Best Funny 50th Birthday Wishes for Friends & Family

You inspire me to always be a better man, a wonderful father and a great husband. I won’t be any of these without you. I am glad to be able to share this moment with you. You deserve the best. Happy 50th birthday, my only one.

You make my heart overflow with joy and gladness. You are my dream come true and you forever surpass my every expectation. You make everything better with your presence. Happy birthday to the perfect wife.

You make my world brighter, my smile wider and my love for you is forever. As you grow, older, you become more beautiful and remain young at heart. Happy 50th birthday, my treasure.

You still make my heart beat fast after all these years. I grow more and more in love with you as the years go by and I get to know you better. Happy 50th birthday, my darling wife.

You’ve brought meaning to my life. You are very gorgeous, my beloved wife. I can spend hours staring at you and basking in your beauty. You are exquisite. Keep glowing, my precious wife and my only love. Happy 50th birthday, my beloved wife.

50th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter—Love you always and until the end of time 😘 You are such a shining star that I will treasure for all of Time. 💫

Happy birthday to my precious daughter, you are the light in my world. I am so very blessed to be your Mother. As I look at you now and see how different you’ve grown to be, I become so grateful for having you, love you dearly.

Happy Birthday to you, you beautiful daughter of mine. May your year be as delicious and sparkling as your life is. I will never forget the sweet memories of time well spent, with family and friends. So blessed.

I’m glad to get to celebrate this sweet daughter of mine on her big 50th birthday today! So grateful for her in my life and all that she has made possible. Happy birthday, darling.

50th birthday wishes for daughter

To my beautiful daughter on your half-century, Happy birthday to you. You’re such a lovely friend and daughter. Here’s to another 50 years of love and happiness! Love you so much, dearest. #motherdaughterbirthday.

What a trip it’s been! Happy 50th birthday, darling. I love you and am so grateful for all you’ve contributed to making all our lives special. ❤️🎂 I love you endlessly.

50th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

50 and fabulous! Happy golden jubilee uncle.

50 looks really good on you uncle. May you enjoy God’s blessings in multiple folds. Happy birthday sir.

A blessed new year to the great Big uncle. May you continue to increase in strength, knowledge and wisdom and may the remaining days of your life give glory to God. Happy birthday to you sir.

Dear uncle, I love you more than words can describe. Happy birthday sir.

Happy birthday to my first lesson teacher. Uncle, God bless you abundantly and reward your labour of love. Amen. Happy birthday sir.

Happy birthday, uncle. I wish you many more years to come.

If I am permitted to deify anyone, it will be you uncle ‘cause you are more of a god to me. Thank you for leading me on the right path. Happy 50th birthday sir.

50th birthday wishes for uncle

It gives me goosebumps when I remember you are my uncle. Each time I remember you always got my back, I feel on top of the world. Thank you for all you do uncle. Happy birthday sir.

It’s your 50th birthday uncle! This is the real deal: you are doing excellently well. I wish you many more years of fruitful effort.

It’s your 50th birthday uncle, the totality of my being blesses you; it is well with you always. Happy birthday my senior sweetheart.

My Prince Charming Uncle, you know I cannot just stop being naughty. No, not now, not after the number of years we’ve come along. Anyways, I just want to use this medium to say how much love I have for you. Happy birthday my darling.

On your birthday anniversary, I ask that the required nutrients for your growth be made available to you. Happy birthday sir.

Sweet uncle, I am proud to be called your niece and I promise to keep doing you proud. Happy birthday sir.

Today is your special day uncle and I pray that all that concerns you receive the touch of heaven. Happy birthday sir.

Uncle, a strong man you are, determined and focused. Your will to pursue goals is such that I have never seen in any other. Keep being a strong uncle. Happy birthday sir.

Uncle, of all the good things others know and say about you, one thing is constant; your love for family. Thank you for loving us, sir. Happy 50th birthday uncle.

Uncle, on this day, I know you are expecting an epistle from me but I’d rather keep it simple and say, happy birthday uncle.

Uncle, you are a good person, you were part of my foundation as a growing child. Keeping being you and thank you for everything you do. Happy birthday sir.

Uncle, you are my all in one package. I bless God for thus far he has brought and where he is taking you to. Happy birthday, uncle.

What a celebration of life. Today is uniquely unique as big uncle adds to his years. Happy birthday, uncle.

Y’all see who we have here…it’s the world best uncle. You are blessed in this new age of yours. Happy birthday sir.

You are such a model, a rare gem and a confidant that I cannot trade for anything. Happy 50th birthday sir.

50th Birthday Wishes for Sister in Law

A gentle spirit can never get frustrated because everything works together well for it. With the occasion of your 50th birthday come joy, grace and peace. Happy 50th birthday, my darling sister in law.

A glad heart is a beauty to be with. My mouth is filled with happy birthday songs for my sister in law today as she marks her 50th birthday. Happy birthday to you, dear sister in law.

Blessed are the eyes that behold you and blessed are the lives you have touched. Your arrival into our family changed us for the best. Happy 50th birthday, my wonderful sister in law.

Dear sister in law, now I know that you were designed to be a helper. Thanks for always lending your helping hand. Happy 50th birthday to my beautiful sister in law.

