Best Funny 50th Birthday Wishes for Friends & Family

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother in Law

Asides from the gifts, you deserve something more exceptional and that’s because you are an exceptional person. Happy birthday.

Go out tonight and party if you have to, do all you must and all you can to end today on a memorable note. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the best brother in law in the world. Thanks for being a very good friend to me.

Have a joyful and cheerful year ahead dear brother in law and know that I will always celebrate all your special occasions.

50th birthday wishes for brother in law

I am praying that your life on Earth will be a good one and you have all that you have always dreamt of. Happy birthday to you dear brother in law.

I love that you are a part of our family. Happy birthday to you, enjoy the very best today and always.

I love you a lot and I wish you a wonderful year today and always. Cheers to greatness and increase on all sides.

I see you as a brother and that is why I will never cease to treat you with respect. Happy birthday dear brother in law.

I wish you a happy birthday and a joyous new year. Stay hopeful and stay positive; all is working out for your good this new year.

It’s always fun to hang around you and I believe there are more fun moments ahead. Happy birthday dear brother in law.

My sister is lucky to have someone like you in her life and I am lucky to have you as a brother in law as well. Happy birthday.

Warmest wishes to you today on your special day. I am happy you are in my sister’s life and I appreciate your kindness and love towards all of us.

You are always in my thoughts and I pray that you will always find happiness in all you do and in all your ways. Happy birthday.

You are more than a brother in law, you are a teacher and guide as well and I wish you a wonderful birthday today. Cheers!

You have always been there for me just like a brother would. Happy to brother in law, you are amazing.

You have always shown me love and care and you will always have my undying attention. Happy birthday.

You have helped me through a lot of difficult times in my life and I am thankful I have someone like you. Happy birthday.

50th Birthday Wishes for Boss

“To a Wonderful Boss
I’m sure you could use…
A day to kick back and just enjoy the breeze;
Stress free, no work…
Solely filled with ease.
Until it’s time to return to work,
Have a Relaxing 50th Birthday!”

“All of us on the team feel really blessed to have you for our manager.
We hope you have a day filled with joy.
Happy 50th!”

“Don’t count your grays.
It’s not about the number of days.
As you celebrate your 50th birthday,
Remember that it’s about the love that grows, the relationships made…
The milestones you’ve reached and the accomplishments displayed.”

Happy 50th Birthday, Boss. With each new day, we wish you greater success and more prosperous opportunities.

“Having lived for a half of a century may remind you that you are only getting older. Yet, when you take a look back at your life journey and realize all that you have accomplished, know that you are only getting started from here. There are more goals to reach, lives to touch and moments to cherish.
Enjoy being 50! Happy Birthday!”

“Heroes come in different forms.
Mine has a corner office and signs my checks.
Happy 50th Birthday to the greatest boss I know!”

50th birthday wishes for boss

“Hey Boss,
After many busy days and hectic schedules, you deserve a break.
So have fun as you take a little time to open gifts and have a slice of cake.
Happy 50th Birthday to a wonderful boss we all respect and appreciate.”

“It’s refreshing to work with someone who’s understanding;
Someone who knows what he wants, but isn’t too demanding.
You motivate others to get the job done.
You’re an encourager, success coach but not afraid to have fun.
Happy 50th Birthday to a great boss!”

“Not everyone has the patience…
And knows the right words to say to bring inspiration;
Or has the ability to give sound direction
To lead this team to supersede all expectations.
Your encouragement and your counsel are like a special gift.
All these things make you a great boss to work with.
Hope you enjoy your 50th Birthday celebration that you surely deserve!”

“To a boss who works hard and never settles for less than the best,
We wish you a calm and peaceful 50th Birthday full of happiness and rest.”

50th Birthday Wishes for Aunty

“My dearest aunt, whatever you do to celebrate
May your special 5oth birthday turn out to be just great!
Happy Birthday with Lots of Love”

“Sometimes there’s a certain person in
our life who makes us feel extra special,
And seems to listen and understand
in a unique way no one else ever could,
Someone who’s truly glad for us
when things are going especially well,
Who’s always there to eagerly listen
when we’ve got something new to say,
That’s why our family is really blessed
to have an amazing aunt like you.
Happy 50th Birthday to our Wonderful Auntie!”

“You’re a very dear aunt who can brighten any day
by bringing joy and sunshine in your own special way,
So these wishes come to you for love and happiness
not only for today, but for many, many years to come.
Happy 50th Birthday, Auntie!”

“On your 50th Birthday, Auntie,
I’m very grateful that I have an
aunt as sweet and kind as you,
So you shouldn’t be surprised
that I’m sending you wishes for
the most wonderful birthday ever!”

“Dearest Auntie, you brighten my world in so many ways
because of your gifts of encouragement and loving praise
for being so compassionate and willing to be there for me.
That’s why I’m sending lots and lots of love and special wishes
for an extraordinary 50th birthday that you so deserve.
Hope your day is spectacular!”

“My loving aunt, you mean so much to me
that it’s nice to send a 50th birthday greeting
filled through and through with the very
warmest wishes tailored especially for you!”

50th birthday wishes for aunty

“Dearest Aunt,
With every year that passes
You are cherished more than before
And it seems with every birthday
You are loved just that much more.
Happy 50th Birthday!”

“This is the perfect time to thank you
for all the beauty, love and warmth
you have brought to my world.
Happy 50th Birthday to My Aunt!”

“This special day has arrived,
You’ve made it a half-century,
And we wish you fifty more…
Happy 50th Birthday, Auntie!”

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