Funny & Special Birthday Wishes for Best Friend with Emojis

Long Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

I pray God will keep you safe for me and meet all your needs. Birthday celebration will always be sweet when you make use of Long Text Messages for Friend on Her Birthday.

That sparkle in your eyes. The feeling of your lips pressed against mine. The warmth of your embrace. Everything about you is unforgettable. Here’s wishing you have an unforgettable Birthday!

Birthday wishes flutter by like butterflies in a sunlit meadow, swirling around a lovely flower. You will always be my sweet wildflower, and I hope your birthday is as beautiful as you.

long birthday wishes for best friend

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve a woman as incredible as you. I want to prove that I’m worthy of you by my words and actions. May your Birthday be as special as you are, my love!

Lord, the best and the most merciful, you are the greatest ever. I ask you to choose my friend as one of the best in this generation. I ask you to ease his affairs and make him happy all his life. Happy birthday.

The good things in life might not always happen to those who do good things, but you will surely receive the abundance of life’s blessings today and every other day that make up your new age. Happy birthday, dear.

A lot is going on, and yet, you still found a smile to wear on your birthday. I wish you more smiles and peace even in the most challenging days. I hope every good thing comes your way. Enjoy a happier birthday, best friend.

Our differences didn’t break us, and life’s challenges didn’t divide us. I am celebrating your birthday along with you because it is our birthday. Your problems are my problems and your happy moments are mine. Happy birthday to us.

It’s your birthday again! So, what are you now? 29? Me too. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you if you won’t. What are best friends for if not to keep your age a secret? Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful day today and a great year ahead.

Darling, May this special day be filled with loving memories full of fun and the company of good friends, I pray that love finds its way into your heart and blessings into your home. Happy birthday, dearest friend!

I am proud of you and your achievements. The road has not been smooth but you have made it this far. I am happy and thankful to heaven for you. You are my champion and my best friend. Happy birthday to my all-time hero.

A soul like yours is hard to find and friends like you rarely exist. I am indeed the luckiest person because I have you. You are truly worthy of my celebration. Happy birthday, dearest. Enjoy your day!

I’ll always value my friendship with you, from now until the end of time. You are intelligent and full of wisdom. You are the best anyone could ever have or think of. Happy birthday my one in a million friends. Enjoy your day!

Just Like a flower, I value your virtues. Like a soldier, I value your courage. Like a dove, I value your calmness and like a friend, I value your loyalty. Happy birthday best friend. Have a blast!

On your special day, there wouldn’t be enough words to describe how much I appreciate your existence. Happy birthday, the most-authentic soul on the planet. You deserve all the good things!

On your birthday, I pray that God keeps you safe and whole till the end of your days. May you grow up to be a responsible person in society and a beacon of hope to many. Happy birthday, best friend.

You are like a sweet melody that never ends and a peaceful stream that flows down the mountain. When I’m with you, I feel alive, and I hope to see you win all my life. Have a blast on your birthday!

Oh, what an honor it is to be called your best friend. I’m glad we crossed paths because you have changed my life in countless ways. This coming year will be a year full of blessings, restoration, and bliss. Happy birthday.

Insulting Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

If you don’t take the pledge of cutting your weight this birthday I won’t bring a birthday cake for you. Happy birthday my cute fatty friend.

I wonder why you are celebrating the fact that you’re turning older. Nevertheless, I will attend your birthday party. Happy birthday.

insulting birthday wishes for best friend

I look forward to your birthday every year because I can party in the best places in town. Hey, at least I’m honest. Happy birthday.

Be a cool cat and tell us where you’re going to throw us a party on your birthday. You know you can’t hide from us. Happy birthday.

Are you going to use your birthday as an excuse to get totally wasted? Because I’m in. Happy birthday.

You are a beautiful, intelligent and amazing personality. May God help you to digest all these lies. Cheers, and enjoy your day.

We know it’s your birthday today, and you’re dying to throw us a splendid party. So here we are. Happy birthday Quotes for friends.

I have heard that people of a certain age become unbearable when they don’t get what they want! Happy Birthday.

Friendship is all about give and take. You can take the gift I got for you ONLY if you give an awesome party in return. Happy birthday.

Dear bud, you’re now getting so old that next year we’re going to have to bring the strippers to your nursing home.

For your next birthday, listen to the voice of wisdom: SMILE WHILE KEEPING ALL YOUR TEETH! Happy Birthday!

It’s your 25th birthday but you haven’t thrown a single party till yet. What a parsimonious person you are! Anyways, happy birthday.

wow! You are going to celebrate your aging. Hats off to you. Nevertheless, I am ready for the festivity. Happy birthday, love.

I got you a walker this year. I figured that was less insulting than a wheelchair, which I’ll be getting you next year.

Dear friend, what is the point of celebrating your birthday when you are moving one step closer to death? I wish you a happy birthday!

Do you really want me to believe that you celebrate your twenty-ninth birthday? Tell me one thing, have you ever been punctual?

You are an ass of all trades but master of not a single thing. Happiest birthday to the most useless friend in this world.

When I look at you, I can’t think of the worst part of getting older – because everything about it seems equally bad. Happy birthday.

Dear friends, Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends. Have you noticed that I have not gotten older?

 I have heard that people of a certain age become unbearable when they don’t get what they want! Happy Birthday!

insulting birthday wishes for best friend

 The belly – It is natural to become more and more silent with age, and it is not easy to talk while putting your belly in! Congratulations!

We have learned that you celebrate another birthday. Well, maybe celebrate is certainly not the right word. Happy Birthday!

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

Wishing you the happiest and sweet birthday ever to my best friend forever.

Have an awesome birthday to such an exceptional friend! Wishing you many more blessings for the year coming.

cute birthday wishes for best friends

Happy birthday best friend and congratulations on your birthday! Have a blessed day!

It’s time to celebrate your special day. Wishing you a fantastic day and a brilliant year ahead!

Happiest birthday to my dear friend! I hope this birthday brings success and opportunity to your life.

Life is more enjoyable with you at my side. Let’s make this birthday memorable one. Have a splendid birthday, friend!

Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday!

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!

Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises! Happy birthday!

On your birthday we wish for you that whatever you want most in life it comes to you just the way you imagined it or better. Happy birthday!

It’s a smile from me… To wish you a day that brings the same kind of happiness and joy that you bring to me. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you. From good friends and true, from old friends and new, may good luck go with you and happiness too!

Dear friend, don’t look into your past. Forget your past and look into your future. The best is about to come. Happy birthday bestie!

I wish if you were a boy, I would have stolen your heart!. You are so pure girl. Wishing a fabulous birthday to my supermodel.

Hey girl! Wishing you a very happy birthday. You are such a darling babes. Love you more than million bucks!

I know you have many dreams that you aim for. But today your biggest aim is your birthday cake. It comes first. Don’t forget to share pictures!

My world seems sweet because I have a sweetheart like you in my life. Don’t forget to send me my share of cake. Happy birthday friend.

A very happy birthday to a girl who has cheeks like marsh mallows. You are so chubby girl. Wishing you a very cute and delightful birthday!

Dear angel, your smile makes my day extraordinary. Happy birthday baby…….. Sending you lots of love, kisses and hugs..

O my sweetie you are just a roller coster. You are even sweeter than honey. Here wishing you the best birthday ever.

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