Naughty and Sarcastic Happy Birthday Wishes for Crazy Friend

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Friend

Statistics have proven that those who have the most birthdays live the longest. You’re statistically guaranteed to have a happy birthday.

STILL 29?!?!? When will recycling be done? Happy Birthday!

The belly – It is natural to become more and more silent with age, and it is not easy to talk while putting your belly in! Congratulations!

The true meaning of our friendship is that we can celebrate your birthday even if you are broke and you can be happy even if friends don’t have enough money to buy you a gift. Happy birthday.

There are two types of people in the world; one who gives birthday parties happily and one who goes underground on the birthday. You know very well about which category you belong to. Happy birthday!

To a loving friend, thank you for supporting me through all my crazy endeavors. I have never had a friend like you. Happy birthday buddy!

Today is your birthday, so tonight it’s my turn! You just have to relax and get some vitamins! I love you and happy birthday!

Today is your special day, live it like you are the king of the world and do not ever think of what others say as this day is for you only. Happy birthday!

sarcastic birthday wishes for friend

Twenty-one and still a virgin! How is it even possible for a pervert like you? Don’t worry, I’ve bought a sex toy for you as your Birthday gift. Happy birthday, friend.

Unbearable! For your birthday, I will grant each and every one of your wishes.

Very good On your birthday, smile, all you can …! It’s great for wrinkles! Congratulations!

We have learned that you celebrate another birthday. Well, maybe “celebrate” is certainly not the right word. Happy Birthday!

We know it’s your birthday today and you’re dying to throw us a splendid party. So, here we are. Happy birthday!

We make such a great team—me with my good looks, charm, and intelligence, and you with your ability to be such a great friend to me. Happy birthday!

We’re all here to greet you on your special day. May you have an amazing and memorable day and may all of your dreams and wishes come true today. Happiest birthday!

Well, you don’t look so bad for a person your age.

When a person grows old, he’s expected to become wiser but you are contradicting this statement in every possible way. Happy birthday!

When I look at you, I can’t think of the worst part of getting older – because everything about it seems equally bad. Happy birthday.

Who could ever tell that someone like you would love me? You’re one radiating creature. Have the best of birthdays sweet honey!

Wishes for your best friend from here. But remember not to hurt their feelings.

Wishing a best birthday to the most amazing guy I know. May your day be filled with lots of joyful moments and may this day give you everything that you love the most!

Wonderful birthday to the most awesome buy I know! Now that you are a year older, may you turn out to be wiser and braver, ready to face all challenges that you will face through life!

You are a kind, beautiful, and amazing person. I hope you accept my birthday wishes and these lies on your birthday today!

You are an ass of all trades but master of not a single thing. Happiest birthday to the most useless friend in this world.

You are the person who never gave up on me even after seeing my pain freshly opaque and who has seen my crankiest side and still managed to love me. You are my family and i respect and love you till the end of the world. Happy birthday.

You don’t have many years left to smile with all your teeth out as growing old and falling of teeth happen simultaneously. Happy Birthday!

You have stood by me firmly when i have been the most difficult person to be with. I want you to know that i respect you for this much more than you can imagine.happy birthday. Have fun.

You inhabit a place in me because somehow you were always there when i built myself into the person i am. HAPPY birthday. Always stay happy.

You loved the imperfect me, the confused me and the wrong me and always stood by my side. You honored not just my respect but my trust. Stay happy. Happiest birthday dear.

sarcastic birthday wishes for friend

You, my best friend, totally forgot about my birthday last year, but I wanted to use the occasion of yours to still give you this gift and prove once and for all I’m the better man.

Birthday Wishes for Annoying Friend

Happy birthday bestie. We have been through the worst only to get the best back. I love you.

Happy birthday dear. Be spontaneous. Be courageous and brave enough to choose to live the life the way you want. But never forget that i will be there to annoy you all this time. Love you.

I don’t know what it is about you that you make a nightmare sound like a fairy tale for me. And everything suddenly becomes so easy. Happy birthday. Never leave me.

I love that pit of your stomach that carries all my secrets as much as i love those speaking eyes. So i hope you get the message. 😉 Happy birthday.

I love you more than chocolates and guess what, i hate chocolates. Happy birthday love😂

I wonder if i should pray to god to help the poor soul who marries you one day. But then i think it better not to. Cuz with that ugly face of yours, none is going that far😂. Happy birthday dear friend.

If it wasn’t for you, i would never know what a true friend can and should offer. Love you loads. Happy birthday.

In the world of black and white, you were my gray. You have been the person i can always depend on and still you are the sucker i want to punch all the time. But above all my silliness you will always know you are my family. Happy birthday.

It was you that made me know that content is not enough. Joy has to seep into life. Have fun. Happy birthday.

May you grow more healthy and more happiness comes your way and i get to be the part of everything. Love of love to you bestie. Happy birthday.

No matter how many beauty creams you apply, you will always look like Annabelle to me😂😉have a hard party. Happy birthday.

Our bond always compensated for every damn relationship in our lives at some point. But i still see you higher than that point everytime. Stay with me always. Happy birthday.

birthday wishes for annoying friend

So the day is here. Happy birthday dear. I know that i will always have your shoulder to joy on!.crying is not for us. And you can have the same promise from me.

Sometimes I wonder how lucky and ugly you are…lucky cuz i am your best friend of course and latter just your natural feature. Happy birthday idiot.

Sweet, intelligent,caring and beautiful;i am the whole package deal. Don’t you dare leave me. Happy birthday.

The friendship goal of ‘come over’ to ‘come home’ came true with you. Happy birthday.

The most honest thing between us is the trust we have. You are not just a friend, you are family. Happy birthday.

To the person who has never been tired of listening to my dramas. Thank you so much. But don’t worry there will be more in future for sure. Happy birthday. Love you loads.

Today i feel obliged to bless you with my godly presence for a birthday party at the venue…you have been lucky. 😂 Happy birthday.

Today i want to tell you how much proud i am of you. For every damn thing that you have accoplished and am sure you will accomplish in future of that vision of yours.

Togetherness didn’t have meaning until you came along. U shaped a belief for affection in me. Thank you and have a very happy birthday.

When you stayed to correct my incorrect,that was all the proof i needed to know how much i need you. Happy birthday.

You are a treasure with our memories as diamonds. Love you always. Happy birthday.

You are my constant support system. And i will always try to be yours. Happy birthday.

You are the devil who never let me enjoy my horror movies cuz you always make them funny. So i made sure i make you life horror by being in it and annoying you to the ends😂. Still, have a very happy birthday.

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