories of how terrible I was as a child. Hats off to your patience and happy birthday.

Dad, Happy Birthday. Today is all about you! You get to pick what’s for dinner, the shows we watch, and, I suppose, also get the first piece of cake. Enjoy your day!

heart touching birthday wishes for father from daughter

Dad, thanks for always being the backbone of our family and supporting us through good times and bad. We all love you. Happy birthday!

Dad, you are my biggest inspiration in life and the man I look up to most. I am so lucky to have the best guy in the world to guide and support me year after year. I hope you have the best birthday ever.

Daddy, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are really an inspiration, a teacher, and a friend to all of us. Happy Birthday!

Dear cute, dad! You are a strong person with an unwavering resolution in your values. There is nobody like you in the entire world. I am a very blessed daughter to have a parent like you. I wish you all the success and good luck in the coming years. Happy birthday!

Dear Dad, I am fortunate to be your lovely daughter! You’ve always shown your immense love and taught me a life lesson to face challenges. I appreciate that. Happy birthday, dad, your cute daughter!

Dear Dad, I hope you know how much you really mean to me. Thank you so much for everything.

Dear Dad, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration, a friend, and a teacher to all of us, Happy Birthday!

Dear, dad, you have truly been the driving force and best example to follow. Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

Despite all odds, you were the only man who stood by me. Always and forever, I love you, dad. Enjoy your birthday. I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Every day I feel blessed to know I have a superhero father who cherishes his daughter like anything else. Have a great birthday, daddy!

For my Wonderful Dad, Happy Birthday. You’re the most impressive man I know. I hope you have an incredible birthday and that this year is full of joy.

Grey hairs may come but my love will never go. Happy Birthday, Dad. Cheers to getting old!

Happy birthday to my handsome dad! I hope this year’s celebration is the brightest and greatest one ever. Stay healthy and stay blessed!

Happy birthday to my lovable dad! I thank you for caring and supporting me in every small thing. Have a day filled with smiles, love, and happiness.

Happy Birthday to the man who made me learn how to be honorable, Happy Birthday Dad.

Happy birthday, dad may you never dead May you forever last I gift you all glories, silver, and gold ever last happiest birthday dad you are my future, present, and past.

Birthday Message for Dad from Daughter

It takes an amazing dad to raise such a ridiculously great kid. Happy Birthday Dad, I couldn’t have grown up to be so humble without you!

It’s no wonder my wife/husband turned out so awesome. With a father like you, how could s/he not? Cheers on your birthday!

Less you speak but more you say through your silence. You care but you don’t show. You are an epitome of selfless love. Thank you dad for everything! I love you and wish you happy birthday. May stars forever glitter for you.

May God give you long life and always keep you happy and healthy. Happy birthday, dad!

May no disease touch you father. May you never die. What a daughter could wish for her father to whom she loves so much! Wishing my all love and happy birthday my sweet father!

birthday message for dad from daughter

May the sun shine down brightly on you and lead your path on this your birthday.

May your childlike innocence never air off. May your mirthful nature never fade off. You are dear dad of us; may you always be proud of. Wishing happiest birthday to my happiest father!

No matter how old I become, I will always be your little girl. Happy birthday, Daddy.

Once a year I get the chance to shout, “Happy birthday to my very special dad!”

Once upon a time, God blessed me with an amazing man to call “Dad,” to whom I wish the happiest of birthdays today.

Owing to your care and inspiration I learned to love life and truly believe in myself. You are my teacher and my guide. Stay awesome, dad, happy birthday!

Papa , I know you have the heart of a child. But stop trying to steal a bite of the cake before we sing Happy Birthday.

Papa, you’re one in a million. No, one in a billion. Actually, one in a trillion. In other words, you’re one of a kind. The best, most loving kind. Happy birthday!

Relax dad, have a drink and put your feet up. It’s your birthday, and we are going to take care of you.

Someone asked what is the place where every mistake, every crime is forgiven ?? The child smiled and replied nicely, “My Dad’s heart” !!! Love You papa. Happy Birthday!

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