Funny & Special Birthday Wishes for Best Friend with Emojis

Naughty Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Statistics have proven that those who have the most birthdays live the longest. You’re statistically guaranteed to have a happy birthday.

naughty birthday wishes for best friend

Who could ever tell that someone like you would love me? You’re one radiating creature. Have the best of birthdays sweet honey!

You, my best friend, totally forgot about my birthday last year, but I wanted to use your occasion of yours to still give you this gift and prove once and for all I’m the better man.

Be thankful your birthday comes just once a year… Think how old you would be if it came every month.

To a loving friend, thank you for supporting me through all my crazy endeavors. I have never had a friend like you. Happy birthday buddy!

Your face is the only thing that makes me gladly open my eyes in the morning and the last thing I crave to see before napping. Happy birthday my hot beauty!

I wish you long life but not necessarily wealth, because if you were rich today, you’d probably be dead by tomorrow.

Apart from these special ways of wishing your friends, you could also surprise them by throwing a surprise party for them or getting them interesting gifts!

It’s your birthday dear, thank you for being such a great friend, you have truly given me a reason to smile and be glad. Have a wonderful birthday dear.

Today is your birthday, so tonight it’s my turn! You just have to relax and get some vitamins! I love you and happy birthday!

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