Funny Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister with Images

If you miss wishing your sister a happy birthday and now looking for belated birthday wishes, then you are at the right place. Here we have collected one of the best belated birthday wishes for sister. You can also share funny belated birthday wishes with your sister.

We have also collected happy belated birthday sister images for you; you can take a look below for more messages.

Happy Belated Birthday Sister

A big and vast and lovely bunch of belated happy birthday sister with a pile of love, smiles and embarrassment.

Although you’re receiving a late birthday wishes text, but the love and happiness that I am sending for you are forever sisters, not for a day only.

As it is apparent that I forgot your birthday I wanted to apologize for that sorry s-o-r-r-y! Belated merry birthday.

Belated happy birthday love. I don’t know how can I forget such a special day. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Belated Happy birthday my cute sis .you know your brother loves you and how forgetful he is. So I apologize. I’m sorry for the late wish.

Do you think I forgot your birthday? No dear sister! I didn’t. I had just not balance phone to call or text you. So, Belated happy birthday sister.

Do you think that I forgot about your birthday? No freaking way, sister! I just wanted you to have more than one birthday a year.

Doesn’t it feel awesome to get wished by people even after your birthday? I hope you had a perfect day. Stay happy and blessed.

Happy Belated birthday sister sorry mum wanted to me run errands and yeah! I completely missed your birthday. Have a great birthday, my sister.

happy belated birthday sister

Happy belated birthday sister with every passing year I hope you live your life more amazing. I know I could have wished you’re earlier.

Happy birthday, sister! I hope your wishes don’t get fulfilled late as I got late in wishing you.

Happy growing up, sister! So sorry couldn’t wish you earlier. You know I have jobs that give me money to buy a gift for you. You’ll be receiving a gift soon. Love you.

HEY! Who’s the best sister in the world? You are! Who’s the most beautiful girl in the world? You are! Who forgot your birthday? I did … I am sorry — happy late birthday sister.

Hey, dear. I went shopping yesterday. I wanted to get you some gifts for your birthday. The gifts are running late so let me wish you a happy birthday in arrears.

Holy Molly! I have no idea why I forgot about your birthday. I have nothing but sincere wishes and love for you. Happy Belated Birthday sister.

I am entirely sure of this that you are not sad or annoyed about the fact that I forgot your birthday, my sister. I know you did not expect from me still, I am sorry. Have a blessed life.

I am even sorrier I forgot your day entirely and missed seeing you cut the cake I sent. I hope you had a beautiful birthday.

I am sending a late and hopefully awaited wishes to make your celebrations can’t longer and better.

I am so so so incredibly sorry for being late. It’s better to wish late than wishing you never. Have a joyous successful and prosperous life.

I am so sorry I couldn’t wish you on time. Remember you were the one who once told me I will always be late comer those were beautiful time with you sister, honest and lovely belated happy birthday.

I am so sorry that I missed your birthday. I hope it was terrific. So, Have a wonderful life.

I got back home very tired and stressed out. It made me forget to come around with the gifts and wish you a happy birthday. I’m sorry, happy birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

I got late again! I am embarrassed, but it’s okay, but you are so darn cool that you will not even make it an issue, that’s why I feel like having the best sister. Live long!

I know it’s not your birthday today. It was just a few hours ago I missed it you cannot be mad at me, right oh com on we are siblings, Have a beautiful year.

I know my wishes are late, but they are accurate, and I love you most sister. Have a happy year. Belated happy birthday sister.

I know you enjoyed it a lot without me at your birthday party. And I missed you. Belated happy birthday Sister.

I remember the first time we started fighting and we still fight but I always forget your birthday bro. And I’ll continue doing that haha. Belated happy birthday sis.

I was out with friends yesterday, and I got carried away. I hope you’re not mad at me because you know I love you and it’s the first time I forgot it! Loads of wishes and smiles for you.

happy belated birthday sister

I’ll make you a cake I promise. But first, accept my apology. Belated happy birthday Sister.

I’m not really that late in wishing you a happy birthday, it’s just that I didn’t want to be the first one to remind you that you’re getting older. Happy birthday, sister!

I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. The good news is that I also forgot your age. Happy Belated Birthday sister!

