Best Birthday Messages for Stepdad with Images

You always make me wonder why there is nothing like a stepdad day. Stepdads like you should be celebrated. Happy birthday to you.

You are a blessing to mom and me. Our world became brighter from the moment you entered into our lives. Thank you for always being there for us. Happy birthday.

You are not only my stepfather, you are also my hero, my guardian angel and my source of happiness. There are no words in any living language powerful enough to express my gratitude for all the wonderful things you have done in my life. May you live a long and very joyous life. Happy birthday.

You are the best dad in the world, and I know that for sure. Not just because you fulfill my all financial needs while you are emotionally supportive always. Respect and wishing you happiest birthday!

You came into my life and loved me so unconditionally that I barley felt my real dad’s absence. I can never thank you enough for that. Happy birthday.

You deserve nothing short of the word “best” because you have always given me the best in life. Happy birthday.

You have always made me believe I am strong, powerful and intelligent. You made me think I am superman, and that is your best part dad. You have taught me positivity. Happy birthday stepdad!

You have given me food, clothes, home and everything father. But most important, you have given me life, a good life. And I could never forget that. Lovely happy birthday stepdad!

birthday messages for step father

You have the best smile dad. And you have the solutions of all problems. I love you dad. Giving you love and wishing you happiest birthday stepdad!

You may not be my real dad but you will always own a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you.

You may not have given me life, dear stepdad, but you have brought so much happiness into my life. Happy birthday, and may God bless your new age.

You never treated me as your son while as your friend. You shared with me everything, and you have always remained graceful for me. Wishing you happiest birthday stepdad!

You took me in and loved me just like any other father will love his son. God bless you, dad. Happy birthday.

Your love is surprisingly always one step ahead of my real dad. Maybe that is why you are called my stepdad. Happy birthday.

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