Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

“सदा खुश रहो तुम,
आये ना साथ कोई #ग़म जहाँ भी रखो तुम कदम,
तुम जो कहो वो हर #खवाहिश पूरी हो तुम्हारी,
तुम्हारे #जन्मदिन पर बस यही दुआ है हमारी ।”

“#सजती रहे प्यार 💘 की महफ़िल;
हर पल सुहानी रहे;
आप जिंदगी में इतने #खुशनसीब रहें कि;
हर ख़ुशी आपकी #दिवानी रहे।
Happy Birthday🍫🍫🎂🎂”

Long Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

You are the cutest girl I have ever had in my life, I am unlucky that I lost you. Today I was checking the date and found it’s your birthday. You always complained that I forget your birthday, but see I have not forgotten yet after so many years. I have proven you wrong, hahaha. Whatever, I know you are doing great and my good wishes are always with you, dear. Happy Birthday to you and stay blessed always.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl, I have ever seen. Thank you so much for giving me so many good and bad memories. I am so lucky that I met you and got an opportunity to spend some time with you. You are such a wonderful girl and I know you have a bright future ahead. Your birth date is very special to me because on this day we had our first kiss, so I can’t forget this date, anyway I hope you are doing well and I am sorry if I bothered you, take care of yourself.

I heard that good times don’t last long, and it came true in my case. I just can’t believe that we are not together, and you are my ex-girlfriend now. I am so unlucky that I failed to keep you by my side, I accept all my mistakes, thank you so much for your good memories. Today I was checking the date and remembered it’s your birthday, that’s why I thought to send a quick message to let you know that I didn’t forget it, hahaha. Happy Birthday to you, gorgeous, sweet, and cute life is waiting for you, I know you will become a successful woman someday.

Hey, I am sending lots of good wishes to you on your birthday. It’s a very special date that I never can forget. I can remember so many birthdays of you we spent together, these are just memories now. But still, after so many years, I want you to stay good and keep growing with full confidence and inspiration. You are a wonderful girl, and you have a bright future, Happy Birthday to you. On your birthday, I just want to tell you that, I miss the time a lot, these were really good times.

Hey, it’s still a surprise to me why we are not together, I still can’t find any reason. Whatever I have moved on and I know you moved out too. I was checking the calendar and suddenly followed the date, it’s your birthday. I don’t know where you are, what you are doing, but I thought of sending a short message on your birthday. I am sure you are having a good time with your friends and family, Happy Birthday to you, dear.

💔Something was wrong and unexpected between us, but in the end, our breakup was a timely decision. Now there remains an infinite distance between us, but your beautiful memories will always remain dreamy to me. Happy Birthday!

💘Can you remember those days when we were walking together holding each other’s hand? Unfortunately, a terrible storm smashed those dreamy days! Please think again are we really deserve to be detached forever from each other? Is your heart closed for me forever? Have a great birthday!

💘I can’t forget the romantic moments we spent together. Our love was divine, but a harsh storm destroyed our dreams and smashed our heavenly love. But it has not the ability to erase my feelings for you. Please come back again, sweet girl; come back to my life and dreams. Happy birthday!

💘I don’t know why you are changed. Suddenly you broke our love, and still, I don’t know what my guilt was! Today is a special day of your life. Remember the beautiful memories you left for me, and if there is any way, please come back again to my broken heart. Happy birthday!

💘I realized how foolish I was! I didn’t understand you. Now I have been feeling your absence, even in my dreams. You are a bountiful girl, and I know you can forgive your sinful ex-boyfriend. Please reconsider coming back on this special day.

💔I hope you are happy, and I also hope that you are gleaming today. I just wanted to remind you that I didn’t forget you. Maybe you are feeling annoyed seeing my message. Perhaps you already moved on to a new boyfriend who is more reliable than me. Anyways, happy birthday.

💔It’s a lovely day to celebrate such a sensual girl’s birthday. No matter the breakup that happened between us, I think you’re excellent, and to be honest, I always wish you the best.

long heart touching birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

💔No gap goes empty forever, so hopefully, there is someone who occupied your heart again. Stay happily with the newcomer. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

Being your ex is such an uncomfortable place to be. I am still confused if I should wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday to my ex-girlfriend!

Happy birthday to someone who is neither my friend nor foe.

Happy birthday to someone who is now a stranger to me!

Happy birthday to the person who brought so much happiness and joy into my life but later dumped me! It is my prayer for your boyfriend to do the same to you.

funny birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

It does not sound right for me to call you my ex when I am wishing you a happy birthday! Anyway, happy birthday to you my ex!

It is best to wish you a happy birthday other than saying how much I miss you. Happy birthday to you my ex!

Wishing you a happy birthday seems awkward, but it’s something that I have to. Happy birthday to such an awful ex-girlfriend!

😍Accept it or not, I wish you a delightful birthday.

😍An ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is such an uncomfortable relation that I am still confused about whether I should wish you a happy birthday or not!

😍Calling someone ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is so irritative, so I don’t want to mention it while wishing you a happy birthday!

😍Don’t be shocked to hear “happy birthday” from me. If I did not wish you all the best on your birthday, it would mean I am still angry with you!

😍Happy birthday to you, though I don’t expect any thanks for wishing you.

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