Is it ever too late to wish the best of everything to a sister like you? I don’t think so. May God help you in times of trouble.

It was such a special day and I was not there. I missed being with you. Belated happy birthday Siso.

It’s a relaxed fashion to be late. I wish you late so that you could realize that you have a cool sibling. I wish you abundant happiness.

It’s quite sad that I missed your birthday. A party that would have doubled as a reunion. I am sorry. Belated happy birthday, sister.

Lovely sister, I hope you had a great time at your birthday party? I am sorry I couldn’t be part of it. Belated happy birthday, dear.

May troubles, sorrows, and tribulations miss your way, just the way I missed your birthday. Belated happy birthday, sister. I do hope you forgive me.

No explanation is enough for the fact that I forgot your birthday? I’m deeply sorry, forgive me. Belated birthday wishes Sis.

No, I did not forget your birthday. Of course not. I cannot even try to. Belated happy birthday, Sister.

Now that every person birthday wishes are not charming anymore so let me present a fresh one happy belated birthday sister.

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

A belated birthday wish calls for a belated birthday party. So where are we celebrating?

Did you know that you look really hot when you are in a forgiving mood? Belated happy birthday!

I bet no one except me came to wish you a belated happy birthday. Don’t thank me; that’s what brothers are for.

I forgot to send you my best wishes on your birthday last year. Gotta keep the tradition alive. Belated happy birthday, Sister.

I hope you did not feel bad about how I missed your birthday because I don’t feel guilty, either. Belated happy birthday, darling Siso.

I spent days trying to write the perfect message for your birthday card, but I could not come up with anything creative in time. This is all I got—belated happy birthday!

Life is all about forgiving and forgetting. I forgot your birthday, and you can forgive me. How perfect.

Sorry I am late. I spent a lot of time deciding whether to send you a handwritten letter, email, voice message, Facebook message, tweet, SMS, or video message. I could not decide on a time. So here’s one of each—belated happy birthday!

Surprise! I haven’t forgotten your birthday. Belated wishes for you, my dear Sister.

Why should I be sorry about not wishing you a happy birthday? You saved some money by treating one less person, didn’t you? Belated happy birthday Sister.

funny belated birthday wishes for sister

You are so difficult to buy gifts for. I am late because I just couldn’t find a gift that you would like. Belated happy birthday!

Remember when we were young, and you would send me on errands and I would return late? I’m sorry, but I just had to remind you of those days with my belated birthday wishes, big sister.

Sometimes we forget important things on our calendar and schedule. Just like I did to the house chores you gave me as a kid. Just like I did on your birthday. I’m sorry. Belated happy birthday, Sis.

Sorry, I forgot the most important day of the year…your birthday! Belated Happy Birthday Dear.

Happy Belated Birthday Sister Images

A late birthday card is better than a late period. Happy belated birthday to you!

Dear sister, I am sending a late wishing gift for you. I hope you will love that one and forgive me for missing your birthday. Your birthday is one of the most important days for the entire family, happy birthday to you dear.

Dear sister, I am sorry for wishing you late. You know very well that I was out of the city and that’s why I missed your birthday party, happy birthday to you, dear.

Dear sister, I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration with lots of fun and happiness, happy birthday to you, sorry for being late.

happy belated birthday sister images

Dear sister, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your friends and everyone. I am so sorry for being late and not participating in your birthday party, happy birthday to you. Please accept my apology and a little gift.

Dear sister, I know you will understand my inability. That’s why I was absent from your birthday party. I hope you had a wonderful time with your friends, happy birthday to you, dear. I am so sorry for being late.

Happy Belated Birthday sis! I’m so sorry I forgot to write earlier, but how do you expect me to remember your birthday if you never look any older?

Happy birthday to my dear sister, I am a little late, sorry for that. I hope you enjoyed your entire day and had so much fun. You are the most gorgeous sister I ever have, all good wishes and blessings for you, dear.

I don’t think you have changed much since your last birthday. You are just as young & beautiful as you were last year. Maybe that is the reason why I forgot your birthday this year? Happy birthday my dear sister!

I know I could be the last person wishing your birthday, but being honest, I didn’t miss your birthday intentionally. You know very well about my job and work, I am so sorry for being late dear. I am sending all the good wishes and love for the most wonderful sister in the world.

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