Happiest birthday to my sister in law on the occasion of her 50th birthday. A golden life is the best fitting for a beautiful personality. Happy birthday, gorgeous sister in law.

50th birthday wishes for sister in law

Happy 50th birthday to my great sister in law. You are special in your way and the most beautiful thing is that you stand out of the crowd wherever you find yourself. Cheers

Happy birthday to you on the occasion of your 50th celebration. I ask that the windows of this phase of your life will be opened for full exploration. Have a great day, my beautiful sister in law.

Love is the greatest magic on earth; you are the epitome of love. On your 50th birthday, I ask for peace forevermore for you. Happiest 50th birthday to my sister in law.

Many were called but only a few were chosen. Dear sister in law, thanks for always creating time to listen to others. Happy 50th birthday, my sister in law.

Songs of joy will never depart from the tent of the righteous. Happy 50th birthday to my sister in law.

The 50th birthday of your life is a time to remember how God favoured us by gifting us a precious person like you. You are a wonderful sister in law. Happy birthday, my loving sister in law.

The glory of the sun is different from that of the moon because there are different platforms for everyone. I pray that you continue to flourish from glory to glory and from grace to grace. You are an example of a woman sister in law I have the best of respect for. Happy 50th birthday to you.

The love in the world is sustained by persistence and endurance. You have proven to be someone lovable. As you celebrate this 50th birthday, many open doors are waiting for you. Happy birthday to my gorgeous sister in law.

To my pretty sister in law, a woman of excellence and great virtues, I wish you a splendid 50th birthday. A golden life is a privilege to those whom God has endowed. Congratulations.

To my sister in law on your 50th birthday, you were prepared for a time like this to be a succour to many people. I’m so proud of you and pray that you continue to function to the best of your capacity in all that you do. Happy birthday, my favourite sister in law.

To whom much is given, much is also expected. You are a beautiful sister with a golden heart. Happy golden year to you. Happy 50th birthday, my beloved sister in law.

50th Birthday Wishes for Colleague

“The big 5-0!
Way to go!
You’ve made it!
What do you know?
Hope your day is the best!
Above all the rest!
Happy 50th Birthday!”

50th birthday wishes for colleague

“I have to say you’re the man
The one we can always count on when in a jam
We expect you to get the job done
Always ready to come on the run
Now it’s your 50th birthday,
Time to say
You deserve a break
This is your day!”

“Happy 50th Birthday, Buddy!
You always work so hard,
You always do your best.
You make us all do more
You put us to the test
On your birthday, the gang from work has one thing to say
Go out and have some fun today!”

“What do you say when your co-worker is 50?
Eat, drink, and be merry!
Have that extra piece of cake!
Add a scoop of ice cream!
Stop by the bar!
Take a breather!
Don’t work too hard today because 50 only comes once!”

“Hey, hey, look who’s fifty today?
You’ve got get-up-and-go
You’re on your way
You’re going places
You’re in the know
When you come to work
We know where to go
Hope your day is the best!
Happy 50th Birthday”

“Your 50?
Better call in to work
Take the day off
Sleep in
Live it up
Do what you want to do
Work will be waiting for you tomorrow
Happy 50th Birthday from the crew”

“Fifty years old
Quite a milestone
You’ve got nothing left to prove
You know who you are
You do a good job every day
We appreciate you in every way
Go out and enjoy it to the most
We raise you a toast!”

“Fifty years
Fifty candles on the cake
Fifty good wishes
Fifty chances for you to take
Go out and grab every minute in this day
Make it go your way
Happy 50th Birthday!”

“Fifty years means you get the day off
It’s your present from all your buddies at work.
Don’t waste a minute.
Get out of here, scram!
Your 50th birthday is waiting for you!
You are the man!”

“Some say 50 is over the hill
Looking at you I say it’s forever young
Look at all you do around here at work
Everything that you have done
You’re the one we can count on every day
The one we look up to in every way
Hope your birthday is the best!
Here’s to 50 more good ones, better than the rest!”

50th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

50 may be your age, but it’s never too late to change your attitude. Wishing you nothing but the best on this special day!

Birthday Wishes for a Cousin – 50th Birthday sending you warm wishes for your golden milestone birthday! Many more candles to come!

Celebrating my cousin’s 50th Birthday – Happy 50th birthday cousin.

Congratulations on this landmark birthday, we’re so happy to celebrate with you. Happy 50th Birthday cousin!

50th birthday wishes for cousin

Happy 50th birthday cousin We are so happy to celebrate this milestone with you.

Happy 50th Birthday Cousin Wishing you many, many more

Happy 50th Birthday Cousin! It’s your day and we’re just here for some birthday photos. Happy 50th, cousin.

Happy 50th Birthday Cousin! We hope that your next 50 years are as happy as the first. Cheers

Happy 50th birthday cousin, happy 50th birthday to my cousin.

Happy 50th birthday to my cousin. Best wishes on your special day. #happybirthday dear cousin.

Happy 50th Birthday to my cousin—Happy 50th Birthday dear cousin

Happy 50th birthday to the most perfect cousin in the world. You know I love you.

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